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Chapter 389 - The Western Blood Clan Reveals Themselves!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 389: The Western Blood Clan Reveals Themselves!


    The footsteps outside continued approaching. However, nobody came as if there was someone pacing out there.


    The lights in the room were cut off at that moment, plunging the room into darkness.

    Dai Shiyu finally felt that something was off. She got out of bed by instinct and walked to Ye Chen, sticking her extremely weak body to his. “Mr. Ye, I-I’m scared!” Her soft breasts were pressed up against Ye Chen’s arm.

    “Stop your tricks and show yourself!” Ye Chen smirked. He suddenly got up and walked to the window to pull the curtains open. With the help of the moonlight, a gravely pale face appeared at the window. It was so pale that it looked like a piece of pork that had been frozen for a long time.

    Most importantly, the person was hanging upside down. He wore a black trench coat and hung upside down like a giant bat, His eyes were below while his mouth seemed to be on top.

    “Ahh! I-It’s a ghost!” Dai Shiyu almost pissed her pants right away. Her busty breasts were squeezing against Ye Chen’s arm to the point that he could feel them through her clothes.


    The window opened, and the man appeared in the room in a flash. It was a Caucasian man. Even though it was dark, his face was bright due to how pale he was.

    He stared at Ye Chen and Dai Shiyu, eventually fixing his eyes on Ye Chen as he spoke in fluent Mandarin, “I’m curious. How did you find out that I was outside the window?”

    Theoretically, people would usually check the corridor since there were footsteps out there. However, Ye Chen did not do that. Instead, he had pulled the curtains open first.

    “Your little trick will scare ordinary people, but it’s nothing to me,” Ye Chen said with a smirk.

    His Divine Consciousness could cover a range of a kilometer. The footsteps in the corridor had not been footsteps. To be exact, it was the noise coming from a group of bats hanging on the ceiling. Meanwhile, the real bad guy was outside the window. He had been still like a spider that was watching its prey patiently.

    Unfortunately, he encountered Ye Chen.

    “Interesting!” The Caucasian man grinned and said after licking his lips, “The earl was right. You’re not an ordinary man. That’s the best kind of food that I like.”

    “A-are you a human or a ghost?” Dai Shiyu held onto Ye Chen tightly and gaped at the man as fear filled her pretty face.

    “Human? Ghost?” the man snickered in disdain, “You lowly Asian mortals! Since you guys are going to die, I, Passa, will tell you about our noble and great Blood Clan!”

    He opened his mouth wide as soon as he spoke, revealing two long and sharp fangs. Meanwhile, his pupils turned red.

    “Ahh!” Dai Shiyu fell onto the ground and said while shaking, “Blood Clan? Are you from the legendary Blood Clan of the west?”

    “You’re pretty knowledgeable.” Passa grinned. “You lowly Asian mortals should be grateful to meet me. Be afraid and kneel. Worship me!”

    “Blood Clan?” Ye Chen shook his head lightly as mockery appeared at the corner of his lips. “You guys are just a bunch of dumb bats that hide in the dark. How is that noble? How is that great?!”

    He had heard of the Blood Clan before. To put it simply, they were Western vampires. They were similar to Asian vampires, but the only difference was that they had a mind of their own. Meanwhile, Asian vampires were like zombies whereby they survived with their instincts.

    “F*ck!” Enraged, Passa snarled with his fangs. “You’re an ant that’s not worthy of humiliating my Blood Clan! In the name of the Blood Clan, I sentence you to death. Don’t you dare think that anyone will save you guys because everyone in this hotel has fallen asleep.”

    The Blood Clan could control bats. Before this, he had controlled the bats to bite the rest of the guests so as not to alert the enemy. Everyone had fallen asleep, and even the main power in the control room had been destroyed by the bats.

    He disappeared from where he was in a flash as soon as he said that. In the next second, he appeared before Ye Chen, mauling his cold and sharp claws at Ye Chen’s neck. He swore to suck this Asian man’s blood dry.

    On to of that, he would do it slowly! He wanted Ye Chen to die of despair and devastating pain!

    “Mr. Ye!” Dai Shiyu could not help but exclaim.

    Just when Passa’s hands were about to touch Ye Chen, the latter moved and slapped Passa.


    As a shriek came, Passa was thrown out, and he was smashed hard against the wall. Meanwhile, his head turned 180 degrees. His body was still.

    “Mr. Ye, h-he’s dead!” Dai Shiyu stared with her beautiful eyes wide open. They were filled with disbelief. Although she knew that Ye Chen was powerful, she did not expect him to be able to kill a Blood Clan with a slap alone.

    “No, he’s not dead!” Ye Chen shook his head lightly.

    In the next second, on the ground, Passa moved. He then stood up slowly to stretch his arm and turned his head hard. His head turned back to its original position.

    “W-what…?” Dai Shiyu looked on in horror.

    An ordinary person would definitely have died after experiencing that. However, not only was the man still alive, but he even turned his head back to its original position!

    “Impressive, impressive!” Passa clapped. “You did that do me with merely a slap. It seems like you’re a so-called Asian ancient martial artist, but that’s useless because our Blood Clan is immortal. A cultivator is our only enemy. Without a talisman, a peach wood sword, a silver bullet, or True Samadhi Fire, who can kill us?”

    He could not help but reveal an eerie grin as he spoke to this point, “You foolish Asian ancient martial artist, I’m giving you a chance now. If you’re willing to give me your first bite and become my slave, I might spare your life. You will be immortal if I bite you.”

    “Oh, really?” Ye Chen moved and threw a punch at him.

    Passa smirked. ‘You fool! I’ve already said that your ancient martial artist’s technique can do nothing to me!’

    However, he froze in the next second because Ye Chen’s punch pierced through his heart and crushed his core.

    The Blood Clan had no heart. They only had a core which was their life, and they would die as soon as it was destroyed!

    “You…” He stared blankly at Ye Chen. Before he could finish speaking, he turned into sand and disappeared in the wind.

    “Unfortunately, that was just a small one. The actual big fish didn’t come!” Ye Chen shook his head lightly, feeling rather disappointed.


    Almost at the moment Passa died, the bats that were hanging on the hotel corridor ceiling fell onto the ground in unison.

    At the same time in a private villa in Hong Kong, there was a red coffin in the basement. There were many bats crawling around the coffin.


    Suddenly, one of them fell onto the ground.


    The coffin lid was pushed open from the inside, and it smashed hard on the ground.

    A blonde young man walked out of the coffin naked. He looked at the bat on the ground with a serious expression, ignoring the naked lady in the coffin. “I can’t believe that Passa is dead! Interesting! He was a viscount! Who could’ve killed him if not a cultivator or a Martial Dao master? Can that brat be a cultivator or a Martial Dao master? Perhaps they’ve killed him!”