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Chapter 388 - A Beauty Knocking on His Door at Midnight!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 388: A Beauty Knocking on His Door at Midnight!

    “No!” Fang Hao had a drastic change of expression as soon as Ye Chen was done speaking. He yelled and turned around to rush toward the door. However, Ye Chen appeared before him, blocking his way in the next second.

    When he ran the other way, Ye Chen appeared before him like a specter again.


    Fang Hao revealed an expression as if he had just seen a ghost. He knelt hard onto the ground and shuddered as he spoke, “Ye Chen, no, Mr. Ye, I’m begging you. Please let me go!”

    By now, he finally found out that Ye Chen was not an ordinary man. Otherwise, he would not be as terrifying as he was witnessing now.

    It was no wonder that he had defeated Yan Tie. It was also no surprise that Wang Long was so respectful of him!

    “Give me a reason to spare your life!” Ye Chen looked at him in a condescending manner.

    “I can be your slave!” Fang Hao kowtowed so hard as if he was crushing garlic with his head. “I can give you anything you want, even this lady in bed. I haven’t touched her…”


    Before he could even finish speaking, he turned into a ball of flame, then turned into ashes.

    “You have no remorse, so you deserve to die!” Ye Chen shook his head lightly. He then lifted his eyes to look at Dai Shiyu who was on the bed.

    Fear filled her eyes when she saw Ye Chen kill Fang Hao as if he was a god. Her face turned pale when she locked eyes with Ye Chen. She thought he was going to take advantage of her.

    However, she realized that she would not hate him entirely. Instead, there was faint anticipation that she could not describe within her. It was a humiliating thought.

    Ye Chen did not walk over. Instead, he flicked his fingers, and a gush of spiritual energy shot into her body. He waved his hand, then a hotel robe flew over and wrapped around her.

    “I’ve removed the drugs in your system!” He closed the door and walked out of Dai Shiyu’s room after saying that. He had returned to his room!

    D-did he leave just like that?

    Dai Shiyu was slightly stunned! She had been afraid that Ye Chen would take advantage of her earlier. Now that he had left, she could not believe that she felt rather disappointed.

    ‘If I can do it with Mr. Ye…that’s better than being raped by Fang Hao, right?’ Such a thought suddenly popped into her head.


    She shook off the thought immediately and buried her head into the blanket. Her cheeks were flushing. “Oh my God, why would I have such a thought? How embarrassing!”


    In Room 521, Ye Chen took out her phone to call Su Yuhan and his daughter right after shutting the door.

    Subsequently, he sat on the bed with his legs crossed. He said, appearing in deep thought, “The auction will happen tomorrow evening. The Nine-section Soul Herb is mine. I’ll kill whoever gets in my way! But because I killed Old Master Gu’s family member, he might be mad if he finds out about it!” Ye Chen shook his head lightly. He shut his eyes directly and began cultivating.

    He had no regrets killing Fang Hao because the latter had crossed the line. Although he had been targeting Dai Shiyu when he said that, Ye Chen could not tolerate it.

    At that moment, someone knocked on his door. “Mr. Ye, are you sleeping already?”

    Ye Chen opened his eyes and scanned the door with Divine Consciousness. He realized that it was Dai Shiyu standing at the door in a bathrobe. Biting her lip, she would look at the corridor behind her in apprehension every now and then.

    “Anything?” Ye Chen frowned slightly.

    It was midnight, and it would be bad if the news of them being in the same room got out. Moreover, Su Yuhan had reminded him a few times not to fool around.

    “M-may I come in to talk to you?” Dai Shiyu said weakly.

    Eventually, Ye Chen got out of bed to open the door. Dai Shiyu rushed in as soon as he opened the door. It was too late for him to stop her, so he said, feeling annoyed, “Tell me, what is it?”

    “Well…can I sleep in your room tonight?” Dai Shiyu held her head down, her voice as soft as a mosquito.

    Ye Chen was stunned.

    Dai Shiyu explained immediately after sensing that what she said might be suggestive, “I don’t mean it that way. What I’m saying is that I don’t dare to sleep in the room I was in earlier, so…”

    She had indeed been horrified by Fang Hao’s rape attempt earlier. Moreover, Fang Hao had died in that room. Although his body was not there, any girl would be scared of that. After all, fear was greater than being reserved.

    Theoretically, Ye Chen and her were not in a relationship. They had not known each other for a long time, so it was dangerous for them to sleep in the same room.

    However, judging by Ye Chen not taking advantage of her earlier, she knew that he would not do such a thing, thus she dared to make that request.

    Just when Ye Chen was going to reject her, Dai Shiyu said immediately, “Don’t worry. I’ll sleep on the floor. I swear I won’t do anything to you.”

    Ye Chen was speechless. ‘You won’t do anything to me? You’re speaking as if you’re capable of doing anything to me. Do you think a man like me could be taken advantage of by you?’

    “I’m begging you, please!” Dai Shiyu pleaded again.

    “Alright! You’ll take my bed. I’ll sleep on the floor!” Ye Chen hesitated and eventually nodded. He walked over and removed the sheet and the blanket, placing them on the floor.

    “Thank you, Mr. Ye!” Dai Shiyu said in utter gratitude and returned to her room. She came back while carrying her sheet and her blanket.

    Ye Chen was sitting on the floor with his legs crossed when she returned.

    Dai Shiyu covered herself after lying down obediently. She stretched her head like a kangaroo in confusion. “Mr. Ye, are you cultivating?” One could say that she was curious about Ye Chen.

    “Don’t disturb me unless it’s something urgent!” Ye Chen said with his eyes shut. He could not stop mumbling, “Yuhan, I didn’t betray you. I didn’t betray you…”

    Dai Shiyu stuck her tongue out and stopped talking. However, she peeked at Ye Chen with her beautiful eyes. She was looking at his eyes, his nose, and his lips. She suddenly realized that he was pretty good-looking although he was not handsome. His features were mediocre, but he gave out a sense of security.

    Perhaps it was his charisma and inner beauty! His inner beauty made his outer appearance appealing.

    She was blushing again as she thought about this to herself. If outsiders were to find out the Young Mistress Dai was staying in the same room with a man and staring at him like a fan, she might create a stir.

    Dai Shiyu finally fell asleep after some time passed. Suddenly, the loud fluttering of strong wind came from outside, waking her up from her sleep. “I-is it raining?”

    At the same time, a bug flew away from Ye Chen’s shoulder and went out.

    Ye Chen opened his eyes suddenly while his gaze looked playful. “You’re finally here after waiting for so long!”


    The room door swung open as a result of the strong wind.

    Dai Shiyu screamed from the scare.


    Heavy footsteps came from the corridor outside. It was getting closer as if it was trampling on a person’s heart.