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Chapter 877 - Deity Grade?

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 877 Deity Grade?The Ancient Demon Prince was dead!

    Chen Fan killed this peak-stage Golden Core Being of the royal family, who would grow to be a Nascent Soul Heavenly Lord!

    Even though the soul and the body of the Ancient Demon Prince were still there, its Fiend Core had shattered and there was no turning back.

    Countless warriors of the Ancient Demons looked pale; they couldn't believe this at all.

    Even Zhao Juexian gasped.

    "F**k, he really killed the Ancient Demon Prince? That's the Prince of the Ancient Demons, the descendant of the Ancient Demon King!"

    Zhao Juexian was really scared right then. Even those people who eliminated the Chinese were weaker than the Ancient Demon Prince and nobody would dare to claim that they were more powerful than the Ancient Demons.

    "This guy is definitely a psycho," Zhao Juexian mumbled.

    In fact, the soul of the Ancient Demon Prince was still yelling!

    "Are you nuts? Why did you fight until the end? This will cause both of us to suffer."

    The Ancient Demon Prince was going crazy.

    In the last attack, Chen Fan was also severely injured. The Demon Blade of Heaven Slay broke the Tianming Sword into two pieces and stabbed Chen Fan's shoulder. It almost cut off half of Chen Fan's body and killed him.

    Even then, Chen Fan's wounds were still glittering.

    When facing the last attack of a peak-stage Golden Core Cultivator with a Quasi-Heavenly Treasure, the Azure Thearch Longevity Body seemed to be weak and it was difficult for the body to heal.

    "Being able to kill you was well worth it!" Chen Fan said calmly.

    Then, Chen Fan cast a spell and an azure light ball flashed through, freezing the soul and the body of the Ancient Demon Prince. Chen Fan collected its blood and stored the Demon Blade of Heaven Slay.

    The blood of such a royal member was extremely precious and was comparable to that of the descendant of a Divine Beast.

    He could use the Ancient Demon Prince to make a cauldron of peerless pills and one divine-grade Essence Core.

    "But it's too late."

    Even though he got the Ancient Demon Prince, Chen Fan still smiled wryly and looked into the distance.

    A thundercloud that covered three thousand miles covered half of the sky outside the Two World Peak. Many lightning dragons flew around the cloud and each one of them had a different color, representing different kinds of Divine Thunder. They were all a thousand feet long.

    Chen Fan knew that when the thundercloud was completely formed, the Thunder Tribulation would start. Since he had initiated the Essence Cores forcefully and fought till the end, he would have to go through the Thunder Tribulation this time.

    "This battle has caused me a great loss."

    Chen Fan heaved a sigh.

    Four out of five Essence Cores were broken and only the Xuan Wu Essence Core was left.

    The Azure Thearch Essence Core was a divine-grade Essence Core. If he couldn't find any Wood Element Divine Medicines, Divine Trees or Divine Materials, he would need much more energy to make it again. The Thunder Tribulation was about to arrive and Chen Fan could only go through it even though he wasn't willing to.

    Chen Fan had planned to form a "Connate Five Virtues Sacred-grade Golden Core" with the five divine-grade Essence Cores before, but he couldn't do so anymore.

    "But a divine-grade Golden Core is fine. The Xuan Wu is powerful among the Divine Beasts. Even with just a divine-grade Golden Core, I'll be able to surpass the Ancient Demon Prince and the sons of God on Planet Tianhuang. I don't need to become a peak-stage Golden Core Cultivator to beat them up."

    Chen Fan shook his head.

    He was someone who never regretted his decisions.

    Besides, he could form a Golden Core again. Even Shenxi knew she could find the Butian Medicine to complete her Golden Core. As a former Tribulation Cultivator, Chen Fan certainly knew a few cultivation arts that could help him form a Golden Core.


    Chen Fan came down from the sky with the sword and landed next to Zhao Juexian.

    He stepped on the peak and almost fell. Meanwhile, the frightening Sword Qi was still inside Chen Fan's body. This was the weakest Chen Fan had ever been.

    Four Essence Cores had shattered and one had almost run out of power.

    Chen Fan was only a bit stronger than Zhao Juexian right then.

    "Cover me. I need to heal quickly to go through the Thunder Tribulation at my best condition."

    Chen Fan placed the sword next to himself, then sat on the peak and immediately started cultivating.


    As Chen Fan initiated the Kun Peng Heavenly Art, an enormous black swirl appeared behind him. The surrounding Spirit Qi became like a dragon and was sucked into his body. Then, the shadow of the Chaotic Divine Tree was expanded above his head and created a hole to collect the energy of the Wood Spirit Realm.

    In almost a second—

    Chen Fan's energy was stabilized and started to increase. The azure aura around him shone brighter and the Xuan Wu Essence Core was also recovering.

    Seeing this sight, Zhao Juexian suddenly became vicious.

    This was undoubtedly Chen Fan's weakest moment. If he missed this chance and allowed for Chen Fan to recover, he would never be able to beat Chen Fan again. And yet, Zhao Juexian didn't plan to do anything.

