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Chapter 382 - He’d Like to Challenge Mad Southern Ye’s Sword Skills!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 382: He’d Like to Challenge Mad Southern Ye’s Sword Skills!

    In the VIP room of the third floor of the ballroom, Young Master Lei squinted with surprise on his face. “Ms. Yoshiko, is your family interested in the Ghost Daisy and the foreign fragment too?”

    “Of course!” Chiba Yoshiko’s voice was cold. “The Ghost Daisy belongs to our country. Only we Japanese know how to use it. As for the foreign fragment, I was ordered to retrieve it!”

    In reality, there was something that she did not say.

    She found out that the two ninjas from the Kusakabe clan had been suddenly killed by someone mysterious when they were going after the boss of Sun Yee On Guild. Meanwhile, the foreign fragment that was in Wang Long’s hand was gone too.

    Although the Kusakabe clan managed to find the battle video when it happened, they could not see the mysterious man’s face clearly. Whenever they tried to look closer, there would be the wave of a current on the image.

    She had another mission, which was to find out the mysterious man’s identity.

    At that moment, a man in a suit knocked on the door. He walked to Young Master Lei and whispered in shock, “I can’t believe the foreign fragment attracted so many experts here.”

    “Young Master Lei, they’re here too?” Chiba Yoshiko raised her sharp brows slightly.


    “That’s right!” Young Master Lei nodded lightly. “Earl William from England, Marva from Russia, and Aches from Egypt are here. Ms. Yoshiko, it seems like you’ve got competition.”

    Chiba Yoshiko’s pretty eyes looked serious now.

    Those were people on the world’s billboard. They had unparalleled combat strength, and it was difficult for the Yoshiko family to accomplish the order coming from the Kusakabe clan judging by the competition the other three posed.

    She could not help but look at the middle-aged man carrying a Japanese sword next to her. However, the man was staring at a lady below.

    When Chiba Yoshiko and Young Master Lei looked by instinct, they happened to see Ye Chen and Dai Shiyu who were among the crowd.

    Young Master Lei grinned lightly. “No-kun, do you like that lady? Do you want me to get her to see you?”

    “No need!”

    No-kun looked away from Dai Shiyu unwillingly. He said after licking his lips, “As you Chinese always say, the easier it is to get something, the less interesting it is. I, Watanabeno, will win her over by myself!”

    Young Master Lei shook his head and smiled lightly. He could not help but ask upon seeing Chiba Yoshiko staring at Ye Chen, “Does Ms. Yoshiko like that man?”

    “No!” Chiba Yoshiko shook her head. “I’ve got a feeling that I’ve seen him before somewhere.”

    Young Master Lei could help but took a closer look at Ye Chen. He said while smiling, “This man has no energy wave or any mysterious qi from him. Furthermore, he doesn’t look like an Awakened One. He should be a regular man.”

    Chiba Yoshiko nodded lightly and subsequently looked at Watanabeno next to her. “No-kun, William and the rest are here. Are you confident?”

    “Don’t worry, Miss. Although the three of them are powerful, so am I. Moreover, I’ve comprehended my own technique from the laido slash!” Watanabeno declared fearlessly.

    “The laido slash?” Young Master Lei said in surprise, “Isn’t the laido slash from the Tanimura clan? Has No-kun mastered that too?”

    “You didn’t know this, Young Master Lei, but the Sword Dao master Miyamoto Take is No-kun’s master while Miyamoto Take is known as one of the men who are closest to a Sword Saint in Japanese Sword Dao.”

    With a smile, Chiba Yoshiko said, “Our Japanese Sword Dao isn’t as restrictive as China’s. If we talk about sparring, Miyamoto Take has defeated the most powerful man from the Tanimura clan. He got the laido slash’s method as agreed, which he passed down to his disciples!”

    Young Master Lei came to a realization. “I see!”

    “My master is the descendent of the Sword Saint, Miyamoto Musashi!” Watanabeno beamed in pride. “Decades ago, my master went to China alone with a sword and killed 3,600 people. He eventually refined his own Sword Dao. Three Martial Dao masters from China fought him, but they were killed with a single swing of his sword!”

