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Chapter 875 - Ancient Demon Prince

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 875 Ancient Demon Prince"Phew!"

    Howling wind came up, blowing loose the Qi of Four Righteousness that remained in the wreckage of the Two World Peak. The barrier that kept the worlds appart was covered with holes, the result of the onslaught between Chen Fan and the ancient demons.

    Meanwhile, in the firmament, bodies of ancient demons had piled up; the battle cruisers were all but gone other than the flagship of the Royal family.

    Chen Fan held one blade in one hand and stood in front of the bronze-colored behemoth, his gaze colder than ice and a face harder than stone. Quietly, he looked on at the demonic construction.

    "He is too powerful! He is like an Asura reincarnate."

    The remaining Ancient Demons felt their hearts drop to the bottom.

    A few hundred battle cruisers, over a hundred thousand Ancient Demons veterans, over a dozen late-stage golden core Fiend Generals, and five silver armored high ranking Fiend Generals were not enough to stop Chen Fan and his blade.

    There was only one thought in the demons' minds.

    "He is the stuff of legend!"

    "Legend has it that some extraordinary warriors in the infinity realities could topple an entire race with ease. I had never believed it, but now I do. What have we gotten ourselves into?"

    The last silver-armored Fiend General trembled in fear.

    He was a mighty warrior among his peers, a force to be reckoned with on the Planet Tianhuang. However, he could not even withstand one strike from Chen Fan's blade. He had witnessed the downfall of his peers, and how easily they fell under Chen Fan's attack.

    "Master Divine Child is our only hope now."

    The Fiend General turned around and looked at the bronze ship.

    The Royal family were considered invincible among the ancient demons. The Divine Child had never let them down when it came to crushing their enemies.

    His thoughts were shared by the survivors of Chen Fan's slaughter.

    They all looked over to the flagship.

    The bronze ship had turned into the beacon of hope for the entire Ancient Demons race.


    Under many expectant eyes, a gate on the ship cracked open and a foot emerged.


    The foot was encased in a heavy boot made out of Dark Demon Iron. A terrible shock wave was burst out from the bottom of the sole, shaking the Two World Peak.

    The world trembled under his feet!

    All the demons and fiends present got down to their hands and knees; their hearts were filled with fearful reverence. The demon army kowtowed to the ship and shouted fanatically.

    "Lord Divine Child!"

    "That's the Demon Prince. He is of pure Royal Blood, the descendent of the ancient demon Kings. He possesses the Bloodline of gods. Even the mountains tremble under his feet, I wonder how Chen Beixuan will fare against him."

    Zhao Juexian furrowed his brow.

    Among the Ancient Demon race, their hierarchies went like this: Connate Cultivators filled the ordinary demon soldier ranks, Golden Core cultivators were called Fiend Generals, while those who had reached the Nascent Soul realm were called Fiend Commanders. Only those who had attained the Soul Formation were granted the title of Grand Cultivators and were called Ancient Demon Kings.

    He was of pure blood from the Royal family, therefore he had to be a descendant of Ancient Demon Kings.

    The descendants of the Ancient Demon Kings were born with extraordinary powers. They could become Heavenly Lord Essence Neonate as soon as they reached adulthood. It was said that only the Divine Prince from the Divine Sect could stand a chance against an Ancient Demon King.


    The Ancient Demons's Divine Child finally revealed himself.

    His body was encased in a solid armor made out of black iron, emblazoned with dreadful designs, each a symbol of a terrifying power. His face was youthful and his skin was smooth and pale, unlike the scaly hide that covered the other demons. He was of average height, but his frame was elongated by the two enormous wings and two horns that were curled inward. His eyes were red, which had a metallic sheen.

    His presence was sending an energy wave ten times stronger than the one that was felt before. It weighed heavily on the world, trying to break the sky.

    Everything under the influence of that weight started to tremble and some outright exploded. Eventually, the weight tore open the barrier between realities and created a black hole filled with deadly storms.

    "I am impressed, human. You have killed many of my brethren. Your blood is stronger than those from the two women. I will tear you apart with my bare hands. Your death will be a sacrifice to our great Demon God who granted me unthinkable powers."

    Disdain filled the crimson eyes of the Ancient Demon Prince as he spoke.

    He was speaking the most primordial demonic language, and his timbre carried an icy tone that could chill a human's bones.

    "Is that so? I shall use your blood to create the Heavenly Elixir. You are of pure demon blood, quite a rare find."

    Chen Fan cracked a thin smile.

    The Ancient Demon's Royal family were the demon world's equivalent of the Divine Prince. His blood could be more powerful than that of a Divine Beast. Chen Fan could use it to create another divine grade Golden Core.

