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Chapter 386 - Do You Want Money or Women?

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 386: Do You Want Money or Women?

    The Waseda Club was a Japanese business in Hong Kong. It happened to be located in the most developed part of Hong Kong, which was Central. The club was adorned in a Japanese theme.

    Wooden house, paper windows, and vinyl flooring could be seen at the entrance. There were Japanese maids with their hair tied into a bun. They wore kimono and clogs as they stood at the door. Compared to the sophistication and luxury that most clubs went after, this Japanese club aimed for a simple and clean style.

    “Please, Mr. Ye!” Chiba Yoshiko bowed slightly with a gentle expression on her face.

    Ye Chen looked indifferent as he walked directly into the club. He scanned the area with his Divine Consciousness, and he saw everything in the club crystal clear. A playful smirk appeared at the corner of his lips.

    Who would have known that a club that occupied less than 200 square meters had over 500 people hiding inside? They were all Japanese samurais.

    Her motive was execrable!

    When she saw Ye Chen walk in without even thinking about it, from the back, a bright gleam flashed through Chiba Yoshiko’s eyes, which she hid later on.

    “Mr. Ye, please give me a minute to change.” She smiled gently at Ye Chen as soon as they entered the wooden house. Subsequently, she walked behind the screen.


    No-kun removed his clogs and knelt onto the tatami wearing his white socks. He placed the Japanese sword on his laps. There was dense disdain in his eyes when he looked at Ye Chen.

    Although Ye Chen looked unsuspecting, he was secretly guessing what Chiba Yoshiko’s motive for inviting him here to the club was.

    “Sorry to keep you waiting, Mr. Ye!”

    A light chuckle came. Subsequently, in a tight, pink kimono with light make-up, Chiba Yoshiko walked out of the screen. She walked very slowly as her tiny body resembled a lily swaying in the wind.

    Compared to before, she exuded a stunning vibe. When she passed by Ye Chen, a fragrant wind blew, seeming to carry the aroma of sakura.

    Clap, clap…

    Chiba Yoshiko clapped lightly.

    Three maids in kimono walked into the room. All of them were pretty, and they knelt next to Ye Chen while smiling. They began pouring whisky for him. Based on how familiar they were with what they were doing, they had clearly been trained professionally.

    “Mr. Ye, this is the Junmai Longquan Daiginjo from Japan. It comes from Takagi Shuzo with 400 years of distillery experience. A bottle costs 350,000 yen.” Chiba Yoshiko picked up a glass and smiled lightly.

    Ye Chen frowned and said, “Stop your nonsense. Just tell me what you want!”

    Ever since they entered, she had changed to seduce him and even got the maids to serve him. Those techniques were pure comedy to Ye Chen.

    As soon as he said that, a ferocious gleam flashed through No-kun’s eyes. As he stood up in rage, a powerful aura exploded from his body. The Japanese maids around Ye Chen were shuddering in fear.

    Ye Chen snickered and looked playful. “What? Can’t hold it in any longer? Have the Japanese men shot too much porn that you guys can’t even hold it in?”

    “Baka!” Furious, No-kun removed his sword from the scabbard.

    “No-kun, stop it!” Chiba Yoshiko stopped him immediately.

    No-kun only sat down after hearing her command.

    “Since you are a straightforward man, then there’s no need for me to beat around the bush, Mr. Ye. Turn it on!” Chiba Yoshiko gave Ye Chen a deep glare when she realized that he remained calm under No-kun’s threat. Subsequently, she took out a remote control and pressed a button while directing it at the screen on the wall.

    The scene of Ye Chen killing the two ninjas on the ocean appeared on the screen. Wang Long was on the screen too, but Ye Chen’s features were blurry as if they were blocked by a layer of mist.

    “Mr. Ye, may I know if that’s you?” Chiba Yoshiko enlarged the image.

    Ye Chen smiled lightly. “So what if it is? And so what if it isn’t?” He did not expect them to retrieve a video of the battle. However, he remained fearless.

    “Mr. Ye, I bet you know the boss of Sun Yee On Guild, Wang Long. He stole something that belongs to Japan. Meanwhile, the two ninjas were after him for the stolen item, but they were killed!” Chiba Yoshiko proceeded to make tea and spoke as she was at it, “We heard that Wang Long doesn’t have the item that we lost, so we figured it must be this man who took it.”

    She lifted his eyes to look at Ye Chen with a cold gaze. “If that’s you, I hope that you can return the lost item to us. Of course, we’ll pay you handsomely. Let us know how much you have in mind. My family is one of the ten financial groups in Japan, so money isn’t a problem.”

    She smiled in pride as she spoke to this point, “As for ladies, Japan doesn’t lack maidens as well. I’m willing to give you 20 maids. I guarantee they are beautiful virgins. They’ve been trained strictly since young, so your satisfaction is guaranteed.”

    Anyone would have their flaws and desires, especially men. Power, money, and lust were forever the three biggest poisons. To her, what she was offering was handsome, hence Ye Chen definitely would not reject her.

    However, he laughed.

    “What are you laughing at?” Chiba Yoshiko raised her sharp brows slightly.

    Ye Chen shook his head lightly. “Is this all Japan has got? You guys shooting so much porn that has poisoned countless people aside, are you trying to seduce me now?”

    “Does that mean that you are rejecting my offer?” A chill crossed Chiba Yoshiko’s eyes. Meanwhile, the smile on her face dimmed.

    At the same time, No-kun, who sat aside, had his hands on his knees. His thumb lingered on the sword handle as he seemed to be waiting for Chiba Yoshiko’s order to kill this Chinese pig that he loathed!

    Ye Chen looked calm as he spoke, “You said that I took something that belongs to Japan. How can you prove that this item belongs to Japan?”

    The auction was going to happen soon, so the powerhouses of all countries were here. He believed there must be many people from foreign organizations such as Chiba Yoshiko here.

    Meanwhile, the purpose of him coming here today was to test if Chiba Yoshiko had more foreign fragments with her. Unfortunately, he did not sense any fragments on her or in the club through his Divine Consciousness.

    That was the reason why he had yet to attack. He was determined to retrieve the foreign fragment!

    Firstly, he wanted to look for the Night Demon using the foreign fragment. Secondly, he wanted to gather those fragments to revive the Night Demon.

    “It belongs to Japan, so there’s no need to prove it.” Chiba Yoshiko’s tone was getting sterner. She was even more certain that Ye Chen was the man in the video now.

    “Since that’s the case, then it’s the end of discussion!” Ye Chen smiled lightly as he got up to leave.

    “Where do you think you’re going?!” No-kun suddenly stood up. He swung his Japanese sword that sparkled with a cold gleam at Ye Chen at lightning speed.

    “Mr. Ye, No-kun is a rare Sword Dao genius in Japan. If you want to live, please give us the foreign fragment. I’ll spare your life if you do that!” Chiba Yoshiko grinned from the corner of her lips because she was sure that they would win.

    She had watched the battle video on the ocean at least ten times. To her, the two ninjas from the Kusakabe clan were weak. If No-kun were to fight them, he could have killed them with a swing of his sword.

    However, Ye Chen only managed to kill them in two hits. It was clear who was more powerful!