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Chapter 872 - A Powerful Sword

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 872 A Powerful Sword


    Chen Fan slowly descended from the sky and grabbed Lord Beihan with his hand. He was getting weaker and weaker every time he took a step.

    Shenxi could even see five chains appearing around Chen Fan, twining on his Divine Body tightly, but Chen Fan didn't seem to care.

    "He can't use his power for a long time, or there would be some serious consequences."

    Shenxi and Lord Beihan both knew that.

    Xiao Mang had already started crying. She had seen Chen Fan break into the royal city of the Beihan Region with those Divine Chains on him. She had never thought that she would see such a sight again this time.

    "Brother, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have asked you to help. I'm sorry."

    The girl held Chen Fan's arm and lowered her head.

    Chen Fan flicked the girl's forehead and said with a smile, "I've already mastered many cultivation arts. I just didn't want to scare the masters in this world. When I get rid of the Divine Chains, the entire Planet Tianhuang will tremble under my feet."


    Shenxi grunted.

    She agreed that Chen Fan was indeed powerful when he exerted himself. He was even comparable to the top elites on the Longevity Roll. And yet, how vast was Planet Tianhuang? There were countless powerful cultivators in the Barren Regions, the top ten Heavenly Regions and the Sacred Land. Not even the Longevity Roll could list all of them. So, Chen Fan seemed too complacent after saying that.

    And yet, Chen Fan didn't want to argue with her. He dragged Lord Beihan towards himself.

    Zhao Juexian had already returned to his human form and Chen Fan was dragging him like a dead dog. His bones were fractured and even his spine was broken.

    "We need to talk about something."

    Chen Fan smiled gently.

    "I know what you want to ask, but you'll never get your answer. Even if you do, it'll only make you feel more hopeless." Zhao Juexian chuckled. "The people that placed a curse on the Chinese are entities you can't provoke. The Chinese and everyone in the Beihan Region are only ants to them, and the Zhao family are just some of their slaves."


    Chen Fan remained smiling.

    "Kid, don't think you can ignore everyone else in the world just because you defeated Ancestral Patriarch Takong and Lord Spirit Husbandry. Ancestral Patriarch Takong was just a pawn. Any one of their men can level five regions alone. They don't even take the Heavenly Sects and immortal Perfected Cultivators seriously," Zhao Juexian continued while in awe.

    "It's an ancient, powerful sect that has thousands of years of history. We're all slaves under their feet…"

    "Who exactly are you talking about?" Chen Fan interrupted.

    Hearing what Zhao Juexian said, Shenxi raised her eyebrows and something seemed to have come to her mind.

    When Zhao Juexian was about to answer…

    The sound of a horn suddenly reverberated.


    More sounds came from far away. The horn seemed to be a thousand kilometers away, but its sound was clearly heard. All of them could even feel a hint of evil power.

    "Oh no, it's them! Why are they here? They haven't come to the Two World Peak for thousands of years."

    Zhao Juexian was immediately startled.

    Shenxi also looked up with a serious face.

    "It's the Ancient Demons from the other world!"

    Chen Fan noticed that earlier than they did. He stood in front of everyone and looked at the sky. The dimension suddenly cracked and an ancient black battleship appeared before them.

    The battleship was a thousand feet long.

    It was old and was made with black iron. There were countless blood stains and sword marks. Both sides of the ship were full of aliens wearing black armor. Those alien Overlords were all covered in black scales. They had horns on their heads and crimson eyes, carrying an evil energy.

    Seeing only one battleship, Zhao Juexian and Shenxi were a bit relieved.

    "Luckily, there's only one battleship. I guess they were just hunting and accidentally came into the Two World Peak. The most powerful ones among those Ancient Demons are only Golden Core Cultivators. We can definitely defeat them."

    Shenxi got up.

    After some rest, her wounds had healed and she had already gained some Dharma Powers to fight.

