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Chapter 1571 - Ashen Storm of Hatred

Versatile Mage
     1571 Ashen Storm of HatredTranslated by XephiZ

    Edited by Aelryinth

    "Yeah, you kept reminding us not to be caught by the Ashen Storm of Hatred, and now you're telling us to ride it into the Pyramids. Are you fooling with us now!?" Zhao Manyan pinched Shreev's goatee.

    Shreev had purposely grown a goatee despite his young age. Together with his height, his appearance was only going to scare the crap out of little girls!

    "Let go, let go, it hurts... just listen to me!" Shreev blurted out.

    Zhao Manyan loosened his grip. Shreev looked pitifully at a few strands of his facial hair on the ground. He explained, "The Pyramids are the pharaohs' mausoleums. Therefore, they won't allow anyone to break into the Pyramids. They hired the best architects to design their tombs not only because they wanted their descendants to worship them and pay them respect, but to prevent them from interfering with their ruling of the dead..."

    "Can't you cut the crap and go straight to the main point!?" Mo Fan said impatiently.

    "Anyway, the living can never go inside the Pyramids. The whole structure is sealed tightly and protected by magic Formations, not to mention the ten Dark Swordmasters and the Sphinx standing guard. Their security is more impressive than our military bases nowadays. There's only one way to enter the Pyramids, and it's only possible when the Pyramids are taking in the hatred of the dead from the outside world.

    "The places that we live in require air ventilation. Even the sturdiest military base needs air. The dead also need to breathe inside their tombs, but instead of oxygen, they breathe in the hatred, anger, pain, and the presence of death. The Ashen Storm of Hatred is the favorite of the pharaohs and the nobles inside the Pyramids. The ventilation areas that I pointed out are where the Ashen Storm of Hatred normally forms once in a while. It's the only way for us to enter the Pyramids," Shreev explained in detail to the others.

    "That's f**king ridiculous!" Zhao Manyan cursed.

    "Isn't there some other way? Can't we just go inside from the main entrance after luring the Dark Swordmasters away?" Mo Fan asked.

    "Did you ever see a Pyramid with a door?" Shreev asked in return.

    Mo Fan thought for a moment and realized that he had pointed out something important.

    "The question is, won't the ghosts and spirits devour us once we are caught inside the Ashen Storm of Hatred?"Heidi said.

    "Which is why we must disguise ourselves as the living dead," Shreev said.

    "Sure, I'll kill you right now," Zhao Manyan said.

    "No no, I didn't mean dying for real. Brother Zhao, the few of us are all Mages with the Undead Element. It's not impossible to disguise ourselves as the dead. I have a Bitter Dust Mummy here. The presence of hatred it emits is similar to the hatred of the spirits inside the Ashen Storm of Hatred. It will guide us into the storm..." Shreev said.

    "Did you use it to obtain the Pharaoh Spring from the other Pyramids?" Mo Fan asked curiously.

    "Yes, it's a unique undead in Egypt. It's my precious!" Shreev said proudly.

    "I see. It looks like General Haken has made the right choice putting you on the team. You're more reliable than having a powerful Mage among us," Mo Fan nodded.

    Even the strongest Mage was still going to die to the ten Dark Swordmasters and the Sphinx. Meanwhile, Shreev had already solved their biggest problem by figuring out a way to enter the Pyramids!


    The Pyramid of Menkaure was in quite a bit of disorder. In addition to the spirits, it was occupied by the snake and scorpion demons, and the desert foxes, too. No one knew who its ruler was, since Pharaoh Menakure had died before his will was inherited as an undead.

    It was very common for Pyramids with various levels and species to be in disorder. Most of the creatures were interested in the Pharaoh Spring, since it would allow them to evolve further!

    Shreev had to resign himself to expending his treasure so the team could enter the Great Pyramid of Giza. He sprinkled the remaining Pharoah Spring Water outside the Pyramid of Menkaure and waited patiently for the demon creatures and the undead to compete for the precious source of energy.

    The first step was a great success, mainly because the ones with the Undead Element on the team could easily Summon an expendable undead to bring the Pharaoh Spring to the Pyramid of Menkaure and open the bottle. The rest of them just had to wait outside the Great Pyramid of Giza.

    A gray storm cloud began to form following some ghastly cries, swirling above the Golden Land of Gisele. According to Shreev's calculations, the Great Pyramid of Giza was about to "ventilate" in about half an hour. They only had a limited amount of the Pharaoh Spring. If they missed out on the opportunity, it would be difficult for them to sneak into the Pyramid without alerting the Dark Swordmasters.

    Shreev was laying on top of a sand dune and asked with a confused face, "Strange, why are some of the Dark Swordmasters missing?"

    "Seven, there are seven of them," Heidi confirmed.

    She was a Sound Mage, thus she was very sensitive toward the presence of the demon creatures. There were four Dark Swordmasters on the side of the Pyramid they were facing, and one each on the other three sides, a total of seven Dark Swordmasters!

    "I already told you that three of them are dead, but you didn't believe me," Mo Fan said.

    "The other three must be patrolling inside the Pyramid. You just happened to guess the number right!" Meos did not believe Mo Fan.

    Mo Fan could not do anything if Meos and the others insisted on not believing him. Either way, there were only seven Dark Swordmasters left!

    "A fight has broken out," Shreev exclaimed after he heard some noise in the distance.

    "How many demon creatures can your Pharaoh Spring attract? Are you sure it's going to lure all seven Dark Swordmasters to it?" Mu Bai asked worriedly.

    "The Dark Swordmasters outside the Pyramid are unified. Besides, do you really think those loyal servants aren't interested in the Pharaoh Spring?" Shreev scoffed.

    The Pharaoh Spring was the best thing to make the undead stronger. The Dark Swordmasters were not the strongest of the Ruler-level creatures. They were also hoping for a chance to become stronger!

    "They really are going away!" Heidi said.

    The Dark Swordmasters around the Great Pyramid of Giza started moving. They seemed to have picked up the scent of the Pharaoh Spring!

    "Come, let's go under the Ashen Storm of Hatred. We have to be quick," Shreev said.

    Shreev led the way as he ran, Casting Undead spells. Words written with blood showed up in a few spots in front of him. The words drifted in the air and formed a page of words written with blood on both sides of him.