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Chapter 387 - Why Would China Be Fearful When They Have Me?

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 387: Why Would China Be Fearful When They Have Me?

    “Sword Dao genius, was it?” Ye Chen revealed a smirk of disdain at the corner of his lips facing the Japanese sword that No-kun swung at him. Subsequently, he extended two fingers at the sword.

    “You’re seeking death!” No-kun grinned coldly. He had defeated countless Sword Dao geniuses in Japan. Even the senior Sword Dao experts dared not underestimate his attack. However, Ye Chen was extending two fingers at his sword. Was he not seeking death for doing that?

    “Mr. Ye, you’re reckless!” Chiba Yoshiko covered her lips and smiled like a polite lady. “No-kun is the Japanese Sword Dao Master, Miyamoto Take’s favorite disciple. You…”

    She stopped before she was done speaking when she saw Ye Chen’s fingers hold onto No-kun’s Japanese sword at ease. The sword could no longer move.


    No-kun could not move forward or retreat. Horror was written all over his face.

    The smile on Chiba Yoshiko’s face froze!

    “You call yourself a Sword Dao genius? It seems like Japan is even more useless than I imagined!” Ye Chen exerted force in his fingers and crushed the Japanese sword into smithereens. He left after saying that.

    Thud, thud, thud…

    No-kun retreated a couple of steps, staggering from the impact. His eyes were filled with disbelief when he looked at Ye Chen again.

    Chiba Yoshiko shouted, “Mr. Ye, do you know that you’ve offended my family, as well as one of the four Yin Yang Master families of Japan, the Kusakabe clan?”

    “Kusakabe? The name alone sounds filthy. Why should I be afraid of them? Why would China be fearful when they have me?!” Ye Chen did not stop walking as he stomped away with loud, resounding steps.

    “Miss, stop him! I must kill him!” No-kun looked ferocious!

    Humiliation! It was a great humiliation!

    When had he, Watanabeno, ever been humiliated like this? If anyone in Japan heard about it, he would become the laughing stock.

    “No!” However, Chiba Yoshiko shook her head. She mumbled as she watched Ye Chen leave, “I’ve underestimated this man. We can’t kill him yet because we can’t guarantee that he has the foreign fragment with him!”

    “So, we’re giving up just like that?” No-kun had reluctance on his face.

    “Giving up?” Chiba Yoshiko revealed a grin on her face. “I’ve achieved my goal of testing him. That’s enough. We can’t fight him on our own. Don’t forget that we still have help such as Young Master Lei, Young Master Shen, and William!”


    In a villa in Hong Kong’s Yuen Long District, Shen Xingye was drinking with a couple of foreign friends. When his phone rang, he smiled gently after falling into silence for a couple of seconds as he picked up the call. “Great, I don’t want this man to live past midnight!”

    In the Thunderfrog cruise, Young Master Lei got everyone to leave. He tapped the table softly and looked at the young man before him in slight shock. “Are you saying that you saw that man going into Waseda Club with Chiba Yoshiko and emerging in a piece?”

    “That’s right, Young Master!” The young man nodded.

    “That’s interesting!” Young Master Lei chuckled as his eyes sparkled. “Firstly, this mediocre-looking chap is favored by Young Mistress Tang. Then, he played guest at Chiba Yoshiko’s place while he stayed there for half an hour.”

    He spoke at ease after a moment of silence, “Iron Hand, go and test this man tonight. I’d like to know who exactly he is!”


    Ye Chen looked disappointed after getting out of the club. He thought the bunch of Japanese would not be able to hold back, whereby they would get the 500-odd samurais who were hiding in the club to attack him.

    However, Chiba Yoshiko did not make a move. Judging by that, they were plotting something even bigger!

    “I’d like to see what exactly do you guys want!” Ye Chen mumbled and rushed to the biggest five-star hotel nearby. After checking in, the attendant brought him to a room on the fifth floor.

    A scream came from the next room as soon as he sat on the bed, “Mr. Fang, what are you doing? No, stop right there!”

    Ye Chen frowned slightly. He could not help but scan the room with his Divine Consciousness. He saw a lady in the room next door lying on the bed with messy hair.

    Her body was weak and her cheeks were flushed. She looked like she had lost her strength as she stared at a young man before her with fear in her eyes.

    The young man was dressed in an attendant uniform. He took off his clothes while walking to the bed and he condemned, “What else would I want to do, you b*tch? Of course, I want to do you! Forget the fact that you rejected me for showing my intention for a few times, you were flirting with that brat Ye. Now you should learn your lesson since I drugged your drinks!”

    He tore the lady’s clothes in a rough manner while mocking her. Her dress was soon ripped apart, exposing her fair breasts.

    They were Dai Shiyu and Fang Hao.

    He admitted that he had fun with countless women, but Dai Shiyu was the first to have such charisma and innocence, hence attracting him as soon as he saw her.

    However, Dai Shiyu did not give him any chance as she took advantage of having Ye Chen with her. He figured that he would just stalk her to the hotel and drug her drinks while pretending to be a hotel attendant. His goal was to get Dai Shiyu.

    “No! Please don’t!” Dai Shiyu began crying, feeling her body bare and vulnerable. Despair filled her eyes. “Mr. Fang, I’m Mr. Ye’s girlfriend. If you dare do this to me, he’ll never forgive you!” She could only use Ye Chen’s name when she noticed that Fang Hao was crossing the line.

    Fang Hao froze, appearing to be shocked. However, he smirked instantly. “What Mr. Ye? He’s just some hillbilly from China who knows a bit of martial arts. I wonder how he tricked Wang Long to be daring enough to pretend in my presence!”

    At the same time, he was getting rougher. Perhaps because he was triggered by what Dai Shiyu said, he removed everything she wore, leaving only her red lingerie on.

    “Go ahead and scream. I’m making Ye a cuckold!” Fang Hao could no longer suppress the joy within him. He began removing his belt.

    Dai Shiyu was in total despair as tears poured down her face!

    ‘Is this animal going to take my virginity now? Is that going to happen to me?’


    At that moment, the room door was kicked open, much to Fang Hao’s shock. “Who’s that?”

    “It’s me!” An extremely cold voice was heard as Ye Chen walked from the outside slowly. There was no expression on his face.

    “Why are you here?!” Fang Hao’s expression changed. “Who let you in?!”

    “Save me, Mr. Ye!” Dai Shiyu cried tears of joy.

    Ye Chen glanced at her calmly before turning to Fang Hao. He walked towards him one step after another.

    “W-what are you trying to do? You must know that I’m from the Fang family.” Fang Hao took a step back by instinct, feeling secretly scared. He knew that Ye Chen could fight, and one could only imagine the consequences if the latter were to attack him.

    Ye Chen’s eyes were cold. “Neither did I want anything to do with you, nor did I want to stick my nose in your business. However, I can’t forgive you for trying to make me a cuckold. Now, I’m going to kill you!”