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Chapter 1528 - Origin Energy

Warrior’s Promise
     Chapter 1528: Origin Energy

    Looking at Yun Youyou’s disappearing shadow, a dark flash passed through Su Mo’s eyes.

    Su Mo did not chase after Yun Youyou because he wanted to give her some time to sort things through. He knew clearly that he could not request much from her.

    The Hong Qingxuan who lost her memories wasn’t the past Hong Qingxuan anymore. He could not force too much on her and had to give her some time to accept things.

    Furthermore, Su Mo believed that Yun Youyou wouldn’t leave things as they were. She would definitely find him again.

    Su Mo kept the Dark Sky Spiritual Coffin and stood on the peak of the mountain as he blankly stared down at the lush green forest below him.

    A short while later, Su Mo sat down cross-legged on the mountain peak.

    Waving his hands, a corpse that was split into two appeared in the air. It was Yang Tianwei’s corpse.

    There was a large pool of blood around Yang Tianwei’s corpse. It was fresh blood that flowed from his wounds.


    Su Mo’s eyes fell upon the black storage ring on Yang Tianwei’s finger.


    As Su Mo opened his palm, the black storage ring automatically left Yang Tianwei’s finger and flew into Su Mo’s palm.

    “The Dawn Stone should be in it right?” Su Mo had high expectations as he grabbed the black storage ring. He had high hopes that the Dawn Stone would be in the storage ring.

    The possibility of that was high. After all, the Dawn Stone was auctioned off to Yang Tianwei, and it couldn’t possibly be in Yang Tiancheng’s hands!

    With high hopes, Su Mo gave a mental thought and entered the storage ring.

    There were many items stored within the spacial area of the storage ring. Around 7000 to 8000 Middle Spiritual Crystals, different types of weapons and jade bangles were available.

    The Dawn Stone was also sitting quietly in one corner.

    “It really is here!” Su Mo wore a gleeful look. This Dawn Stone could be greatly beneficial to him. Even if it didn’t help him in his cultivation, it was of a high value and hence a huge asset for Su Mo.

    Without carefully looking through everything, Su Mo kept the black storage ring and then looked at Yang Tianwei’s corpse floating in mid air.

    Su Mo released his Devouring Fighting Soul, instantly enveloping the entire area with devouring power. Yang Tianwei’s corpse was subsequently sucked into the Devouring Fighting Soul.

    Then, everything within Yang Tianwei was devoured by Su Mo.

    The aura around Su Mo began to surge quickly.

    Although the Diving Elixirs within Yang Tianwei were broken, he was a Rank 3 Martial Honorable, and he had a very dense Blood Force in him.

    At the same time, Su Mo felt a special energy enter his body.

    “The Sky Bones Body!”

    Su Mo marvelled to himself. This special energy was Yang Tianwei’s Sky Bones Body Blood Force.

    Without hesitation, Su Mo completely absorbed the Blood Force into him. Then, he slowly merged the Blood Force with the original Blood Force in him.

    With that, he had added a new form of Special Body Constitution to his.

    After half an hour, Su Mo stopped his cultivation and slowly stabilised the aura on his body.

    His cultivation had increased substantially and he was currently in the middle of the Rank 1 Martial Honorable Realm. However, he was still a far cry from the peak of the Rank 1 Martial Honorable Realm.

    A short while later, Su Mo rose and flew off into the sky.

    Now that he had a lot of Spiritual Crystals on him, he did not need to worry about having resources to cultivate. It was time to return to the True Path Sect to cultivate and prepare for the Ancient Demons Cemetery.

    2 days later, Su Mo returned to the True Path Sect and headed for his own palace.

    The sect was relatively peaceful and he noticed that there wasn’t an upheaval from his killing of Yang Tianwei.

    Since there wasn’t any upheaval, Su Mo could close himself in cultivation without any worries.