    "You are courting death."

    Ancient Demon's gaze grew cold.

    He reached out with one arm as a glittering dark blade appeared in his hand out of nowhere. This blade was slender and its body was covered with patterns similar to that on the black armor.

    This blade and the armor had to be a Heavenly Treasure set.

    Terrifying energy grew and multiplied inside the Demon Prince. In a blink, it surpassed the power of Shenxi, the silver armored Fiend General; it reached a level beyond anyone's imagination.

    People looked up into the sky and felt that the Ancient Demon Prince looked like a giant that stood in between heaven and earth.

    "You are my worthy opponent, for now. But how long will your energy last? Ten minutes? twenty? When your energy burns out, what would you do then?"

    A cold smirk found the lips of the Ancient Demon Prince.

    He was so powerful that he had noticed Chen Fan's weakness right away.

    Chen Fan's incredible power came at the cost of burning five Essence Cores.

    However, unlike the golden core, consumption of an Essence Core was irreversible. Chen Fan only had two choices: face the tribulation right then, or start all over again.

    So far, Chen Fan had already burned away the energy in three of the Essence Cores, and only two more remained in his system.

    "That's enough to kill you."

    Chen Fan's face was indifferent.

    Chen Fan flicked his blade with a finger and said to his opponent in an icy and firm voice, "You will die today!"


    The momentous battle that would determine everyone's fate in the Two World Peak had finally begun. As soon as the two started fighting, they disappeared from everyone's view.

    Both the Ancient Demon Prince and Chen Fan possessed incredible physiques, able to traverse safely in the Dimensional Storm. Creating a tear in reality was child's play to them.


    The Tianming Sword and the blade of the Ancient Demon King clashed together, causing a violent shockwave that lacerated the fabric of space. A sound wave soon ensued and it engulfed the entire Two World Peak.

    The destructive power of the attack leveled many mountains.

    Many weaker ancient demon warriors were pulverized by the shock wave. Zhao Juexian would have also died if he hadn't used the life saving treasure at the last moment. Even with that protection, he had to scramble in order to get out of harm's way.

    "Clang!" "Clang!" "Clang!"

    The two blades exchanged countless blows in a fraction of a second.

    The two combatant's movements created many moving shadows and colors that painted the sky. Whenever the iridescent Tianming Sword clashed with the dark blade, a shockwave would erupt. All around the two, mountains would crumble to dust and the earth cave in to form sinkholes.

    Slowly, everyone watched as the space around the two turned into a giant black hole, swallowing everything that couldn't escape its maw.

    At times, they even took the battle into the Dimensional Storm.

    "Oh my gods. This isn't a battle between Golden Core Cultivators. They are as powerful as Heavenly Lord Essence Neonates."

    Zhao Juexian's legs trembled.

    He used to lord over the Beihan Region, and thought that he was among the strongest of all the Golden Core Cultivators. Even those who had made it to the Longevity Roll were not that much ahead of him. However, he felt small and insignificant before the power of those two. Either Chen Fan or the Ancient Demon Prince could have killed him by lifting a finger. By then, the real meaning of strength had finally hit home for Zhao Juexian.

    Meanwhile, the Ancient Demons warriors were stunned.

    Their Divine Child was close to his coming of age, and had never been defeated by other demons. In addition, he had inherited two of the Ancient Demon King's Heavenly Treasures: Ancient Demon Armor and the Demon Blade of Heaven Slay.

    He could even last a few moves during a battle with the Heavenly Lord Demon Commander.

    However, Chen Fan not only held out against him but also gained a slight upper hand. How powerful was he?

    "Boom, boom, boom."

    The battle started to become more intense.

    The three lesser Essence Cores in Chen Fan's system had finally cracked open, unleashing three jets of divine energy: the Kun Peng, the Thunder Loch, and the True Martial; they poured into the Tianming Sword.

    "Buzz, buzz."

    The Tianming Sword trembled violently.

    Although it was a superior-grade Spirit Treasure, it was a few grades below the Demon Blade of Heaven Slay. The violent clashes had already placed a great strain upon it, and it was struggling to contain the three jets of energy rushing into it.

    However, Chen Fan did not stop and doubled down on his art.


    The iridescent Blade Aura surged and turned into a Heavenly Sword. Chen Fan brought the Heavenly Swords around and hacked at the Demon Blade of Heaven Slay. The attack went straight through the dark blade and landed squarely on the Ancient Demon Prince.

    The Ancient Demon Prince fell from the sky, blood spattering everywhere. It thudded on the ground, creating an enormous crater.

    The impact shook the Two World Peak.

    Countless demons and fiends were shocked.

    Did Chen Fan kill the Ancient Demon Prince with one strike?