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Chapter 380 - There are Two People in Hong Kong that You Can’t Offend!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 380: There are Two People in Hong Kong that You Can’t Offend!

    Night had fallen, and it was crowded in Hong Kong’s Mong Kok District, Kowloon at the moment. Countless snack stores filled both sides of the streets and the fragrance of food lingered in the air.

    Ye Chen walked out of a store while carrying a few packets of cart noodles. He ate a portion himself and put the rest away into his storage ring. Those were for his family back home, especially the little Mengmeng who was quite a glutton.

    There were many snacks in his storage ring, such as fishballs and stuffed three treasures. Those were considered well-known snacks from Hong Kong.

    It was rare for him to visit the country, so he could not help but indulge in food and snacks. He could not help but feel rather grateful.

    The gap between China and Hong Kong was huge. No matter whether it was culture, economy, or consumption level, it was very different from China. It was no wonder that Hong Kong was named the Pearl of the Orient. It was a food and shopping heaven!

    It was unfortunate that he had not brought Su Yuhan and Mengmeng along.

    Ye Chen was in between tears and laughter. His daughter loved eating, thus this was the perfect place for her. Meanwhile, as a lady, Su Yuhan would love shopping. It seemed like he had to get himself a house here in Hong Kong!

    As Ye Chen secretly made up his mind, he thought he would check into a hotel after finishing the noodles. At that moment, his phone rang.

    “Mr. Ye, there’s the Captain’s ball happening at nine tonight. Would you like to go?” Wang Long, who was on the other side of the phone, asked.

    Ye Chen squinted, “The Captain’s ball?”

    “That’s right. It’s happening on a luxury cruise at Victoria Harbor. The organizer did this for the auction tomorrow, they want everyone to mingle.”

    “I’ll go!” Ye Chen agreed without even thinking twice after hearing that it was related to the auction. After all, he was here for the Nine-section Soul Herb which would be at the auction.

    “Great, where are you now? I’ll pick you up myself!”


    Half an hour later, a Lincoln Town Car drove slowly into Victoria Harbor. Ye Chen and Wang Long got down from it.

    A luxury cruise greeted their eyes, appearing like a dazzling pearl in the night. Meanwhile, there were many well-dressed people boarding the cruise one after another.

    “Mr. Ye, this cruise’s name is Thunderfrog. It weighs over 50,000 tons, and it can contain a maximum of 3,000 passengers. There are luxurious amenities in there that are known to be like the Garden of Eden,” Wang Long introduced.

    Ye Chen was surprised. “Thunderfrog? That’s an interesting name!”

    “The reason it’s called Thunderfrog is that the owner of the cruise is the son of the Thunder King, Young Master Lei. He’s also the organizer of the ball. That’s why it’s called the Thunderfrog.”

    Stunned, Ye Chen asked curiously, “Thunder King? Is he a Spell Master who can summon thunder and lightning?”

    “Have you never heard of the Thunder King?” Wang Long looked at him in surprise. Then, he said while smiling, “There are two people in Hong Kong that you can’t offend. The first one is the Thunder King while the second is Master Shen. Even the Governor of Hong Kong wants to butter them up.”

    “Why’s that?” Ye Chen asked.

    “Thunder King is a man, not Thor,” Wang Long said while looking rather terrified, “It’s said that he bears the family name Lei though there’s hardly any news about him. However, this man existed ever since Hong Kong was ruled by the British. Back then, he held the highest status among the Chinese. The Queen of England even asked to see him many times…”

    Ye Chen asked again, “Then, how about Master Shen?”

    “Master Shen is Shen Tiannan!”

    Wang Long took a deep breath and said, “He’s the legend of Hong Kong’s spell world. He’s No. 1 in feng shui and mysterious techniques. He’s an expert in astrology, fortune-telling and face-reading, and he can communicate with spirits and ghosts, as well as perform spells. It’s not an exaggeration to describe him as omnipotent.”

    He paused as he spoke to this point. “I had the pleasure to meet Master Shen when I was young. Back then, there was a Thai Black Magic Master who conquered Hong Kong’s spell world. He forced Master Shen to show up. All he did was wave his sleeve, and the Black Magic Master was put away in his sleeve…”

    He was secretly in awe. Although he was the boss of Sun Yee On Guild which conquered Hong Kong alongside 14K, that had only been possible as their path did not cross with the two VIPs. Otherwise, they might be eradicated anytime.

    Ye Chen’s eyes lit up after hearing that.

    ‘Is that Illusion at work?’

    Perhaps those techniques were no different than techniques coming from a god, so they were nothing to Ye Chen.

    “Judging by the fact that the Thunder King and Master Shen possess the same status, the Thunder King’s technique isn’t any weaker than Master Shen’s,” Wang Long added.

    “Let’s go!” Ye Chen chuckled softly and took the lead to board the cruise. Many people passed him as time went by. Most of them were young ladies who were dressed to attract attention in their revealing outfits.

    “I can’t believe that even Guan Yuehe is here!” Wang Long exclaimed.

    Guan Yuehe was the most popular celebrity in Hong Kong during recent years. She had received many awards. It would cost tens of millions of yuan to hire her to attend an event, so her presence made the ball tonight stand out. Judging by that, the ball was extremely grand.

    When they were passing the entrance, everyone took their invitation cards out. They could only enter after the strict security check which included a body search.

    To Ye Chen, he had an extra interest in this Captain’s ball now. He was curious about the Thunder King’s son, the man who organized the ball. After all, the invited guests were wealthy. If the organizer was not powerful himself, it would be hard to suppress these people!

    Wang Long brought Ye Chen in after handing his invitation card to the security guards.

    Although Ye Chen was mentally prepared, he was shocked by how luxurious the ballroom was. There was a massive hall that occupied over 5,000 square feet before him. The European chandelier above his head was more than just extravagant. Meanwhile, there were countless wines presented from far away. The dense fragrance of wine filled the entire hall.

    Many people who were dressed sophisticatedly with extraordinary charisma were gathered in groups. There were Asians, Caucasians, and black people…Basically, there were people of all skin colors attending the event.

    Wang Long said to Ye Chen as soon as they entered, “Mr. Ye, I’m going to meet some friends. Would you like to come with me?”

    “No, thanks!” Ye Chen shook his head slightly. He began walking around blindly in the ballroom after parting with Wang Long. He was out of place since he was dressed mediocrely, hence attracting quite a bit of attention to himself.

    He did not mind that though. A bunch of people walked toward his direction when he was strolling towards the resting area to take a seat. The leading person was a lady who dressed well. She resembled a lily that attracted butterflies.

    When she passed Ye Chen, the lady, who was dressed in a white chiffon dress behind her, suddenly stopped and looked at Ye Chen in disbelief. “Why are you here?”

    It was Fang Mi.

    Next to her, Fang Hao who was dressed formally noticed Ye Chen after hearing what Fang Mi said. He revealed an expression as if he had just seen a ghost. “You’re still alive?”