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Chapter 881 - Returning to the Beihan Region

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 881 Returning to the Beihan RegionOn Planet Tianhuang's Zangtian Plateau.

    There were many dimensional cracks in the sky and some beasts crossed through the cracks and entered the plateau from time to time. After the Two World Peak disappeared, everyone had left and the place had become a barren land.

    But then—

    There was a giant hole where the Two World Peak used to be. A young man with black hair and black eyes walked out of the hole calmly.

    A brawny old man was walking anxiously behind the young man.

    "What are you afraid of? A mere dimension passage scares you?" Chen Fan said.

    "I'm sorry. Please forgive me." The old man nodded and bowed.

    This white-haired old man was Lord Beihan, Zhao Juexian.

    However, not even Sword King and the Heavenly Ancestor would recognize him. Zhao Juexian used to be superior and powerful, but he had become an old man and was acting as carefully as a servant.

    In fact, Zhao Juexian had indeed been living a nightmare in the past three years.

    Chen Fan had killed his son and more than half of the royal family of the Beihan Region, while almost killing him as well. Zhao Juexian wanted to claim revenge all the time, but he dared not to!

    Over those three years.

    Zhao Juexian watched Chen Fan become stronger. He had been able to see Chen Fan's flaws before, but at the moment, he was different and mysterious. Zhao Juexian even thought he couldn't block one of his fingers.

    So, Zhao Juexian was always careful. He was worried that Chen Fan might kill him if he did something wrong.

    "But you're indeed powerful. You slashed a way out of the chaotic dimension and exited the Two World Peak directly returning to Planet Tianhuang. Not even a Nascent Soul Heavenly Lord might be able to do so," Zhao Juexian said.

    He still felt terrified when he thought about that slash.

    After three years had passed, the Two World Peak had moved far away from Planet Tianhuang. The chaotic dimension full of fragments and creatures was extremely dangerous. Even the top Golden Core Perfected Cultivators might die there, but Chen Fan was able to create a passage in such an environment.

    From one shore of the ocean to the other, like Moses did.

    Such a Divine Power really left Zhao Juexian dumbfounded! He would have been crushed by the dimensional storm after creating a passage dozens of feet long.

    "Compared to the Divine Power Heaven's Equal used to block the Path of Heaven, this was nothing," Chen Fan said calmly.

    Hearing such a fact about Heaven's Equal, Zhao Juexian was shocked.

    Chen Fan also noticed that, but he didn't mind it at all.

    "Let's go. It's time to go back to the Beihan Region."

    Chen Fan wrapped his arm around Zhao Juexian and walked a thousand miles with one step.

    The dimension cracks didn't seem to exist for Chen Fan. He walked calmly, leaving the Zangtian Plateau in half an hour.

    After half a day.

    Chen Fan had already arrived at the royal city of the Beihan Region.

    That city—that covered an area within a hundred mile radius, with a population of ten million citizens—had been destroyed and split in half by Chen Fan, but it had been rebuilt in the past three years.

    Chen Fan walked into the city with Zhao Juexian.

    There were cultivators everywhere and beams of light flashed across the sky from time to time. Many giant Spirit Paintings shone on both sides of the streets and the city seemed to be flourishing. In the end, the two of them arrived at the Sky-Swallowing Palace.

    "You're home. What do you think, your Majesty?" Chen Fan looked up and asked.

    "How can I be addressed like this in front of you? I'm just your servant." Zhao Juexian bowed with a terrified look.

    Then, some guards came.

    "This is a forbidden area of the Royal Palace. Nobody can enter. Leave quickly!"

    There were Divine Sea Cultivators among the guards. They were wearing Spirit Armors and holding Spirit Weapons. They fiercely banded up; normal cultivators wouldn't try to provoke them.

    "Tell the Grand Elder of the Chinese that Chen Beixuan is back," Chen Fan said.


    A tall guard snickered.

    "The Grand Elder of the Chinese? Xie Changying has already been banished and sent back to the Yan State by our King. If it wasn't for Perfected Cultivator Chen, he would have exterminated the Chinese. The one that rules the palace right now is the new Lord of the Beihan Region, Lord Red Dragon!"

    "There are dozens of people who come and pretend to be Perfected Cultivator Chen every year. The moat of the royal city is almost full because of the corpses from people like you."

    "The King? Back to the Yan State? Lord Red Dragon?"

    Chen Fan frowned after hearing those three names.

    He sent out his Immortal Will and covered the entire royal city. He indeed sensed that there was a fiery energy deep inside that carried the power of dragons. That person was apparently a peak-stage Golden Core Grand Perfected Cultivator, who most certainly was Lord Red Dragon.

