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Chapter 384 - Tang Ning’s Invitation!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 384: Tang Ning’s Invitation!

    Everyone had their gaze on a young man on the third floor. He wore a tuxedo and had silky, long hair. Although he was not considered handsome, he radiated a mature vibe.

    Nobody dared to lock eyes with him as he looked around casually. Many girls looked at him while their hearts pounded hard. The young man walked down one step after another.

    “Young Master Lei!”

    “Greetings, Young Master Lei!”

    No matter whether they were the wealthy men or young masters, they created a path when they saw the young man, and they greeted him with a smile on their faces.

    “Mr. Ye, he’s Thunder King’s son, Lei Can!” Wang Long said with all seriousness.

    Ye Chen glanced at Lei Can and secretly nodded. Although he had never seen the legendary Thunder King, he had a rough idea of how he was just by looking at Lei Can. However, that was about it.

    He chuckled softly and picked up the wine glass to drink. Then, he proceeded to eat the snacks on the table.

    Fang Hao and Fang Mi, on the other hand, looked at Lei Can passionately. Fang Mi was like a fanatic as she gushed, “Young Master Lei is the true handsome gentleman. The rest of the men are nothing compared to him.”

    Fang Hao felt as if he had a fish bone stuck in his throat as he watched Lei Can being admired like the moon. He was jealous and envious. Although that was the case, he could not deny that Lei Can was way ahead of him no matter whether it was his stance, his finesse, or his family background.

    Even Dai Shiu could not help but have a sparkle flash through her eyes.

    The entire ballroom became silent now.

    Lei Can said while smiling calmly, “First, I’d like to thank everyone for coming to the ball. I, Lei Can, am honored by your presence. The purpose of this event is for everyone to mingle…”

    A complaint of disdain came from beneath when he was speaking, “Are you here to eat and drink? You’re like a hillbilly who has never seen the world!”

    The complaint interrupted Lei Can’s speech. Everyone secretly frowned. They could not help but turn to where the voice came from, thinking to themselves, ‘Who is so daring?’

    Then, they saw the table where Ye Chen was seated. It was Fang Hao who had spoken earlier.

    Zhu Hui, who was among the crowd, shouted coldly, “Fang Hao, what’s wrong with you?”

    Fang Hao’s face turned pale after noticing that everyone looked at him in an unkind manner. He explained immediately, “I’m sorry, Young Master Lei. I didn’t mean to interrupt your speech.

    He stretched his arm and pointed at Ye Chen as he spoke, “It’s this brat who was eating and drinking when you were speaking. He disrespects you, so I’m condemning him because I can’t take it anymore.” He hated Ye Chen now.

    The people could not help but stare at Ye Chen. They were surprised to see that he almost finished the snacks on the table. At that moment, they had contempt on their faces.

    To mingle was the second reason why they came to the ball tonight. Their main reason was to get closer to Young Master Lei. They could not believe that someone would come here for the food!

    What a hillbilly!

    Dai Shiyu, who was sitting next to Ye Chen, covered her face with her hands. She seemed to feel embarrassed to be sitting with him.

    On the other hand, Wang Long forced a smile.

    “Brat, what kind of place do you think this is?” Someone stared at Ye Chen coldly in an unkind manner.

    Ye Chen smiled calmly. “You either dance or eat here. What did I do wrong?” He had tried a piece of snack earlier and thought it was delicious, so he secretly put some into his storage ring as he thought he would bring them back to his daughter. He never thought that Fang Hao would have targeted him!

    That person who had spoken was speechless to hear that.

    Fang Hao said again, “Young Master Lei, I don’t think this brat has an invitation card. He must’ve sneaked in. I suggest we chase him out.”

    The crowd gasped immediately while Lei Can looked rather upset now.

    “Young Master Lei, it was I who brought Mr. Ye along. It was I who gave him the invitation card,” Wang Long stood up from the side and explained, facing the pressure.

    Fang Mi revealed an expression as if she expected that.

    “There’s no need for you to do that, Uncle Wang!” Lei Can smiled warmly. “Since this brother is here at the ball tonight, it means he has the right to. What he said earlier was right. We either eat or dance here. Now, let the ball begin!”

    The second he clapped, sweet, soft music was played in the ballroom. Many people began dancing with their partners.

    Fang Hao glanced at Dai Shiyu and got up. He said, “Ms. Dai, may I have this dance?”

    “I’m sorry. I don’t feel so well!” Dai Shiyu declined decisively.

    The smile on Fang Hao’s face froze. He could only suppress the rage in him secretly and sat down. However, he was wrecking his head about how to win Dai Shiyu over.

    At that moment, the blonde young man, William, arrived at the table where Ye Chen and the rest sat. He gave Dai Shiyu a gentleman’s bow. “Ms. Dai, I wonder if I’d have the honor to dance with you.”

    He glanced at Ye Chen in a provocative manner as he spoke to this point, “Sir, your girlfriend is so pretty. I suppose you wouldn’t mind me doing this?”

    Before Ye Chen could speak, Dai Shiyu spoke first, “Oh, he minds!”

    “Then, it’s too bad!” William smiled while feeling disappointed. He then looked at Fang Mi who was staring at him. “How about you, Miss?”

    “I’d love to!” Fang Mi secretly jolted though she agreed to that immediately. After all, it was difficult for her to resist William’s handsomeness and courtesy.

    Both of them walked to the dance floor while holding hands.

    A bug landed quietly on Ye Chen’s shoulder.


    On the third floor of the ballroom, Tang Ning looked beneath in a condescending manner. She had her eyes on Ye Chen, her expressions were changing.

    Young Master Shen, who was standing next to her, saw everything. He remained calm and said while smiling, “Bess, let’s go down there to dance!”

    “I don’t want to. You go ahead!” Tang Ning shook her head lightly.

    Young Master secretly frowned and went down. He invited a lady to dance, and they went to the dance floor while countless people watched in envy.

    In the other room, Chiba Yoshiko looked at Ye Chen and Wang Long. She seemed to have recalled something suddenly, then she said coldly, “It’s him!”

    “Who is he, Miss?” Next to her, No-kun was looking beneath too, but he was staring at Dai Shiyu.

    Chiba Yoshiko enunciated word for word, “It was this Chinese man who killed the two ninjas from the Kusakabe clan! He’s also the one who saved Sun Yee On Guild’s boss, Wang Long!”

    She did not connect the dots when she saw Ye Chen earlier. She only thought his body frame was familiar. Now that she saw Wang Long with him, she finally recognized him.

    “Nani?” No-kun squinted and his expression changed drastically. “He’s the man in the battle video? That’s impossible! Young Master Lei said earlier that this man has no cultivation base and that he’s only a regular man. Young Master Lei was sure of that. Do you want me to capture him so that you can interrogate him?” He got up as he spoke.

    “Wait, No-kun!” Chiba Yoshiko stopped him. “This is Young Master Lei’s territory. We can’t do as we wish when there are so many people around. We need to plan this out. But before that, I’ll test him!”

    She got up and walked out of the room as soon as she was done speaking.

    Meanwhile, Tang Ning walked down too. She attracted a lot of attention as soon as she appeared. Nevertheless, Tang Ning did not mind it at all. She walked toward Ye Chen’s table with Mr. Yao.

    As everyone watched in astonishment, Tang Ning smiled lightly and said to Ye Chen, “Sir, may I have this dance?”