    Other than himself, there were a hundred thousand warriors of the Ancient Demons and eight Fiend Generals in the Two World Peak. The one in silver armor was even as powerful as he was.

    "Kill in the name of our Prince!"

    The Generals could apparently see that Chen Fan was weak.

    The Fiend General in a silver armor yelled and the remaining Ancient Demons immediately rushed towards Chen Fan.

    "Don't you dare hurt him."

    Zhao Juexian shot to the sky and turned into a giant python to stop the Fiend General in silver armor. However, he let the other Fiend Generals and the rest of the warriors go intentionally.

    Zhao Juexian stopped the Fiend General and glanced at Chen Fan at the same time.

    He believed that Chen Fan still had trump cards.

    As expected.


    A clear sound came in the sky.

    The Demon Blade of Heaven Slay suddenly turned into a blade aura that split a Fiend General in half. After that, the black hole behind Chen Fan became a hundred miles wide.

    There was a terrifying suction force inside.

    Countless warriors were sucked in and killed by the Swallowing Power. Each warrior of the Ancient Demons was a Connate Cultivator. The Dharma Power in their bodies immediately went into Chen Fan's body.

    "This is a trap!" a Fiend General shouted.

    The other warriors also reacted. They ran away quickly, but the Kun Peng Heavenly Art was too terrifying. The black hole expanded again and covered an area within a three hundred mile radius.

    In the end, the hundred thousands warriors and Fiend Generals were sucked into the hole, then turned into energy that was infused into Chen Fan's body.


    Zhao Juexian almost fell from the sky after seeing this.

    And the Fiend General in silver armor quickly flew out of the Two World Peak, even though he might not survive the dimensional storm.


    How powerful was the vitality of a hundred thousand Connate Cultivators?

    Chen Fan's body was recovering at a visible speed. In a heartbeat, the cut disappeared. His Divine Body was surrounded by an azure aura and the Xuan Wu Essence Core became the size of an egg.

    The four Essence Cores were formed again in Chen Fan's body.

    Four Dharma Forms, including the Azure Thearch, the Kun Peng, the Thunder Loch and the True Martial surrounded him.

    However, they were only the size of a rice grain and were far away from becoming a complete Essence Core. Those Dharma Forms were only shadows. They were much weaker compared to the Xuan Wu Divine Form.

    About half an hour later.

    Chen Fan sighed and got up slowly.

    His energy had never been so strong before and the size of the Xuan Wu Essence Core had doubled. He was at the moment comparable to a peak-stage Golden Core Cultivator, but he still looked gloomy.

    "Unfortunately, there's too little time now. If I had three more months, I'd be able to form another two Divine Cores. By then, I could try to make a sacred-grade Golden Core by force. Even if it's not a complete one, it would be much better than this divine-grade Essence Core."

    Chen Fan heaved a sigh.

    But there was nothing he could do at the moment.

    The Thunder Tribulation above him, covering a three thousand mile radius, finally fell.

    At this moment.

    All the beasts in the Two World Peak lay on the ground, not daring to make any noise. Zhao Juexian was even trembling. They felt like the apocalypse was upon them.


    There were claps of thunder, and bolts of lightning were forming in the sky.

    The Demon Divine Thunder, the Jiujue Divine Thunder, the Five Elements Thunder, the Destroyer Divine Thunder, the Essence Magnet Divine Thunder… Dozens of different Divine Thunders were flashing in the thundercloud. Each of them represented a destructive energy and they could burn down a hundred mile radius once they struck.

    "This… This isn't the Thunder Tribulation. It's a Nascent Soul Tribulation."

    Zhao Juexian couldn't even hold his human form; he turned into a giant python and trembled on the ground.

    Only Chen Fan was standing, looking at the sky.

    "Fine, since the Thunder Tribulation is here, there's nowhere I can hide. Let's go head to head with it! Even if I can't form a sacred-grade Golden Core, so what? I'll have another chance in the future. I only had a seventh-grade Golden Core in my previous life and I also found an opportunity in the end."

    Chen Fan's eyes were cold like iron.


    The true form of the Xuan Wu howled behind him and it turned into a Dharma Form, facing the Thunder Tribulation. Countless lightning dragons immediately formed a thunderbolt and were about to strike.

    Then, when the Thunder Tribulation was about to arrive—


    An unprecedented feeling filled Chen Fan's heart. A beam of light then shot out from his soul and instantly went into the Xuan Wu Essence Core.

    The Xuan Wu Essence Core turned into a bright light wheel after being hit by the light.

    The light wheel was shining bright and had patterns all over it. It floated in the sky with an unstoppable energy and even the thunderclouds outside the Two World Peak seemed to be underneath it.

    Even Chen Fan's sacred-grade Golden Core in his last life was inferior to it, let alone the Xuan Wu Essence Core.

    Seeing that beam of light, Chen Fan was dumbfounded.

    "Why… Why does it look like the Nine Heavens Light when I went through my previous Heavenly Tribulation?"