    His thirst for blood and an apparent tinge of disdain filled his face as if what Miyamoto Musashi had done back then was the highest honor.

    Young Master Lei knew about the battle that happened decades ago. However, he was not angry. He said while smiling, “Within a decade, Master Miyamoto will take the Sword Saint’s place.”

    “Definitely!” Watanabeno snickered and said, “China’s Sword Dao is dead. To us, the so-called Martial Dao masters can be killed with the single swing of a sword.”

    However, Young Master Lei shook his head. “No-kun, you’re not Chinese, so you don’t know what’s been happening in China. Recently, two Sword Dao masters have appeared in China. The first one is the Unparalleled Sword. This man is merely 18, but he has defeated many Sword Dao experts!”

    No-kun’s expression remained looking grim. “They’re just a bunch of garbage. How is it difficult to defeat them? If they encountered me, they wouldn’t even have the chance to pull out their swords. Unquestionable Jian from your country, on the other hand, knew some sword skills.”

    “What if I told you that Unquestionable Jian was killed by the second Sword Dao master, Mad Southern Ye?” Young Master Lei said mysteriously.

    “Mad Southern Ye?” The pride on Watanabeno’s face was gone as a sour look filled his face now. “Although it’s my first time in China, I’ve heard of Mad Southern Ye’s name. I know he’s China’s No. 1. I admire his ability, but I won’t yield to his Sword Dao!”

    From the side, Chiba Yoshiko stared at him in surprise. She did not seem to expect that he would be humble for the very first time.

    On the other hand, scorn flashed through Young Master Lei’s eyes when he heard Watanabeno calling Mad Southern Ye China’s No. 1.

    “It’s unfortunate that I can’t stay long for this trip!” Watanabeno shook his head lightly, appearing to be disappointed. “Otherwise, I’d like to go to China to spar with Mad Southern Ye, especially in sword skills. I’ll show him what real Sword Dao is!”


    In the ballroom, Ye Chen suddenly lifted his head to look upstairs.

    Dai Shiyu was confused. “Mr. Ye, what are you looking at?”

    “Nothing!” Ye Chen looked away, seeming like he was in deep thought. He had sensed a few eyes on him earlier, and he even sensed consciousness power among them!

    ‘Are there consciousness power cultivators in the west too?’ he secretly thought to himself.

    At that moment, a commotion came from the entrance of the ballroom. It seemed like someone important was here. Then, he heard someone exclaim, “Young Mistress Tang and Young Master Shen are here!”

    Subsequently, a man and lady walked in while people gathered around them. The lady wore a light yellow corset dress. Exuding a cold charisma and appearing beautiful, she commanded everyone’s attention as soon as she appeared.

    Meanwhile, there was a young man in traditional Chinese attire. He looked like an ancient scholar with elegant charisma, but his identity would make one’s jaw drop. He was the son of the Southern Sect Leader of Hong Kong, Shen Tiannan, the heir of the spell world’s legend!

    Meanwhile, he followed Shen Tiannan’s footsteps, conquering the spell world of Hong Kong when he was only 25. He was even more powerful than the seniors now.

    Ye Chen was slightly stunned the moment he saw the lady in a dress!

    ‘Why is she here?!’

    She was Tang Ning whom he had met at Ba County when he was looking for the Sky Stone after attending the Tiannan Martial Competition in Tiannan. She brought along a feng shui master in the pretense of praying to her ancestral tomb. In reality, she was trying to remove the corpse poison in her with feng shui.

    However, they encountered zombies in the Tang family’s ancestral tomb. Ye Chen had killed the zombies and saved their lives. Nevertheless, he never thought that Tang Ning would have wanted him to bear the responsibility for getting into trouble.

    If the feng shui master had not begged for mercy, Ye Chen would have almost killed her!

    Sensing Ye Chen’s stare, Tang Ning looked over by instinct, and the smile on her face froze immediately!