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Chapter 874 - Slaughtering Demons

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 874 Slaughtering DemonsThe Five Reincarnation Art was a well known art from the Five Elements Immortal Sect.

    However, it wasn't nearly as renowned as the Grand Five Reincarnation Art of Destruction. Only a Soul Formation cultivator could have utilized its unthinkable power. Although it barely reached a thousandth of a real Soul Formation Cultivator's strength, it was a formidable sight to behold.


    Chen Fan suddenly turned into a wash of brilliant light and darted into the iridescent halo.

    The hundred meter long halo rose higher into the zenith like a rising sun, basking everything under its brilliance. The Fiend Qi was feeble before its glorious presence; it shattered into pieces under its wake. The iridescent halo rolled onward and rammed into many fiend celestials.


    The bright energy devoured nearly half of the fiends and demons in less than a second.

    The energy grinded the Fiend Cores in their bodies until they became dust. The rest of the fiends and demons were terrified by such a sight and rushed for safety. Many of them were late-stage Golden Core warriors, but they stood no chance before the mighty halo.


    Once Chen Fan had done away with the fiends, he rammed the energy into the Ancient Demons.

    The power of each demond was insignificant, but the hundred or so Black Iron Battle Cruisers were a force to be reckoned with. Just a hundred of those battle cruisers were able to threaten the lives of Xiao Mang and Shenxi.

    A few fiend leaders shouted in a cold voice, "Cast the True Demon Array! Unleash the True Demon's real Form!"

    Suddenly, a wave of Fiend Qi oozed out from each battle cruiser. They converged in the sky, forming a powerful True Demon. Its towering body was framed by a pair of wings. A double horn protruded from its forehead and there was a formidable halberd in his hand.

    So enormous was its size that even the Kun Peng Dharma Form couldn't compare.


    Chen Fan was unfazed by the terrifying sight as he charged against the enemy.

    The True Demon brought the halberd around and hacked at Chen Fan. He wielded the combined might of over a hundred thousand Connate Cultivators, and was truly a terrifying contender.

    The attack created a ten thousand meter long crack in the fabric of space.

    Looking from afar, the Two World Peak was like a smooth egg shell. However, the attack had cracked the egg shell, creating a fissure that sucked the Essence Qi into its domain. Before the effect of the assault took hold, the ground caved in, forming a hundred meter deep crater.

    Power of the attack was on par with that of Heavenly Lord Essence Neonate.

    Not even Shenxi could have held out against such an attack, much less Lord Beihan.

    Heavenly Lord Essence Neonate was an invincible immortal. He wielded the power to destroy a world.


    Chen Fan remained unflappable as he faced such a ghastly attack. His mind had reached a deep serenity and peace, despite the life and death situation he was in.

    Buzz, buzz!

    The five Essence Core started to swirl rapidly, turning into a smear of light in the shape of a ring after just a few seconds.

    Outside the Two World Peak, Thunder Tribulations were gathering strength without any sign of stopping any time soon. Chen Fan had freed himself from the Divine Chains for more than ten seconds, and the Transcendence of Thunder Tribulation was imminent.

    "Do I really want to do this for Xiao Mang and Shenxi?

    "I could have reached the sacred grade Essence Core if the Tribulation had been delayed, but now I can only reach the divine grade.

    "No one can stop me if I were to walk away. Even the Royal family of the fiend race wouldn't catch up with me in the Dimensional Storm. If I stay, I would forever lose my chance of attaining a sacred grade Core" These thoughts flashed across Chen Fan's mind.

    However, he remained adamant and didn't show any signs of backing down.

    Chen Fan looked up at the sky and slowly raised one arm. He pointed his thumb forward and closed his fingers to form a fist. Rays of scintillating energy pierced out from his fist as he punched forward with abandon.

    He shouted, "I, Chen Beixuan, never regret anything."

    The Essence Core inside of him turned into a conflagration and the iridescent halo grew in size and brightness until it was like the sun. It swooped down from the sky, ramming into the ten thousand Ancient Demons.


    The explosion was a thousand times more powerful than a nuclear warhead and it unleashed energy ten thousand times more than that of the sun; its brilliance illuminated the Two World Peak and pierced into the Chaos Dimension.

    People in many worlds looked up in shock at the flash of bright light, hearts trembling in fear.

    They had seen such intense light during one of Heavenly Lord Essence Neonate's battles. He had torn apart the fabric of space and distorted the order of time. Land turned into sea and ocean turned into desert.

    It was the same kind of energy people were witnessing right then.


