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Chapter 873 - Shining Brigh

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 873 Shining BrighThe Two World Peak shook violently in the dimension ocean like a boat. Strong dimensional winds went inside through the gaps on the shield and countless rocks, trees and beasts were shattered.

    "Damn it!"

    Seeing Shenxi and Xiao Mang running out of the Two World Peak, a furious roar emerged from the old ship. The next second, the mysterious Overlord of the royal family issued an order again.

    "General, kill that human. Behead him and place his head in True Demon Palace. Burn his soul with Demon Hellfire for ten thousand years. Let him know his mistake. The rest of you, follow me."


    The ship of the royal family turned around and tried to go through the dimensional storm into Planet Tianhuang, leaving only one fleet to deal with Chen Fan. All the other black iron battleships also started to turn around.

    Chen Fan stepped forward and said expressionlessly, "You've underestimated me!"



    A beam of five-color light shot up from his back and turned into five pillars.

    The sound of the Kun Peng, the Xuan Wu and the Thunder Loch shook the world, and the dimension became a piece of iron plate when Chen Fan spoke.

    Countless battleships of the Ancient Demons froze. Even the dimensional storm turned into transparent ripples.


    Chen Fan slashed with his hand.

    A beam of five-colored light that was azure, black, yellow, golden and white formed a light blade. It flashed across the sky and went past ten battleships.

    Chen Fan seemed to be a bit exhausted after this slash, so he paused for a while. Freezing a space within a hundred mile radius at the same time was too stressful for him. This was something a Heavenly Lord would manage. When time ran again, the wind was still howling.

    Many warriors of the Ancient Demons had no idea what was going on.

    "Bang, bang, bang!"

    Suddenly, the sound of explosions resounded around the entire Two World Peak.

    Ten battleships were split in half and the True Essence blew them into five-color fireballs. The Swallowing Power, the Thunder Power and the Xuan Wu Power tore all the warriors and the pure-blood Ancient Demons in the battleships into pieces.


    At this moment.

    All the warriors of the Ancient Demons went silent.

    The battleship of the royal family that was about to get into Planet Tianhuang also stopped. Countless warriors were dumbfounded.

    As a famous race in the universe, the power of a battleship of the Ancient Demons was comparable to a mid-stage Golden Core Cultivator and it had great defensive power. So, being able to destroy ten battleships at once, Chen Fan was indeed terrifying; he had surpassed normal Golden Core Grand Perfected Cultivators. Even Ancestral Patriarch Takong couldn't do this.


    After a while, the mysterious royal family member spoke again, in human language this time. "All the Generals, hear your orders. Kill this man first, then go after those two girls."

    "Yes!" the Generals replied at the same time.

    Many surges of energy then rose from the battleships; one after another, like black pillars.

    There were dozens of them in the end. Those Generals were the Overlords of the Ancient Demons. Each of them was comparable to a peak-stage Golden Core Grand Perfected Cultivator. Several of them seemed even stronger than Ancestral Patriarch Takong.


    At the same time, Chen Fan had already rushed at the Ancient Demons and started killing.

    Time was really precious for Chen Fan. The five Essence Cores would definitely summon the Thunder Tribulation, so he only had around ten seconds.


    Meanwhile, Chen Fan wasn't using any Dharma Treasures or Divine Powers at all. Every move he made was powerful. He threw a punch and the power of the five Essence Cores turned into a flash of five-color fist aura, which crushed eight battleships. The fist aura carried five different kinds of energy.

    The Swallowing Power, Xuan Wu Water, Chaotic Thunder, Thousand Wood Qi and True Martial Divine Force.

    Each one of them was extremely powerful.

    When all five energies were gathered, the battleships, the warriors of the Ancient Demons and the arrays on the ships were vulnerable. Chen Fan was like a tiger pouncing over a group of sheep. He could kill countless warriors with just a move.

    The royal family of the Ancient Demons issued an order, "Ask the normal warriors to fall back! Change the formation. Generals, attack!"


    A lot of battleships sailed back and many four-meter Generals in copper armor flew from all directions.

    Every one of them was as powerful as a peak-stage Golden Core Grand Perfected Cultivator, and they were holding superior-grade weapons in their hands. There were dozens of them, blocking every possible escape route.

