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Chapter 383 - Maybe I’m Handsome!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 383: Maybe I’m Handsome!

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    ‘It’s him! I can’t believe that he dares to come to Hong Kong!’

    Tang Ning glared angrily at Ye Chen while the humiliation that she had felt back then was rushing into her body. Her face was turning red as she was eager to fight Ye Chen right there and then.

    “Boss, what’s wrong?” Shen Xingye, who was standing next to her, asked while smiling.

    He was already handsome enough, and his smile made the ladies around him blush and charmed their socks off.

    “Nothing!” Tang Ning took a deep breath and looked away from Ye Chen as she clenched her fists. “Xingye, let’s meet Young Master Lei.”

    She managed to suppress her anger while facing her enemy. After all, it was not the right place to take revenge. Young Master Lei would not allow anyone to stir things up at his event.

    Most importantly, the trip to China matured her significantly. She knew when to hold back and when to release her frustration. That was the reason why she got the Tang family’s support.