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Chapter 381 - Dai Shiyu is Being Forward!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 381: Dai Shiyu is Being Forward!

    Fang Mi and Fang Hao were secretly shocked.

    Before this, the boss of Sun Yee On Guild, Wang Long, had gone after Ye Chen. How was he not dead? How did he show up here at the ball in one piece instead?

    Ye Chen said, “Are you guys surprised that I’m not dead?”

    “How are you alright? Also, why are you here?” Fang Mi still could not believe her eyes until now.

    Fang Hao could not help but scoff, “How else did he get in? He must’ve sneaked in.”

    One must know that the Captain’s ball’s had high standards. Theoretically, their Fang family had no right to be there. They had to use their connection with Young Mistress Zhu to get two invitations.

    “Fang Hao, who’s this?” At that moment, the lady in red walking in front turned her head to look at Ye Chen.

    “Sister Hui, he’s our friend,” Fang Mi said immediately, “We’ve no idea how he came in. I’ll send him out now.”

    The lady was Zhu Hui who came from Hong Kong’s wealthiest family. She was the Zhu family’s young mistress and Young Master Lei’s admirer.

    Fang Mi turned her head to look at Ye Chen after saying that. “Although I’ve no idea why you’re here, I’m advising you to leave now. This isn’t somewhere you should be.”

    She did not say that because she looked down on him. She was rather sincere about wanting him safe. After all, it was Young Master Lei who organised the Captain’s ball this time. If they found out that Ye Chen was here without an invitation, one could only imagine the consequences.

    Ye Chen smiled lightly hearing her concern. “Thanks for your kindness, but it’s alright.”

    Fang Mi’s expression changed. When she was going to speak further, Zhu Hui, who was standing aside, said coldly, “Alright, there’s no need to waste your time on this person. Follow me to see Young Master Lei now.”

    “Sure!” Fang Mi hesitated for a second and left with Zhu Hui.

    “How is that brat still alive? He offended the Sun Yee On Guild!” Fang Hao asked in confusion while walking.

    Fang Mi frowned. “I’ve got no idea.”

    “Could that brat have secretly leaped from the second floor of the restaurant before Brother Long went upstairs? Maybe he escaped, so he’s still alive?” Fang Hao speculated.

    “Yes, that must be it!” He nodded in determination before waiting for Fang Mi to reply him. “This brat is daring. Doesn’t he know that Brother Long was invited to the ball too? He’ll be in trouble if he bumps into Brother Long!”

    At the same time, there was a lady and two men sitting in a VIP room on the third floor. One of them was a young man who knelt on the main seat with a glass of red wine in his hand. As he swirled the liquid, there was a majestic aura that radiated faintly from between the young man’s brows.

    Meanwhile, there was a young lady in a white kimono sitting across him. She was beautiful and her hair was tied into a bun on her head. Her waist was tiny while she exuded an otherworldly charisma as she had a charming vibe.

    The young lady was currently kneeling before the table. Focused on brewing tea, she was very hands-on and careful.

    Meanwhile, there was a middle-aged man with a mustache in a loose yukata standing by the side. He held a Japanese sword while looking around the ball with a ferocious expression.

    The fragrance of tea lingered in the room. The young lady picked up the teapot and poured the tea. Subsequently, she got up and bowed at the young man sitting in the main seat. “Enjoy, Young Master Lei!”

    Clap, clap, clap.

    Young Master Lei applauded. “I can’t believe that not only are you pretty, Ms. Chiba Yoshiko, but you’re an expert in tea ceremony. This cup is filled with the rules and principles of a tea ceremony,” he said and took a sip of the tea. He could not help but compliment, “Amazing tea. If I’m not mistaken, your technique came from Master Yukimura, didn’t it, Ms. Yoshiko?”

    “That’s right.” Chiba Yoshiko smiled lightly and knelt again, “It’s been many years since Master Yukimura has invested in the tea ceremony. I learned from him last year during the sakura season.”

    She said seriously as she spoke to this point, “I’d like to learn about the tea ceremony from Master Yukimura again after my visit to Hong Kong this time while I return with the Ghost Daisy and the foreign fragment.”


    Ye Chen shook his head lightly as he watched Fang Mi and the rest leave. Just when he was going to open a bottle of red wine on the table aside, a familiar voice came into his ears, “Sir, please let go of me. I don’t think I know you that well.”

    Ye Chen looked toward the direction where the voice came from. There was a pretty lady standing far away. Her skin was alabaster fair, and her features were sharp. However, impatience filled her face at the moment.

    There was a foreign blonde man in her way. He was tall and very handsome. His blonde hair looked like it was bathed in the glow of the sun.

    Ye Chen was rather surprised when he saw the lady. She was Dai Shiyu, the lady that he had met on the passenger ship.

    While Ye Chen glanced at her, Dai Shiyu turned her head and noticed him too. She was stunned at first, then she pushed the blonde man away and walked quickly to Ye Chen.

    “Hubby!” Dai Shiyu called out sweetly and grabbed Ye Chen’s arm. She placed her head on his shoulder like a clingy girl.

    Ye Chen’s expression froze, and he wanted to push her away by instinct. However, he found out that she was holding onto him tightly while staring at him pleadingly

    At that moment, the blonde man walked over.

    Doubt flashed across his eyes when he saw Dai Shiyu being so intimate with Ye Chen. He smiled like a gentleman and spoke in Mandarin quite fluently, “Ms. Dai, I can’t believe that you’re married when you’re so young. I’ve made a fool out of myself!”

    “It’s alright, it’s alright!” Dai Shiyu said immediately.

    The blonde man looked at Ye Chen and said, “Sir, let me introduce myself. My name is William. I’d like to apologize to you for having offended your wife earlier!” He stretched his hand out to Ye Chen as he spoke.

    However, Ye Chen ignored him and said calmly, “Since you know that you’ve offended her, then get out of my sight now!”

    “Sorry!” The blonde man’s smile froze before he turned around and left.

    Ye Chen then looked at Dai Shiyu. “Let go of me now.”

    Dai Shiyu let go of his arm immediately as if she had just woken up from a dream. She said while her cheeks blushed, “Mr. Ye, I’m very sorry. I didn’t do that on purpose, but that guy just wouldn’t let me go. I only came to you because I didn’t know what else to do!”

    “There’ll be no more next time!” Ye Chen shook his head lightly as he looked at the blonde man far away, appearing to be in deep thought. He was not sure if it was an illusion, but he smelled blood from that man.

    Things seemed to be getting interesting!

    He snickered.

    Dai Shiyu asked curiously after realizing that he was no longer mad, “Mr. Ye, why are you here?”

    Until now, she was still replaying the scene whereby Ye Chen had killed the two ninjas on the surface of the sea in an overbearing manner. She thought she would never see him again.

    “Just looking around!” Ye Chen smiled lightly.

    Dai Shiyu rolled her eyes at him. She stopped asking questions when she understood that he was unwilling to spill any more. However, she could not help but keep staring at him.

    Her cheeks suddenly flushed, but nobody knew what she had in mind.