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Chapter 876 - Slaying the Prince

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 876 Slaying the Prince"Impossible!" the Fiend General in a silver armor yelled.

    In its eyes, the Ancient Demon Prince was an invincible being, who could fight with a Nascent Soul Heavenly Lord. Although Chen Fan was powerful, he hadn't entered the Nascent Soul Level after all, and still, he had slayed the Ancient Demon Prince!

    Zhao Juexian's jaw also dropped.

    That was a member of the royal family. Its ancestor was an Ancient Demon that ruled over a planet. And yet, it lost to Chen Fan. How powerful exactly was Chen Fan?


    An earth-shattering roar came out from the giant pit.

    A beam of black light shot into the sky and the Ancient Demon Prince appeared. Its mouth was bleeding and the body parts that weren't covered by the armor were filled with cuts. One of its horns had also been broken. The attack Chen Fan made with three Essence Cores was astonishing, as powerful as that from a Nascent Soul Cultivator.

    But the Ancient Demon Prince laughed.

    "Human, you're burning your energy cores. How many more attacks like this can you make?"

    Then, three of the five light rays on Chen Fan's body dissipated; he was then surrounded by the black Xuan Wu Power and the azure Azure Thearch Power only.

    The biggest difference between an Essence Core and a Golden Core was that the former didn't have a high endurance.

    If an Essence Core was a battery, a Golden Core would be an eternal fire that provided endless energy.

    "Even if I have to use up all the energy in my Essence Cores, I must kill you today."

    Chen Fan raised his sword.

    He didn't hesitate at all. For Chen Fan, it didn't matter if his energy was used up or whether his five Essence Cores were all broken. He could form five divine-grade Essence Cores again in three years.


    Chen Fan was surrounded by an azure and black aura, and he turned into a beam of light, shooting towards the Ancient Demon Prince again.

    The Ancient Demon Prince shouted.

    Rays of black light came out of its body.

    The Ancient Demon Armor let out beams of light and the body of the Ancient Demon Prince produced a terrifying energy, as if there were a black sun burning and providing it with powerful energy. In front of such power, Zhao Juexian and the Fiend General in silver armor were much weaker.

    "Golden Cores are categorized into nine grades! And yet, there are still divine-grade Golden Cores above. Cultivators with a divine-grade Golden Core are comparable to the descendants of Divine Beasts. I'm still inferior even if my Sky-Swallowing Python blood reaches the phenomenal success level."

    Zhao Juexian looked up and smiled wryly.

    The cultivation arts used to form superior-grade Golden Cores were all in the hands of the supreme sects and historical families, while those for divine-grade Golden Cores were nowhere to be found and not even Zhao Juexian had heard of any.

    Speaking of level, Zhao Juexian and the Ancient Demon Prince were both peak-stage Golden Core Cultivators.

    However, the level of their Golden Cores determined their strength. One of them had a first-grade Golden Core, while the other had a ninth-grade Golden Core, which was nine times more powerful. So, Zhao Juexian would never be able to become a Nascent Soul Cultivator and take down the Ancient Demon Prince no matter how hard he tried.


    The world shook.

    The two of them clashed again.

    This time, Chen Fan was obviously weaker than he used to be, but the Tianming Sword drew an arc in the air and attacked at an incredible angle. The sky was then separated into different dimensions.

    The Ancient Demon Prince was getting worried.

    The Ancient Demons were known for their fighting tactics and martial arts, which were the best of the best across the universe. Even the legendary Shuras weren't as powerful as they were. Human cultivators were indeed good at using Dharma Treasures and Divine Powers, but they were a lot weaker when it came to martial arts.

    "How is that possible? He's only a human. Why does he know such a tactic? This sword art can only be found in the ancient sacred grounds of legends that have millions of years of history."

    The Ancient Demon Prince was shocked.

    "Kun Peng to the Heavenly Courts!"

    Chen Fan slashed with his sword and the Kun Peng appeared behind him. Even though the Kun Peng Essence Core had shattered, he had completed the Kun Peng Painting and the blood of the Kun Peng was still inside his body, so he could use the power at any time.

    The Tianming Sword then turned into the Kun Peng and flew around the sky.


    That slash was made at an unimaginable angle. The Ancient Demon Prince was overwhelmed. The Demon Blade of Heaven Slay broke and the shadow of the Kun Peng flashed past it.


    The body of the Ancient Demon Prince was split in half by the Sword Qi.

    There was a cut on its forehead, which then extended to the chest. Not even the Ancient Demon Armor could protect it.

    But the next second, the two halves of the Ancient Demon Prince's body combined again.

    It sneered with a cold voice.

    "Human, our bodies are very well-known in the world and I'm only half a step away from becoming a Demon Commander. You can't kill me."

    Chen Fan frowned.

