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Chapter 390 - The Changes in Fang Mi!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 390: The Changes in Fang Mi!

    At the hotel, the lights in the room came back on soon after Passa died. Subsequently, the hotel manager knocked on the doors to apologize to the guests. They found many dead bats along the corridor.

    However, since there were no surveillance cameras around, the hotel staff thought that there was a bat cave in the building. They got people to look around, but their effort was to no avail. They gave up since nothing major happened anyway.

    In Room 521, Ye Chen looked unnatural as he glanced at Dai Shiyu who was holding his arm tightly. She would rub her breasts against him every now and again then. “Can you let go now?”

    “Ahh!” Dai Shiyu exclaimed when she realized that she was being inappropriate. She let go of his arm immediately with her cheeks flushed as she said, still in shock, “Mr. Ye, is that Blood Clan man dead?”

    “Oh, he’s very dead!” Ye Chen chuckled.

    How could he not be dead when his heart exploded from the impact of Ye Chen’s punch?

    “Phew!” Dai Shiyu released a heavy sigh of relief. She only wore a bathrobe since she had taken a shower earlier. Perhaps because she was in shock, she did not realize that her collar was loose, showing her fair breasts.

    Given that she perspired quite a bit, her natural fragrance and sweat filled the room at that moment, and Ye Chen happened to smell it. His face froze while he was in a slight daze. Although he had lived for thousands of years, he was losing his control a little at that moment despite being tough.

    “Alright, go to your bed. Everything is fine now!” He took a deep breath in and removed the thoughts that he had in his head by force.

    “No!” Dai Shiyu shook her head without even thinking about it. Instead, she grabbed Ye Chen’s arm again. “No, I’m scared. I want to sleep with you on the floor.”

    She had enough frights tonight. She would only feel safe with Ye Chen now!

    ‘You want to sleep with me?’

    The corner of Ye Chen’s lips twitched slightly. He removed her hand by force. “Since you like sleeping on the floor, I’ll sleep on the bed!”

    As soon as he lay down, a soft body squeezed into his bed like a lazy kitten.

    “Get out!” Ye Chen said coldly, “Or I’ll toss you off the bed!”

    Although he was cold-blooded to his enemy, he felt helpless facing Dai Shiyu at the moment. After all, she had not offended him. He could not attack her, but he would be betraying Su Yuhan if he let her sleep next to him.

    Dai Shiyu stuck her tongue out when she noticed that he was really pissed. She bit her lip and got off the bed, looking pitiful. Finally, she fell asleep facing Ye Chen.

    Ye Chen turned around to have his back face her. He looked as if he was in deep thought because he sensed two powerful aurae leaving the hotel through his Divine Consciousness.

    The two aurae had been watching out there for a long time.


    At the same time in a villa in Hong Kong’s Yuen Long District, Shen Xingye’s hand that was holding his phone shuddered. “Did you say that the brat killed a viscount from the Blood Clan?”

    His expressions changed a few times before he spoke again, “It seems I’ve underestimated him. It’s no wonder that he got Bess’s attention. Get back now.”

    On the Thunderfrog cruise, Young Master Lei had a surprised expression on his face while he looked at the young man standing next to him. “Interesting, this is indeed interesting. I can’t believe he killed the big bat who is William’s man.”

    He got up and walked to the window and smiled lightly. “I don’t care who you are. I just hope that you don’t interfere with my plan, or it’ll mean death for you! In the entire Hong Kong, apart from Shen Xingye and his father, nobody can stop me. Nobody!”


    On the next day, Dai Shiyu returned to her room on tiptoe while carrying her blanket as soon as the day broke.

    Ye Chen stayed in his room almost the entire day after calling Wang Long to confirm the auction that night. To him, the ten over hours that he spent in cultivation was just the blink of an eye.

    Soon, night fell, and the auction finally arrived.

    As soon as the sky turned dark, Ye Chen got a phone call from Wang Long who had arrived at the hotel.

    The second Ye Chen left his room, Dai Shiyu, who was staying across, walked out too. She said with a pitiful expression, “Mr. Ye, I suppose you’re going to the auction. Can you bring me along with you?”

    She added, “Don’t worry. I won’t cause you any trouble.” Since last night’s incident, nothing would make her feel safer than being with Ye Chen.

    “Whatever!” Ye Chen mumbled and went downstairs. As expected, a Lincoln Towncar was parked by the road. Wang Long stood outside of the car.

    Wang Long was stunned at first when he saw Dai Shiyu coming out of the hotel with Ye Chen. He then showed an experienced smile instantly. “Mr. Ye, it’s almost time.”

    “Let’s go!”

    Ye Chen did not care about what he thought about him at all. He went into the backseat directly. Dai Shiyu, on the other hand, did not like the way Wang Long was looking at them. She could not help but explain while her cheeks were flushing, “There’s nothing between us. Don’t think otherwise.”

    “I know, I know!” Wang Long chuckled and said.

    It had been fine before she explained. The more she tried to explain, the more Wang Long was sure of his speculation. He did not think it was wrong anyway. Nobody could resist lust. On the contrary, lusting for a lady aside, it would be normal for Ye Chen to have ten women since he was young and powerful.


    Eventually, they arrived at the basement parking lot in a building in Central that looked extraordinarily luxurious and grand.

    “Mr. Ye, we’re here!” Wang Long opened the car door for Ye Chen.

    At that moment, a Ferrari arrived too. A man and a lady got out of the car. They were William and Fang Mi.

    Ye Chen shook his head slightly the moment he saw Fang Mi. He never expected that Fang Mi would look extremely pale without any color on her face since they met yesterday.

    Connecting the dots with William next to her, it was a no-brainer that Fang Mi had clearly been bitten. However, judging by the look on her face that she was smitten, she had no idea about what happened.

    Meanwhile, Fang Mi saw Ye Chen who was in the car. She walked over and said coldly, “Ye Chen, did you see Fang Hao?”

    She had been with William for almost the whole day. Not only was he handsome as a Caucasian, but he was also romantic and knew how to win a lady’s heart.

    Within a day, he took Fang Mi to a candlelight dinner, caught a movie together, and visited her villa. Naturally, they also had sex.

    Fang Mi thought she was happily enjoying herself. The only bad thing was that she felt something had changed to her body. She was much more powerful now. She had better vision and hearing ability as well as more strength.

    Apart from that, she could not look at the sun directly.

    Nevertheless, William explained that she was sick and would be fine in a few days, so she did not think too much about it.

    At the same time, she received a call from her family, saying that Fang Hao was nowhere to be found. Besides being unable to find him, they could not contact him. That was the reason why she had asked about that when she saw Ye Chen.

    To her, Fang Hao had always hated Ye Chen. If something really happened to him, Ye Chen would be the first suspect.

    Unfortunately, Ye Chen did not bother answering her question. He walked to the elevator as soon as he got out of the car.

    “You…” Fang Mi did not expect him to ignore her, hence she was pissed off.

    ‘Ye, what do you mean by that? Do you really think we’re nothing to you just because you have a tiny bit of ability?’

    What she did not notice was that next to her, William’s eyes lit up as he watched Ye Chen leave. There was something eerie about his stare.