    But Chen Fan was still staring at the sky. The second, third and fourth black iron battleship then appeared, one by one. In the end, the sky was covered with battleships.


    Shenxi and Zhao Juexian were speechless.

    But those weren't the only ones. In the end, a massive ship that was ten thousand feet long sailed into the Two World Peak.

    That ship was covered with copper and there was an enormous, vicious dragon head at the bow. The most eye-catching thing about it was the black flag on the highest mast.

    The black flag fluttered in the wind and there was a picture of a demon with wings on it.

    When the two of them saw that flag, they both froze.

    "It's… It's the flag of Ancient Demons' royal family. How… How is this possible? Why would their royal family be here in the Two World Peak? Nobody has seen them here in the last thousands of years! We're doomed. We're doomed…"

    Zhao Juexian trembled and his teeth grinded.

    Shenxi also turned pale and there was a glint of despair in her eyes. She said, "Xiao Mang, take your brother and leave now. I'll cover you. There's still a hint of hope you can get out of the Two World Peak. By then, don't forget to take revenge for me…"

    "Sister Shenxi?"

    Xiao Mang was immediately anxious. "My brother is powerful. Don't worry. We'll be able to get out safely."

    "There's nothing we can do."

    Shenxi smiled wryly. "The royal family of the Ancient Demons is here. Who can fight with them other than the top son of God or the immortal Heavenly Lords? Not to mention there are so many of them. Under this special circumstance in the Two World Peak, nothing can be done, no matter how powerful your brother is…"

    Lord Beihan turned pale and sat on the ground. He had given up running.

    The Ancient Demons were born powerful. Each of the pure-blooded Ancient Demons would have the power of a Golden Core Cultivator upon reaching adulthood. The royal family was the most powerful one among them and their members could even become Nascent Soul Beings.

    A pure-blood descendant of the royal family was already able to enemies of the same generation before they became adults.

    Other than the legendary son of God, who had a divine-grade Golden Core, a complete Divine Body or someone with Divine Meridians, nobody else would be able to resist the royal family of the Ancient Demons. It was a fact!

    The Two World Peak had existed for more than ten thousand years. Who would have thought the royal family of the Ancient Demons would make an appearance that day?

    According to the rules of the Ancient Demons, each battleship would have one pure-blood Ancient Demon on board. Since there were a hundred battleships, there were a hundred Golden Core Cultivators! Such a force was powerful enough to kill all the elites.

    Xiao Mang got up and said, "Sister, you said I have Divine Meridians too. I'll protect you."

    "Xiao Mang, if you cultivate for a century more and reach the peak stage of the Golden Core Level, you'll be able to defeat the royal family of the Ancient Demons. However, you're too young now. Go with your brother quickly! Remember to go to the Reincarnation Heavenly Region, look for the Reincarnation Sect and ask them to teach you the real cultivation arts."

    Shenxi caressed the girl's head and stood upright. A terrifying energy then rose from her body.

    She was apparently ready to exert herself.

    Suddenly, a voice sounded in the sky. A transparent anchor flew off the battleship and froze the entire dimension.

    "It's a Dimension Anchor, a weapon the Ancient Demons used to chase after Void Creatures. It can freeze the entire dimension. We're dead. We won't be able to escape even if we use any secret treasures."

    Lord Beihan fell on the ground.

    Shenxi also felt hopeless.

    "Bang! Bang!"

    It never rains but it pours.

    There was a thunderous sound. Everyone then saw that the world was becoming transparent. They could see the exterior of the Two World Peak. On one side there was the Zangtian Plateau, while on the other they could see a dimension with a dimensional storm. The Two World Peak was moving towards the storm, separating from Planet Tianhuang.

    Outside of the Two World Peak.

    Many Perfected Cultivators looked up and saw the Two World Peak was gradually fading, as if it were about to separate from the world.

    A Perfected Cultivator said, "Oh no, it's time. The Two World Peak is going to close."