    The terrifying bodies of the Ancient Demons were something that drove people to despair. When they became Demon Commanders, they could be reborn. Although the Ancient Demon Prince wasn't there yet, it was pretty close to that level.

    More importantly, Chen Fan's slash could have crushed the Ancient Demon Prince's body to little bits, but the Ancient Demon Armor had blocked it. Such an injury wasn't anything for the Ancient Demon Prince.


    Chen Fan initiated the Xuan Wu Essence Core and turned into a Xuan Wu ten thousand feet tall. Surrounded by black water, he was able to control the world.

    "The blood of the Xuan Wu?"

    The Ancient Demon Prince was a bit surprised, but it laughed in the end. "Great! If I can offer this Xuan Wu descendant to our great God, it'll surely give me something better than what the Demon Commanders have."


    The Ancient Demon Prince swayed and its body was also enlarged to a ten thousand feet height.

    It didn't look like a human anymore. Its true form was exposed. It was covered with black scales and its eyes were shining like blood diamonds. The glittering black wings on its back covered the sky.


    The two giants clashed against each other again.

    The Xuan Wu Sacred Land and the Ancient Demon's Sacred Land were expanded. Endless Xuanming Heavy Water and Ancient Demon Qi clashed against each other. A hundred miles around the two became a chaotic world.


    The Xuan Wu attacked with its claws, while the Ancient Demon Prince merged with the sword and turned into a ray of black light.

    Their battle was more intense; both of them were putting their lives on the line.

    Although the Xuan Wu could resist thousands of cultivation arts, the Demon Blade of Heaven Slay was a Quasi-Heavenly Treasure. It was sharp to an extreme and could tear the sky apart. On the other hand, the body of the Ancient Demon Prince might be strong, but it wasn't sturdy enough to resist the Xuan Wu's attacks.

    In a second.

    Both of them had suffered injuries and drops of blood fell from the sky, creating many black holes.


    In the end, Chen Fan was drenched in blood.

    Even though he had a phenomenal-success Divine Body and had actually formed two divine-grade Essence Cores, the Ancient Demon Prince was much stronger than he was. He was only a Connate Cultivator, while the Ancient Demon Prince was a peak-stage Golden Core Cultivator.

    If Chen Fan had entered the Golden Core Level, he would have smashed the Ancient Demon Prince long before.

    "Human, surrender. Your power is declining and I can continue to fight forever. Yield to me and let me offer you to our God," the Ancient Demons said with a greedy look.

    Even Zhao Juexian felt something was wrong. The azure and black aura on Chen Fan became dimmer.

    Countless warriors of the Ancient Demons had already started cheering and they were waiting for their master to kill their enemy.

    "Unfortunately, Essence Cores aren't Golden Cores after all!"

    Chen Fan felt a bit sad.

    Once the energy of an Essence Core exceeded its limit, it would become unstable and break. In the meantime, two of Chen Fan's Essence Cores had reached their limit. They were the larger, two Essence Cores he had made with countless Divine Materials.

    If he continued to fight, his last two divine-grade Essence Cores would also break.

    "But… So what?"

    Chen Fan's eyes were full of determination.

    "I told you, I will kill you! Even if I die, I'll come back and stand by my word!

    "Azure Thearch Essence Core, break!" Chen Fan shouted.

    The Azure Thearch Essence Core exploded in his body. An energy ten times more powerful surged out from Chen Fan. Then, the Chaotic Divine Tree appeared behind him.

    The Divine Tree was dozens of feet tall.

    "Oh no!"

    The Ancient Demon Prince was about to fall back.

    But Chen Fan reached out and the Divine Tree turned into a shadow, going onto his hand. His hand seemed to be enveloped in an aura. Once he attacked, the power of the divine-grade Essence Core went for ten miles and pierced through the chest of the Ancient Demon Prince.

    The armor on the Ancient Demon Prince let out beams of black light, but it couldn't stop Chen Fan.


    The Ancient Demon Prince slashed with the Demon Blade of Heaven Slay and a blade aura ten thousand feet long flashed towards Chen Fan. It was apparently hoping to force Chen Fan to surrender.

    Facing this powerful attack, Chen Fan only stabbed with all of his energy.


    His hand penetrated the Ancient Demon Armor and the chest of the Ancient Demon Prince, then he gently squeezed the Fiend Core inside of it.


    The Fiend Core that held the energy of the Ancient Demon Prince was crushed to pieces by Chen Fan.

    The Ancient Demon Prince let out a roar. It was confused and enraged. However, the Fiend Core had shattered and it had no chance of being reborn again, just as it happened when a cultivator's Golden Core broke.


    The body of the Ancient Demon Prince exploded and became countless threads of energy that were spread in all directions.

    At that moment, all the Ancient Demons froze. They couldn't believe what they had just seen. The Generals even knelt down with a devastated look.

    In the sky.

    Only Chen Fan was left, standing with blood all over his body and glittering like an unbeatable god!