    Other than Lord Red Dragon, there were two other energies there which had the smell of blood. Those cultivators must have practiced Blood Arts and were also peak-stage Golden Core Cultivators.

    And yet, Lord Red Dragon and the other two Grand Perfected Cultivators were like ants in Chen Fan's eyes. What concerned Chen Fan the most was the people behind them.

    "Perfected Cultivator, what should we do?" Zhao Juexian wondered.

    "We'll leave first and see what's going on," Chen Fan replied.

    Then, they walked around the royal city. Their Immortal Will covered every corner and no information could slip from them.

    Chen Fan then learned what had happened in the recent three years.

    When he left, neither the Grotto-heavens, the strong races nor the families dared to fight with Xie Changying, who had the Sky-severing Sword. Even Lord Red Dragon and the Ancestral Patriarch of the Ling family were also respectful to him.

    However, two years before when the news about the death of Lord Beihan, Chen Fan and the Ancestral Patriarch Takong were spread, the situation in the Beihan Region started to become unstable. A powerful force then suddenly invaded the region.

    That force was called the Blood God Sect. They not only invaded the Beihan Region, but also conquered the surrounding five regions.

    Their Sect Master, Lord Blood God, was especially powerful and it had defeated Xie Changying right away. If it wasn't afraid of the Quasi-Heavenly Treasure and Chen Fan, Xie Changying might not have been able to leave the royal city alive. The Chinese were at the moment in Old China Town, resisting the attacks from the Blood God Sect.

    Since Lord Spirit Husbandry and Ancestral Patriarch Takong had been killed by Chen Fan, the five surrounding regions had no Overlords anymore, so the Blood God Sect eventually invaded them as well. Lord Red Dragon and the others had also surrendered.

    "Have you heard of the Blood God Sect?"

    Chen Fan asked with a glint of coldness in his eyes.

    "Its real name should be the ‘Blood Fiend Sect,' a force in the northern area. They have control of three Barren Regions and there are ten Grand Perfected Cultivators and three Grand Elders in the sect. They tried to invade five of our regions back then, but my father defeated them. I can't believe they're back again," Zhao Juexian said.

    "A small sect dares to touch the Chinese?" Chen Fan snickered. "Zhao Juexian, bring Lord Red Dragon and the two envoys of the Blood God Sect to me. I have to ask them who gave Lord Blood God the courage to provoke me."

    Zhao Juexian hesitated.

    "Perfected Cultivator, even though my father defeated Lord Blood God in the past, it's already four thousand years old right now. Such a being must be close to becoming a Heavenly Lord and should be as powerful as the Ancient Demon Prince."


    Chen Fan shook his head and laughed.

    Zhao Juexian thought of Chen Fan's supreme Divine Power and agreed immediately.

    Then, Zhao Juexian shot up into the sky and turned into a Sky-Swallowing Python, flashing into the palace. The palace was immediately in chaos. The furious roar of a dragon sounded and two beams of crimson light rose.

    But Lord Red Dragon and the two envoys of the Blood God Sect were no match for Zhao Juexian.

    Zhao Juexian was Lord Beihan, the Lord of a region and someone that was worth being listed in the Longevity Roll. Even Shenxi had to put in some effort to deal with him. Soon, Zhao Juexian brought an injured red dragon and an old man in a black robe to Chen Fan. He said shamefully, "Perfected Cultivator, I only caught two of them. Another envoy of the Blood God Sect is still running. I'll go after him right away."

    The old man in black robe burst into laughter.

    "It's useless. My friend has already used the ‘Liuji Blood Escape Spell' and he can travel a million miles in a day. He'll need only half a day to travel across the Beihan Region. Zhao Juexian, I don't know how you came back from the Two World Peak, but our King is going to take revenge on you. He has completed the ‘Blood God Heavenly Art' and formed an avatar. He's now half a step away from entering the Nascent Soul Level…"

    Before he finished talking, Zhao Juexian had almost crushed him with his claw.


    Chen Fan grunted and Zhao Juexian froze.

    Then, Chen Fan looked through the sky with the Li Fire Eyes and saw a crimson shadow running a thousand miles away. He had apparently used a forbidden art, so he was flashing at a hundred times faster than the speed of sound. One more hour and he could traverse a hundred thousand kilometers.

    While everyone was watching in shock.

    Chen Fan reached out and made a clawing motion.

    "Come back."


    The sky cracked and Chen Fan's hand went a thousand miles into the dimension. It became a golden giant hand, catching the escaped crimson shadow and dragging it towards himself.

    A thousand miles was like no distance to him.


    Witnessing such a feat.

    The old man in black robe was speechless; he looked at Chen Fan and couldn't believe it.