    Under many Ancient Demons's shocked eyes, the formidable halberd snapped in the middle as the iridescent halo sliced it into two. The immeasurable energy plunged into the body of the True Demon.

    Although the halo was small in size compared to the True Demon, nothing could stop it, nor slow it down.


    The intense energy went through the body of True Demon, fracturing its form from the middle.

    Even the combined might of a hundred thousand Ancient Demons could not hold out against Chen Fan's attack. Chen Fan doubled down on his aggression and rushed into the enemy formation.


    The True Demon, despite its enormous size, crumbled like a house of cards and turned into dust.

    Countless Ancient Demons were injured by the outburst of energy and many more had died because of their own spells' rebounding.

    Meanwhile, Chen Fan had reached the Ancient Demons's Battle Cruisers like a hungry tiger among a herd of sheep.

    "Bang, bang, bang!"

    With a few simple moves, Chen Fan demolished those metal behemoths one after another. Even the simple act of flying into the battle cruiser would break the ship into two.

    During the heat of the battle, the energy of the combined five Essence Core boiled inside of Chen Fan's body as the power was multiplied.

    Many fiends and demons shouted desperately, "Stop him!"

    A few hundred pure-blood Ancient Demons flew out of the Battle Cruisers and attacked Chen Fan with Divine Powers. They recklessly threw themselves at Chen Fan, trying to slow him down.

    However, Chen Fan remained steadfast and threw a punch with each step he took..

    The halo shone brilliantly behind him as he charged the True Martial Divine Fist to its max capacity. Each punch could claim half a dozen battle cruisers, and not even a golden core cultivator could have stopped him.


    Chen Fan attacked with both hands and squashed a fiend into pulp.

    Almost immediately, he reached up and grabbed hold of a high ranking Fiend General. The Fiend General was over ten meters tall and was clad in silvery armor. He had been shouting orders since the beginning of the battle, not getting involved in the fighting until then.


    Chen Fan grabbed the Fiend General's wings and ripped them off of his body. The Fiend General snarled in pain as his blood squirted out from his back.

    Chen Fan quickly tossed away the wings and returned to chase after the fleeing battlecruisers.

    "Bang! Bang! Bang!"

    Chen Fan annihilated fifty battle cruisers in less than a few seconds. Tens of thousands of Ancient Demons had died in the process. In the heat of battle, driven by his thirst for blood, Chen Fan unsheathed the Tianming Sword.


    Powered by five divine forces, the Tianming Sword transformed into a deluge of energy ten thousand feet wide, stretching across space and filling the air with its deadly intent. Chen Fan hacked with the blade, making thirty two battlecruisers explode.

    "He is too powerful. Unstoppable."

    Many Fiend Generals felt chills down their spines.

    Another group of high ranking Fiend Generals pulled dark faces. They were garbed in the same silvery armor.

    Chen Fan's power was on par with that of the legendary Heavenly Lord Longevity. He could easily be a demon Overlord among the ancient demons. Such powerful beings could not be defeated easily with sheer numbers.

    "Pull back, pull back now!"

    A few Fiend Generals finally made the final call.

    However, Chen Fan would not let them get away. He flew into the air and merged his body with the blade. The Tianming Sword suddenly turned into a flash of black light that darted left and right, a hundred times faster than the speed of sound.

    Many ancient demons were severed into two before they could see the ray of Blade Aura.

    Looking from above, the dark yet incandescent blade aura looked like the grim reaper's scythe, harvesting the souls of countless ancient demons. Blood trickled into a stream and the painful cries of demons filled up the Two World Peak.

    There was no one who could withstand Chen Fan's attack.

    "He… he…"

    Zhao Juexian had already given up all hope, but then he gaped at the scintillating blade aura in disbelief.

    "How could he be so powerful?

    "It's unbelievable. It's impossible!"

    Zhao Juexian thought to himself in fear.

    For the first time, he had given up the thought of seeking revenge. Chen Fan's current power was perhaps not yet on par with THEIRS, but no one could be sure about things in a few hundred years.

    He commanded the flow of battle and defeated a hundred thousand strong retinue with only one blade.


    Chen Fan had finally penetrated the battle formation and reached the flagship.

    His dark hair and loose sleeves flowed in the air while blood dripped off of the Tianming Sword. He looked like an Asura reincarnate.

    Behind Chen Fan was a scene of terrible carnage. Limps and mechanical parts were mixed up together, forming a blood mount. He had killed half of the demon army.

    A deadly silence fell over the Two World Peak while the demons trembled in fear.