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Chapter 458: The Second Round

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 458: The Second Round

    “The first match of the second round, Sky Bird Sect vs. Changfeng Association, start!” Nun Miao Xin immediately announced when the two players had entered the center of the ring.

    As soon as that was announced, Jia Lan’s ten fingers made a series of gestures rapidly. Waves of strange runes loomed on her body. The space in front of her had layers of ripples spreading out. Her eyes were gleaming with purple light.

    This woman used the succubus technique at the beginning of the fight.

    Xin Yuan did not look directly at her eyes as soon as he entered the ring, but at this moment he still felt heavy in his body. Numerous phantasms rushed toward him. He was shocked as he didn’t know when he got afflicted

    He acted decisively as he took out a golden talisman and stuck on his forehead. A golden light rushed into his sea of consciousness, dispelling the phantasms in front of him.

    This talisman was secretly handed to him by Feng Zhan before he went into the ring, saying it was quite effective in stabilizing his mind.

    “Since Jia Lan has reached the Condensation Period intermediate stage, the terrifying power of succubus physique has gradually begun to show up. It is really hard for the opponent of the same level to defend against her technique!” Liu Ming saw Xin Yuan used a talisman immediately, and he knew that Xin Yuan was afflicted by the succubus technique. He couldn’t help sighing.

    Although Xin Yuan temporarily stabilized his mind through the talisman, he still needed to continuously use his spiritual power to maintain it. From the previous battle between Jia Lan and Wei Zhong, he had understood that facing this succubus technique, he must make the battle quick. He groaned as he picked up the iron rod and charged toward Jia Lan.

    When Jia Lan saw this, she wasn’t anxious at all. She cast out the Buddha bead in her hand, and she threw it above her as she chanted. Five-color light spots gradually appeared around her.

    Xin Yuan frowned, knowing that once the shield was formed, even the superb spiritual weapon was unable to break through. He couldn’t help speeding up his actions. His figure flashed out a dozen meters in front of her. He chanted in his mind, and countless dense pitch black spirit patterns appeared on the iron rod. After a golden light flashed, a golden spear head was condensed in front of the black iron rod. He charged his physical strength and threw out the spear with enormous force.

    As the spear passed, a golden trace was drawn out in the air, and at the same time, it made a sharp explosion of air mass.

    With a cracking sound, a hole cracked open on the five-color light curtain that was still a rudiment. The spear flashed through Jia Lan’s chest with a sharp whistling.

    Xin Yuan was delighted when he saw this, but in the next moment, a strange scene appeared.

    Jia Lan who was pierced by the golden spear, her body turned blurred, and it burst apart and vanished like bubbles in the ripples.

    It was Jia Lan’s phantasm that was pierced!

    Xin Yuan in the air looked gloomy. He waved and called back the golden spear. He released his mental power simultaneously.

    At this moment, there was a wave of fluctuations in the space tens of meters away, and Jia Lan showed up with a blank face. She made a soft sigh and flipped her hand. The Buddha bead appeared again in her hand. She threw it up, and it turned into a golden light that flew at Xin Yuan.

    Xin Yuan had already seen the power of this spiritual weapon, so naturally he didn’t dare to take it lightly. As he made a gesture, the long spear was launched at the Buddha bead.

    “Boom“, a loud noise

    As soon as the golden spear touched the Buddhist bead, it was bounced off forcefully by the golden light. The Buddha bead was still flying at Xin Yuan without stopping.

    Xin Yuan furrowed his brows, and he instantly grabbed the spear that was bounced back. It shook in the air and turned into a giant black sword of tens of meters. The traces of sword qi enveloped the sword itself, stirring up waves of fluctuation in the nearby space.


    Xin Yuan screamed abruptly. The huge black sword rumbling through the air, and it struck at the golden Buddha bead with an astounding momentum.

    There was another violent explosion.

    Under the collision between the golden Buddha beads and the giant sword, both turned into a shocking rainbow that blasted back in the opposite direction.

    Xin Yuan’s eyes flickered, and he recalled the giant sword with one hand. After it altered, a pitch black giant bow appeared in his hand. He pulled the bow string with his great strength, and a dazzling golden arrow visualized on the string.

    When the golden arrow appeared, Jia Lan’s expression changed. Her ten fingers launched a series of symbols. The Buddha bead above her turned and cast a five-color protective shield around her, and a Sanskrit buzzing sounded.

    At the same time, Xin Yuan’s pupils flashed a fierce expression. He released the string and a golden light shot out at Jia Lan with a whistling sound.

    “Clang“, a breaking sound!

    The golden light hit the shield and tore apart a hole on it. It was about to pierce through the shield

    Jia Lan finally showed a hint of panic on her pretty face. Her hands were holding at the shield while pouring out her spiritual power. She kept chanting simultaneously. After the golden arrow and the five-color light curtain confronted for a while, the golden light finally dimmed down. It finally burst into golden light spots that dissipated in the air.