    How powerful would an attack be when dozens of Golden Core Grand Perfected Cultivators worked together?

    It would be a tie when cultivators like Sword King and Lord Beihan fought with several Grand Perfected Cultivators, while those as strong as Shenxi could only battle with ten of them at most. Facing dozens of Grand Perfected Cultivators, even the top elites on the Longevity Roll would be frightened.

    "Go to hell!"

    But Chen Fan didn't step back at all.

    His hands drew a perfect arc in the air and he moved his fingers as if he were playing the piano. One Dharma Form disappeared every time he tapped.

    The Xuan Wu, the Divine Tree, the Kun Peng, the Thunder Loch, the Golden Wheel…

    When the five Dharma Forms disappeared, only a light wheel formed by five-colored light was left on Chen Fan's hand. Five beams of light ran around the light wheel endlessly.

    "Five Reincarnation Art!"

    Chen Fan pushed the light wheel gently.


    A giant five-colored light wheel flashed across the sky at an unimaginable speed, creating a long mark. Eight Generals at the front couldn't even say a word as they were run over by the artifact.

    The light wheel screeched.

    After running over the Generals like a burning sun, it even crashed into the battleships of the Ancient Demons.

    The battleships were about to complete their formation, but the light wheel created a ten-kilometer passage in the sky. Dozens of battleships were then shattered.

    How powerful!

    Everyone went silent after Chen Fan had cast this Dharma Spell. The Generals were stunned, and countless warriors of the Ancient Demons were terrified.

    They had killed many creatures in the past, but this was the first time for them to encounter someone as powerful as Chen Fan.

    Chen Fan was almost like a legendary Nascent Soul Heavenly Lord. Even a peak-stage Golden Core Grand Perfected Cultivator could be killed effortlessly by his hands.


    Chen Fan lowered his hand slowly.

    His blood was rolling and boiling like lava.

    The Five Reincarnation Art was a famous Divine Power of the Five Elements Immortal Sect. It was as powerful as the Grand Five Elements Thunder. Chen Fan used it with the energy of the five Essence Cores and it was indeed earth-shattering. Even Shenxi would be dumbfounded if she were there.

    Those were the Generals of the Ancient Demons, Grand Perfected Cultivators!

    Even Sword King needed some time to kill a Grand Perfected Cultivator, but Chen Fan killed eight in one go. Such a power would definitely astonish Planet Tianhuang.

    "I'm not done yet," Chen Fan said coldly.

    Even though so many of them had died, it wasn't a great loss for the Ancient Demons, especially when their royal family still hadn't made a move yet. He could only stop killing when the Ancient Demons were too terrified to fight with him and until Xiao Mang was safe.


    Chen Fan flicked his fingers again and the Dharma Forms remained.

    The leader of the Generals yelled, "Kill him. We can't let him use any Dharma Spells, or we'll all die."

    Dozens of Generals heeded the order and attacked from all directions. Each of their attacks could break the dimension and shake the entire Two World Peak. Dozens of energy surges were swept across the sky; the Essence Qi in a thousand mile radius was roiling.

    If they attacked, everything in a few hundred square miles would be burnt to ashes, and the Two World Peak would very likely collapse.

    Even the top elite on the Longevity Roll would have to fall back.

    Chen Fan still looked calm.


    The five Dharma Forms—the Xuan Wu, the Azure Thearch, the Kun Peng, the Thunder Loch and the True Martial—appeared around Chen Fan and spinned at a high speed. Then, they turned into a halo that let out thunderous sounds. The five Essence Cores in his body were also spinning. Five powerful energies surged inside of him and they all gathered in his hand.

    The five Essence Cores spinned faster and got closer, finally merging into one.

    When they were completely merged, a Golden Core would be formed and Chen Fan would become a Perfected Cultivator. By then, he would have to go through the Thunder Tribulation.

    And yet, Chen Fan didn't stop.

    He raised his hands as if he were holding the most precious treasure, then shot into the sky and went head to head with the earth-shattering attack from the Generals.

    "Five… Reincarnation… Art!"


    A light wheel several times larger than the last one shone over the entire Two World Peak, and even those who were thousands of miles away were able to see it.

    At that moment, the entire world seemed to have stopped. The only thing everyone could see was the light wheel.

    It was shining bright!