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Chapter 886 - Kill Seven Fiends With One Fell Swoop

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 886 Kill Seven Fiends With One Fell SwoopChen Fan headed toward the Tianlan Region as soon as he had done away with the three legions.

    Chen Fan knew that Lord Blood God was the mastermind behind those tragedies. He needed to root out the plague from its source.

    The Blood Fiend Sect had managed to create four Blood Fiend Legions over thousands of years. However, they had been annihilated by Chen Fan in a day. It was a devastating blow to the Blood Fiend Sect.


    The Blade Qi ripped across the sky.

    Chen Fan's physique, Divine Powers and Divine Will were limited by the capacity of his Golden Core, and was only a fraction compared to that of a Nascent Soul Cultivator. However, the Deity Wheel supplied him with unlimited energy, making him a perpetual machine of destruction. The ample supply of energy also boosted the power of the Sky-severing Sword.

    Rust had peeled off from the body of the sword, revealing the glinting metal underneath. Sharp Sword Qi shot out from its rejuvenated surface, slicing through the air.

    It took Chen Fan less than a minute to reach the Tianlan Region. As the center of the world, the Tianlan Region was the largest in size and was the most populated. It hosted countless powerful sects and individuals.

    However, war had wreaked havoc in the once prosperous land.

    The joint force of the seven Fiend Sects had considered the Tianlan Region as their main goal. Looking from above, Chen Fan saw ruined cities that had at one time been the crown jewels of the region. Outside the cities, mountains had been leveled and lakes dried up. The cultivators of the Tianlan Region fought bravely, defending every inch of their land. However, they were no match against the combined forces of the seven Fiend Sects.

    It wasn't long before Chen Fan saw the Lin family's Ancestral City.

    The Lin family was the most powerful faction in the Tianlan Region. They had spread their influence across the world, into the other five regions. Not only the Ancestral Patriarch Takong hailed from that prestigious family, but also Ancestral Patriarch Xiankong and Xuankong.

    In addition, the Lin family also had three guard forces.

    The Tianlan Guard, the Zhenyu Guard and the Shanhai Guard.

    Each guard consisted of over a hundred Golden Core Cultivators. When fighting together, they could rival the power of the Nine Guards of the Beihan Royal Palace. They were deadly troops trained using the Lin family's unique battle formations. Those battle formations were well kept secrets and only the core family members had access to them.

    "Battle Formations were incredible arts used by many Heavenly Sects to keep Tianhuang in check. Lord Beihan and Lord Yuanwu were powerful individuals, but their lack of knowledge in Battle Formations meant that they would never become the most powerful forces."

    Lord Blood God linked his hands behind his back and looked down at the Lin family's Ancestral City.

    The city walls were a few hundred meters in height, stopping countless fiend warriors and cultivators from entering the city. The Fiends had laid siege to the city; six of the most powerful legions had cast six dharma arrays at various corners of the city walls.

    "If I hadn't kept the other four regions busy, they would have gathered a force to fight against me. By then, I might have even had to lift the siege. It was a smart move to wipe out the weaker regions first."

    The Sect Master and the Ancestral Patriarch of the Heart Devouring Sect smiled at each other.

    Around them stood five fiends with intimidating appearances. They looked no less powerful than Ancestral Patriarch Takong.

    They were the sect masters of the Seven Fiend Sects.

    They had gathered outside of the Lin Family's Ancestral City.

    Exalted Cultivator Hundred Poison from the Hundred Poison Sect said, "Once I conquer the city and eliminate the Three Guards of the Lin family, the Tianlan Region will be ours. The other sects might send Perfected Cultivators at us, but they would be a negligible threat. By then, the combination of sticks and carrots should be enough to subjugate them."

    "These cities in the north are close to the Barren Region. Aren't you forgetting about the Wang family there? We might lose everything iIf we cause too much commotion and stir the Heavenly Lords of the Wang Family," Ancestral Patriarch Heart Devouring reminded everyone.

    His words cast a silence spell on the other Fiend Lords.

    The land of the Fiend Sects was called the Savage Wastes. It was an inhabitable wild land outside of the hundred Tianhuang regions. Deadly beasts roamed its barren land shrouded in poisonous gas. For generations, the Fiend Sects had tried to enter the other regions, but they had been pushed back by the Wang family. Therefore, the likelihood of the joint force being able to defeat the Wang family this time was still in question.

    "I loathe the Primordial Fiend Ancestor and the Grand Fiend Sects for their cowardice. They threw us at the front line as cannon fodder while they stayed behind the cover. If the Wang family's Heavenly Lord arrives with their Heavenly Treasure, we are doomed!" the Sect Master of the War Fiend Sect complained.

    Ancestral Patriarch Heart Devouring gritted his teeth and said, "Lord Blood God, when will your legions arrive? Once our ten legions join forces, we might finally be able to penetrate the Lin family's Ancestral City. After that, we will have the five regions tightly under our control. With that much at stake, I am sure the Primordial Fiend Sect would come to our aid should the Perfected Cultivators from the Wang family showed up."