    Xin Yuan in the distance was already gasping for breath.

    This series of spellcasting had consumed most of his spiritual power, the succubus phantasms that were originally suppressed by the talisman in the sea of ​​​​consciousness were about to fight back.

    Seeing that Xin Yuan was already using up all his spiritual power, Jia Lan’s eyes flashed in purple light. The Buddha bead launched out at an astounding speed. In the next moment, it appeared on top of Xin Yuan who looked a little pale. A golden Buddah array appeared around Xin Yuan as it spun, trapping him inside.

    Seeing this situation, Liu Ming couldn’t help but shook his head slightly. Xin Yuan’s fate was sealed when he was trapped in this array. With Xin Yuan’s current physical condition and spiritual power, he was unable to make a comeback.

    Sure enough, after a few seconds, even though Xin Yuan in the Buddha array fought hard, in the end he fell asleep with his eyes closed under the combined attack of succubus technique and the Sanskrit sounds.

    “This fight, Sky Bird Sect wins!” Nun Miao Xin announced faintlylightly.

    The atmosphere in the Changfeng Association’s party became a little serious. The first fight of the second round was lost, now only Liu Ming was left.

    After the Changfeng Association’s disciple lifted Xin Yuan out of the array, Liu Ming scanned him with his mental power. He found out that spiritual power was depleted badly. Together with the illusion, he was rendered unconscious; his symptoms were the same as the previous young man in black clothes.

    “Well done!”

    The nun in green robe not far away quietly spoke to Jia Lan with voice transmission. Her gaze was full of love.

    Jia Lan smiled when she heard the words. After keeping away the bead, she walked slowly to the Sky Bird Sect, sat down cross-legged, and meditated to adjust her breath.

    “Next game, Changfeng Association will play against Golden Jade League!” The nun spoke again.

    “I can only entrust this gambling fight to Guest Liu this time.” Feng Zhan said with a solemn expression. His eyes slowly glanced over the unconscious young man in black and Xin Yuan not far away.

    Liu Ming just nodded when he heard the words, and did not say much. He walked into the ring with his figure flashed.

    On the other side, the Golden Jade League’s Dugu Yu cast a gaze at the scarred young man.

    The young man stood up immediately, turned and looked coldly at Liu Ming, then he jumped into the opposition position of Liu Ming.

    As soon as the scarred young man appeared in front of Liu Ming, he felt the chilly aura exuding from the young man’s body. Although the opponent was cultivated for the Condensation Period intermediate stage, the spiritual pressure released from his body was comparable to the Condensation Period later stage.

    However, he could only obtain the Void Bamboo by winning in this gambling fight, so he would go all out.

    When Liu Ming thought of this, he shook his sleeves and a little silver sword appeared in his hand. He made a sword gesture with one hand, and the sword made a clear sound in a tremble. It cast a series of silver sword shadows. As he pointed in the air, the overwhelming shadows surged at the scarred young man with amazing momentum.

    “Sword Controlling Technique!”

    Someone exclaimed, and there was immediately a commotion in the crowd.

    The people present, except for the few people who had seen the selective trials in the Changfeng Association, thought that Liu Ming was just a Physique Cultivator, but they did not expect that he was also a Sword Cultivator. Although dual cultivation of physique and sword were rare, it was still a powerful force in some big sects.

    The scared young man was shocked when he saw this, but he was by no means an ordinary cultivator. He recovered his composure in a moment. He groaned, then he shook his hand suddenly. His body made a muffled sound, and his skin had layers of green spirit patterns. A green python was condensed, and it was wandering around him quickly.

    The scarred young man already had a gloomy face. After the giant python phantasm appeared, the blue veins could be seen all over his body which made him look even hideous and terrifying.


    The scarred young man pointed in the air, and the green giant python charged at the silver sword shadows in a loud hissing sound.

    Tens of meters away from the sword shadow, the giant python flicked its giant tail at the overwhelming sword shadows. As they collided, a burst of light was flickering wildly. The sword shadows were actually swept away by brute force. The python’s bloody pupils flashed, then it dived down at Liu Ming after circling in the air.

    Liu Ming’s eyes were cold. He channeled a sword gesture, then an enormous sword qi rushed into the air. The spiritual sword flew out in silver light and turned into a thick silver rainbow that dashed at the giant python.

    When the scarred young man saw this, he changed his gesture. The green giant python opened its mouth and bared its fang, spurting out a green light with powerful corrosive breath at the silver rainbow.

    After the silver light flashed, the green light was scattered by the silver rainbow. It went past the python without stopping, leaving an inch deep wound.

    The bubbling green air splashed out of the giant python!

    At the same time, the scarred young man frowned, and a wound burst open on his shoulder. Blood was bleeding out from it.

    After the silver rainbow slashed the green light, its dazzling silver light also became dimmed.