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Chapter 385 - I’ll Give You A Chance Now!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 385: I’ll Give You A Chance Now!

    The entire ballroom was hushed as soon as Tang Ning spoke. Everyone looked at her and Ye Chen in utter shock.

    Tang Ning was one of the ten Hong Kong beauties. On top of that, she was ranked No. 1 among the beauties. In terms of charisma or appearance, she was exquisite.

    However, nobody dared to go after her because everyone knew that Master Shen’s son, Shen Xingye, was in love with her. Meanwhile, Tang Ning was harsh to men.

    It was her first time asking someone of the opposite sex to dance with her. The man was not Young Master Shen who had been courting her, but a regular man.

    How could they not be shocked by that?

    Meanwhile, Young Master Shen, who was on the dance floor, had a frozen smile on his face. Rage flashed through his eyes, but his expression was then replaced by a warm smile.

    Ye Chen secretly frowned while facing Tang Ning’s invitation. He had no idea what she was plotting, but he nodded and said anyway, “Sure.”

    ‘No matter what plot you might have, I’ll destroy it with a punch!’


    That was his level of confidence!

    Just when he was getting up, another commotion came from the lounge. A young lady in a loose, white kimono and clogs ambled over slowly.

    “It’s Ms. Chiba Yoshiko!”

    “What? Young Master Lei invited her here? The Chiba family is one of the ten financial groups in Japan! Meanwhile, Ms. Chiba Yoshiko is a famous beauty.”

    Everyone stared blankly at Chiba Yoshiko. Even Tang Ning seemed rather insignificant in her presence.

    Chiba Yoshiko did not seem to have noticed all of the stares as she walked slowly to Ye Chen while swaying her waspish waist. “Sir, may I have this dance?”


    The crowd gasped as disbelief filled their eyes.

    He just got another invitation!

    Why would the wealthy Tang family’s young mistress and the daughter of Japan’s financial group, Chiba Yoshiko, fight to dance with a regular man?

    Had the world gone insane?

    “Damn it! What exactly do they see in this brat? How come so many girls like him?!” Fang Hao could no longer hide the envy and jealousy he was feeling.

    At first, it was Dai Shiyu, then Tang Ning, and eventually Chiba Yoshiko. All of them were one-in-a-million beauties.

    Meanwhile, Young Master Lei, who was standing far away, took a deep look at Ye Chen. He realized that he could not read this man!

    At that moment, more eyes were staring at Ye Chen. They were filled with disdain, shock, or speculation.

    Ye Chen glanced at Chiba Yoshiko and smiled. He said to the woman who looked like she just walked out of a fairytale in his deep voice, “I’m sorry. I’m Chinese. I don’t dance with Japanese.”

    He then got up and walked to the dance floor as soon as he was done speaking.

    Chiba Yoshiko was slightly dumbfounded. She thought that she was a stunner. Even in Japan, she had countless suitors. However, she was being rejected now. Apart from that, the reason for the rejection was so cruel and abrupt.

    Tang Ning glanced at her as if she was showing off. She then walked to the dance floor and danced the cha-cha with Ye Chen as the crowd cheered how in-sync they were.

    Fang Hao had doubt on his face. Thinking that Ye Chen was a hillbilly, he was ready to make fun of Ye Chen making a fool out of himself for not knowing how to dance. Little did he know, Ye Chen could dance better than he did.

    As the music changed, so did the dance.

    Tang Ning placed her hand on Ye Chen’s arm. She looked at him mysteriously as she spoke softly, “It’s been a while, Mr. Ye!”

    “It’s been a while!” Ye Chen said calmly.

    “I’ve missed you since we parted,” Tang Ning proceeded to say, “It was a nightmare when you strangled me, almost killing me. I couldn’t sleep well for a whole month after coming back to Hong Kong. How do you think I should repay you?”

    “It’s up to you.” Ye Chen chuckled softly, appearing to be in disdain.

    “Mr. Ye, I know that you’re powerful. You’re even a legendary Martial Dao master, but do you think I have no way of taking revenge?” Tang Ning smiled proudly. “I’m afraid you didn’t know but apart from ancient martial artists, there are also Spell Masters in this world. I happen to know a Spell Master like Shen Xingye. He has achieved Illuminating God since young, and he has inherited Master Shen’s methods, so his techniques are close to god-like. Say, what do you think will happen to you if I get him to fight you?” She glared at Ye Chen as she spoke to this point while resentment filled her eyes.

    Ye Chen shrugged. “You can get him to try!”

    “What? Do you think you’re Shen Xingye’s match? Do you think you’re Master Shen’s match?” She smiled in disdain and pouted towards a direction. “Do you see that? I bet Shen Xingye has been watching you. I believe you’re on his list to kill without me having to tell him!”

    Ye Chen scanned the area with his Divine Consciousness. As expected, he discerned Shen Xingye, who was far away, was watching him. There was killing intent hiding beneath his warm smile.

    “I’ll give you a chance now. I’ll spare your life as long as you kneel to me before all these people,” Tang Ning smirked and warned in a threatening tone, “Think about it carefully.”

    “There’s no need to think about it!” Ye Chen smiled in contempt. “I didn’t kill you that day for the sake of my old friend. If you dare to offend me again, I’ll definitely kill you!”

    The music stopped and the dance ended.

    Ye Chen let go of her and returned to his table. He looked indifferent as he glanced at Shen Xingye by instinct. Shen Xingye happened to be looking at him too.

    The duo locked eyes.

    Shen Xingye smiled at him while Ye Chen nodded courteously.


    Two hours later, the ball officially ended. Ye Chen left the cruise with Dai Shiyu and Wang Long. He saw a young lady in a kimono with a man holding a Japanese sword waiting for him as soon as he landed onshore.

    Chiba Yoshiko did not look like she was embarrassed after being rejected. She remained smiling. “Mr. Ye, can we talk?”

    Wang Long was nervous now. He knew that Chiba Yoshiko had found out who Ye Chen was, as well as realizing that it was he who had killed the two ninjas and taken the foreign fragment.

    He could not stop signaling Ye Chen as he thought to this point, hinting him not to say yes. It was Hong Kong, after all, and he had many underlings. Chiba Yoshiko definitely would not dare do as she wished here.

    However, Ye Chen chuckled and said, “Sure, let’s talk!”

    “Mr. Ye, you…” Wang Long was in disbelief.

    “Don’t worry about it!” Ye Chen shook his head slightly. “You guys may head back!”


    At the same time, Shen Xingye sat in the middle of a low-profile black BMW. He watched Ye Chen getting into Chiba Yoshiko’s car quietly, appearing rather bitter.

    “This brat knows that I want to kill him and he’s trying to avoid me using the Japanese. I don’t believe that you can avoid me forever!”

    He said to the person on the other side of the phone, “Watch him. Kill him if you have the chance!”


    Night had fallen, and a blonde man watched Dai Shiyi left while holding Fang Mi’s hand. He licked his lips and mumbled, “She’s a virgin. What a treat!”

    “Mr. William, what are you talking about?” Fang Mi was confused.

    William patted the back of her hand and said in a gentlemanly and romantic manner, “My fine lady, where would you like to have a candlelight dinner with me?”

    Fang Mi’s cheeks flushed while her heart was pounding!