    The rest of the fiend lords looked to Lord Blood God.

    The Blood Fiend Sect was the strongest among the Seven Fiend Sects. It had four legions of its own while the rest of the fiend sects only had one or two.

    "They will topple the Old China Town in less than three days. I've ordered the final assault to take place right now before I came to join you. I think we will hear the good news any moment now," Lord Blood God said confidently.

    The other fiend lords agreed with him.

    They had confidence in the power of the Blood Fiend Legions when it came to crushing a small faction. Three days were more than enough to take the city. Plus, words were that Chen Beixuan had died. The humans would stand no chance against three fiend legions.

    Suddenly, a flash of bright light appeared in the sky.

    That burst of brilliance didn't disappear; instead, it gained intensity by the second. In a blink, it was as bright as the sun and it pierced into the rank of fiends like a deadly sword aura.

    "What is that?"

    Lord Blood God looked up, concerns and questions were written all over his face.

    Meanwhile, the Lin family Lord and two Ancestral Patriarchs sat at the head of the table inside the ancestral temple.

    Countless Lin family elders stood beside them with frozen faces. The fiends had caught them unprepared, and they had been losing ground. They had been forced to hide behind the Ancestral City under walls and under the protection of its powerful Grand Array.

    "We received a report that five of the ten Tianlan Grand Sects had responded to our call for help. However, their armies were stopped by the Seven Fiend Sects. The fiends surrounded them and forced three sects to betray our cause and annihilate the other two. Here is a list of all the Perfected Cultivators who are still willing to join us," a brawny elder said.

    "The combined might of Tianlan was not any weaker than the Seven Fiend Sects. However, we barely had time to gather our men, much less training and mobilizing resources. We were tied up with the going-on at the Two World Peak thanks to Chen Beixuan. It's all his fault."

    The Lin family Lord slammed the table, eyes glinting.

    Shenxi had told everyone about what had happened at the Two World Peak: that Chen Fan had taken on all the enemies at once, that he had killed four mighty warriors, also slaughtering Ancestral Patriarch Takong.

    However, no one from the Lin family was willing to believe that, and they were blaming their setbacks on Chen Fan.

    "Just so! Without Chen Beixuan, all of our mighty warriors would still be alive. Each one of them could lead a battle team. That, combined with our Three Guards should have leveled the playing field."

    Ancestral Patriarch Xuankong snorted.

    His loathing of Chen Fan was shared by many others, most of them were of the younger generation. They were convinced that it was Chen Fan who had put them in between a rock and a hard place.

    Ancestral Patriarch Xiankong shook his head and said, "What can we do now? Forget it. We can only sit around and wait for the Wang family's rescue now."

    Everyone's hearts sank to the bottom.

    The Seven Fiend Sects had caught them by surprise. They had been so unprepared that they weren't sure if they could defend the Ancestral City. It was very likely that they would not hold long enough to see the Wang family's help arrive.

    Even as everyone lamented their situation, someone looked into the distance and saw dark clouds had rolled in and were about to block the sun.

    However, a ray of blinding light had just pierced through the dark clouds, taking out countless Fiend Sect's Dharma Arrays.

    "This is?"

    Ancestral Patriarch Xiankong rose to his feet.

    Meanwhile, many cultivators were recuperating inside the Ancestral City, trying to gather as much Spirit Qi as possible before the next wave of attacks. The enemy's attack was gaining frequency and momentum by the day. They knew that the city would fall sooner or later.

    However, the sudden flash of light caught their attention and sent a beam of light into their hearts.

    Outside the Ancestral City, millions of fiends from various sects had gathered at the gate, waiting for the order to ram its city gate open.

    They were perplexed by the sight of that light.

    A girl in white outfit who had just arrived to aid the city shouted out, "Lord Master, who is that? He's got balls of steel to storm the siege camp. He's courting death!"

    The people around her looked up and saw the sword aura turn brighter, banishing more dark clouds until it created a large crack in the middle.

    A burst of blinding energy burst out of the blade as it went straight through the seven fiend lords in one fell swoop.

    Before Lord Blood God and the Ancestral Patriarch Heart Devouring realized what was happening, their bodies had been severed into two.

    A deadly silence fell over the city and the siege camp.

    Everyone, be it the cultivators from the Lin family, the Fiend Sects, or the warriors who had answered the Lin Family's call for help were shocked beyond belief.

    "Lord… Lord Master. Did they die?" the girl in white outfit stammered.

    "Yes, we are saved."

    Her master was a Perfected Cultivator of Golden Core level. He had been taken aback at first and then a broad smile broke across his face.

    Chen Fan had rescued them, with a Sword Qi that stretched for miles.

    He had killed seven fiends with one fell swoop.