    Su Mo sat down cross legged in the cultivation room of his palace. After a few moments of silence, Su Mo flipped over his palm and the Dawn Stone appeared in his hands.

    As Su Mo lightly touched the Dawn Stone, he could feel a light warmth being emitted from it.

    “What kind of wonder does this Dawn Stone hold?” Su Mo muttered to himself in a low breath. A short while later, he gave a mental thought and entered the Dawn Stone.

    Within the Dawn Stone, Su Mo could feel a mysterious force. A thin aura filled the Dawn Stone space.

    This aura was greyish-white in color and there was a sense of wonder coming from it. It was as though the aura came from ancient times or maybe it came from some foreign land.

    Su Mo’s brows frowned involuntarily as he used his mental thought to search the area within the Dawn Stone. Then, he immediately activated the Devouring Fighting Soul and devoured the strange aura.

    This strange aura was as thin as a strand of hair and it wasn’t stable in his palm.

    Su Mo could feel clearly that the strange aura harboured a power that came from the origins of the world. If not for the large amount of Dark Force Su Mo had channelled to his palm in addition to devouring power, Su Mo wouldn’t have been able to control the aura.

    “This is Origin Energy?” Su Mo furrowed his brows. There seemed to be a slight hint of connection between the strange aura and his Dark Force.

    This piqued Su Mo’s interest. What exactly was the Origin Energy?

    “This can’t be…!”

    Suddenly, Su Mo’s eyes flashed brightly. This thought made him highly intrigued.

    The more he thought about it, the greater the possibility this theory seemed to be.

    However, after pondering over it for a long time, he did not find any more leads, nor did he have any way to prove his theory.

    “I wonder if Senior Zhen Xian is in the sect?” A few moments later, Su Mo channelled the Chaotic Energy into his elixir field. Then, he straightened himself up and left the palace.

    Su Mo was going to find Saint Zhen Xian and seek his help in understanding what Origin Energy was. If it was really what Su Mo guessed, the Dawn Stone would be greatly beneficial to him.

    Not long later, Su Mo arrived at the top of Wen Dao Mountain, in front of Saint Zhen Xian’s imperial residence.

    “Saint Zhen Xian!” Su Mo stood at the door to the imperial residence and cupped his fists together as he called out. However, nothing happened even after he waited for 3 breaths of time.

    Su Mo felt helpless. It seemed that Saint Zhen Xian wasn’t in and he had to come by another day.

    Su Mo dragged his feet back to his palace reluctantly.

    Since Saint Zhen Xian wasn’t around, Su Mo did not dwell on the Origin Energy aymore. Instead, he began cultivating. It was still important to increase his cultivation rank. After all, the Ancient Demons Cemetery was coming soon.

    Su Mo entered the Bangle Space and took out a large number of Spiritual Crystals before devouring them all.

    The absorption of a large amount of crystals increased Su Mo’s cultivation quickly. After his cultivation rank had reached the Martial Honorable Realm, the increase in ranks were becoming harder and slower.

    Even if he devoured the Spiritual Crystals, the rate of increasing his cultivation had dropped by almost 10 times.

    5 days later, Su Mo’s cultivation rank had finally reached the peak of the Rank 1 Martial Honorable Realm after using up more than 4000 Middle Spiritual Crystals.

    The duration he had used to achieve this was much slower than when he was still a Martial Emperor.

    Su Mo did not rush to break through to the Rank 2 Martial Honorable Realm as he knew clearly that the bottleneck to the next realm was like shackles. He could not forcefully break out of it.

    However, although Su Mo did not hit the Rank 2 Martial Honorable Realm, his strength had increased significantly.

    In the Martial Honorable Realm, even a small increase in cultivation within the same rank was a large increase in strength.

    Then, Su Mo spent a few days stabilising his cultivation rank before he left his palace again to go and find Saint Zhen Xian.

    Su Mo could not be content if he did not understand the Origin Energy properties clearly. It was simply too important a matter for him.