    "But Lord Spirit Husbandry, Lord Beihan and Ancestral Patriarch Takong are still inside!" Someone said with a wry smile.

    Many of the other Perfected Cultivators were stunned.

    Once the Two World Peak disappeared, it would only reappear three centuries later. If they weren't Nascent Soul Heavenly Lords, they wouldn't be able to find another way to get back to Planet Tianhuang.

    Meanwhile, in the Two World Peak, Shenxi seemed to have given up.

    "I never thought that I'd die with this unreliable guy. What a shame! I've just gotten a hold of the Butian Medicine. If I can return, I'd be able to form a divine-grade Golden Core."

    Shenxi heaved a sigh.

    This peerless Goddess had finally shown a hint of weakness on her pale face.

    But Chen Fan and the vicious Ancient Demons weren't looking pitiful at all.

    "Kill them and take the Butian Medicine. I want the two girls alive."

    A series of strange words were sent out from the battleship of the royal family. That language carried an ancient energy that frightened the world, as if it had endless power.


    Many Ancient Demons cheered together and they looked over with their crimson eyes.

    There were countless enemies and the Two World Peak was about to close. Chen Fan and the others were backed into a corner.

    When Shenxi was about to use the forbidden secret art, Chen Fan suddenly walked in front of the two girls.

    "What are you going to do?" Shenxi wondered.

    "Take Xiao Mang and leave. Protect her."

    Chen Fan looked back and smiled. The five Divine Chains appeared on his body again and they started to shatter one by one. A terrifying energy surged out of him, as if the five Dharma Forms were about to jump out of the sky again.

    "No, brother. You've already used your secret art once a while ago. You can't use it again," Xiao Mang said anxiously.

    Shenxi was also worried.

    What Chen Fan was doing was apparently not right. He had to pay a huge price using that kind of secret art. If he used it once again in such a short period of time, he might die.

    "Don't worry, Xiao Mang. Stay with Sister Shenxi. I'll find you later on."

    Chen Fan cracked a smile.

    He reached out and opened his hand. A pearl with a bit of light appeared, which seemed to be another world inside.

    The Dinghai Pearl!

    "This is?"

    When Shenxi saw the Dinghai Pearl, her eyes popped out and she seemed to understand what Chen Fan was going to do.

    Chen Fan placed Xiao Mang and Shenxi into the Dinghai Pearl. At the same time, his body let out beams of five-color light. All the energy was gathered in his hand.

    "Brother, don't!" Xiao Mang shouted inside the Dinghai Pearl, but she couldn't stop Chen Fan.

    "Stop him!" someone in the battleship also yelled immediately.

    But it was too late.

    "Stay alive," Chen Fan said as he turned the Dinghai Pearl into a bomb and threw it out. Dozens of battleships were crushed and they broke the Dimension Anchor, also breaking the shield between the two worlds. A long path was created in the dimensional storm, which led to the world where Planet Tianhuang was.


    Xiao Mang sat on the ground with tears all over her face.

    Shenxi looked back and saw a ball of five-colored light growing. In the end, Chen Fan's body was completely covered by the light ball and it was the only thing left in the sky!

    "Don't cry, Xiao Mang. Your brother is a hero, a real hero! I promised to protect you, and I will until the day I die," Shenxi said firmly.

    The Dinghai Pearl passed through the dimensional storm and broke through the dimensional shield like a shooting star, sweeping across the Zangtian Plateau.

    At that moment, countless Perfected Cultivators looked up and saw this miraculous sight.

    In the Two World Peak, Chen Fan stood in the sky alone and stopped the royal family of the Ancient Demons and thousands of other enemies. He cracked a smile.

    "It's been a long time since I had an exciting battle."

    "I hope you don't let me down."

    Then, the five Divine Chains around Chen Fan broke.

    Five beams of light shot to the sky and five Dharma Forms appeared.

    "I have a sword and I can conquer the world!"