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Chapter 393 - It’s Him, The Night Demon! That Brat is Still Alive!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 393: It’s Him, The Night Demon! That Brat is Still Alive!

    “Damn, someone else is bidding?”

    “That’s a billion!”

    The people gasped as they looked for where the voice came from. They were surprised to find that it was Ye Chen who had made the offer.

    “It’s him, that guy who offered two million earlier!”

    “That’s funny. He looks like he couldn’t afford two million, and now he’s offering a billion. Is he messing around?”

    “If he’s messing around, he’ll definitely get into trouble!”

    The people were so shocked that their jaws almost dropped.

    Meanwhile, Wang Long and Dai Shiyu, who were next to Ye Chen, were completely shocked now as if they had turned into statues. After all, a billion was a huge amount to them, but Ye Chen was offering it just like that.

    Chiba Yoshiko who was in Room 3 had a change in expression. She could not help but stare at Ye Chen. Clearly, she did not expect him to compete with her at such a time. Her face sank. “Mr. Ye, what I’m curious about is if you even have a billion? The consequences will be serious if you offer that bid and fail to pay.”

    A female staff from the auction house soon walked over. She said as doubt filled her face, “Sir, may I know if you can prove your financial status?”

    Even they could no longer hold back since Ye Chen had offered a billion. Moreover, judging by the way he was dressed, he did not look like he would have a billion.

    “Sure!” Ye Chen then took out three bank cards and handed them to the staff. “I’m not sure how much I have in those. You can check all of them and see whether it’s enough!”

    The crowd laughed out loud upon hearing that. It was their first time seeing someone handing three bank cards at once and not being sure how much there was.

    ‘You’re bidding when you’re not even sure how much you have?’

    They were even more convinced that Ye Chen did not have the money and was merely messing around. At that moment, countless gloating stares were targeted at Ye Chen.

    Even Wang Long and Dai Shiyu became nervous. Chiba Yoshiko was smirking at the corner of her lips.

    The staff took the three bank cards that Ye Chen handed her while looking awkward. After checking the cards, she walked to him respectfully and handed the cards back to him. She said, “I’ve already checked. This sir can totally afford a billion!”

    She intentionally shoved a note into Ye Chen’s hand. Her phone number and WeChat ID were written on the note.

    In reality, what she did not say was that she found out Ye Chen had 30 billion in his bank card, and that was only one of the three bank cards.

    30 billion of savings!

    The country would be stirred if the news got out.

    By then, even the richest man in China would have to let go of his ranking!

    After all, Ye Chen had 30 billion in his savings alone. If he included his shares, securities, and assets such as properties and cars, his net worth would be at least 100 billion.

    The auctioneer smacked the gavel. “One billion, going once. One billion, going twice. One billion, going thrice. Congratulations to Mr. Ye for successfully bidding for the Ghost Daisy!”

    The people were dumbstruck as soon as the auctioneer was done speaking. They could not help but gape at Ye Chen again, secretly stirred.

    ‘Holy guacamole! I didn’t expect him to be a boss who pretends to be weak!’

    Even the VIPs on the third floor could not help but check Ye Chen out. They looked like they were in deep thoughts.

    Chiba Yoshiko was frozen and she almost spat blood in rage. She could only sit down while suppressing the wrath within her. She said to No-kun next to her, “No-kun, can Master Miyamoto Take visit Hong Kong? I want this man dead!”


    In Room 7, with her beautiful eyes wide open in disbelief, Tang Ning said,”How is that possible? How does this brat have so much money?”

    One billion! It was considered a huge sum even to her Tang family.

    The fear she secretly had for Ye Chen increased. She could not help but say to Shen Xingye next to her, “Xingye, let’s forget about it. Let’s not kill him!”

    “Don’t worry!” Shen Xingye smiled in pride, “It’s only a billion. Is that a lot? The more he’s behaving like this, the more I want to kill him!”


    In Room 8, Young Master Lei squinted slightly. “Who exactly is this man? He killed a viscount from the Blood Clan, and now he just used a billion to throw a cold blanket at the Chiba family?”

    He could not help but speak to the person on the other side of the phone, “Find out who he is. I want to know exactly who he is!”


    The auctioneer coughed after the staff wrapped the Ghost Daisy and handed it over to Ye Chen. Since he had gotten the people’s attention right away, he smiled in a mysterious manner. “Everyone, next up will be the final item of the auction! What will it be? Let’s check it out!”

    His words riled the crowd up. Subsequently, a staff walked onto the stage with a pallet that was covered in a piece of red cloth.

    At that moment, everyone stared with their eyes wide open. They were curious! The VIPs on the third floor could no longer hide the greed in their eyes!

    The auctioneer walked over and removed the red cloth himself. There was a metal piece the size of a fist on the pallet. It was black and shining with a bright metallic luster.

    “What’s that? A piece of torn metal??

    “What? This is the finale item?”

    “Don’t tell me that this has been appraised by Master Shen as well!”

    The crowd could not help but feel disappointed when they saw that.

    “Everyone!” the auctioneer said solemnly, “I wonder if you guys have heard of the news lately. Three months ago, a meteorite fell in the south of the Jiaozhi region. The meteorite made a sinkhole on the ground from which there was a mysterious shriek. Since then, it’s been rumored that a precious treasure landed on earth!”

    Someone got up and spoke as soon as he was done speaking, “That’s right, I heard about that too. It was said that the government in the region sent armed forces to take over that sinkhole. However, five mercenary troops were killed!

    “I also heard that this caused a stir. A powerhouse flew above the sinkhole and was melted by the heat coming out of it before he could even enter it. Even his bones were gone.”

    His expression changed drastically as he spoke to this point. He could not help but stare at the metal piece on the pallet. “C-can this metal piece have come from the sinkhole?”

    “That’s right!” the auctioneer nodded and said, “Guys, it’s true. The satellite probes from many counties saw something land in the Jiaozhi region. Meanwhile, the shriek from the sinkhole came from the treasure.”

    “What shriek? Didn’t that brother say that the powerhouse melted before he managed to go into the sinkhole? Why would there be shrieking?” someone asked in confusion.

    The auctioneer said, “It was indeed a shriek. It sounded like an old man. Many countries only managed to decipher these sentences with their most high-end translation machines.”

    He took a deep breath as he spoke to this point. He enunciated word for word, “The first sentence was ‘Traitor, how dare you offend the Master Heavenly Emperor’s power? When he returns, you’ll be taken to the Immortal Slashing Table!'”

    The people gasped as soon as he finished!

    However, Ye Chen’s face could not help but twitch. An excitement that he could not suppress rose within him.

    ‘It’s him! It’s Night Demon! That brat is still alive!’