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Chapter 871 - Squash Them

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 871 Squash Them"Boom!"

    Everyone felt the powerful shockwave when the five divine chains broke. The shockwave ripped across space, threatening to shatter the Two World Peak. Every living being hurried to find cover, burying their heads in their palms while shaking in fear.

    "This is?"

    Ancestral Patriarch Takong rounded his eyes in disbelief.

    "Divine grade Golden Core?" Shenxi was floored by the development.

    Chen Fan stood firmly in the air as the energy around him surged higher. It surpassed that of the Ancestral Patriarch Takong and reached an unprecedented level. Almost at the same moment as he broke the chains, dark clouds gathered in the sky with deep rumbling thunder.

    "I'm a lazy guy, but you just had to force me to go the extra mile and use this power, didn't you? I can't stand you anymore, and you have left me with no choice."

    Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and let out a sigh.

    The Xuan Wu, the Azure Thearch, the Kun Peng, the Thunder Loch and the True Martial appeared behind him one after another, each towering above the clouds like the pillars that support the firmament.

    "Your tricks are pathetic."

    Lord Beihan snarled and charged at Chen Fan with a bloody maw. Chen Fan had stepped on him, crushing nearly half of his face. It gave him an unbearable shame, so he needed a victory to regain his pride.


    Chen Fan cracked a smile and reached out a hand.

    The five dharma forms transformed into an iridescent halo behind Chen Fan. Chen Fan flipped his palm down with the might of a primordial god. The palm suddenly grew in size and seized Lord Beihan as if he were a small snake, slamming him to the ground.


    A giant yellow mushroom cloud appeared in the sky.

    Lord Beihan crash landed and the impact shook the ground and the Two World Peak.

    His snake form rammed into a mountain peak, leveling it in an instant. His body, dragged by the momentum, created a hundred mile long ditch on the ground. The final impact created a large hole in a mountain. Lord Beihan was paralized by the attack.

    "One second!"

    Chen Fan murmured, face as impassive as a boulder.

    After breaking free from the divine chains, Chen Fan only had ten seconds to eliminate his enemies. After the ten seconds passed, he would no longer be able to use the Deception Art again and the Thunder Tribulation would await him.


    The development shocked Lord Spirit Husbandry. Even Ancestral Patriarch Takong's face darkened.

    Lord Beihan was no less powerful than any of them. However, Chen Fan had done away with him as if he were a defenseless little chick.

    "What should we do?"

    The four lords were on the fence.

    "How could he be so powerful?"

    Ancestral Patriarch Takong furrowed his brow.

    Chen Fan's strength had only been marginally more powerful than theirs, but just then, he was on an entirely different level. Ancestral Patriarch Takong noticed that Chen Fan's power had reached the late-stage of the Golden Core, and it reminded him of the invincible Heavenly Lord Essence Neonate.


    Even as everyone wondered what had happened, Chen Fan had lashed out again.

    He punched out softly. Although he had used True Martial Divine Fist as he did last time, the golden halo was much bigger at the moment. It was as bright as the burning wheel's on the god's chariot. The golden light connected Chen Fan with Lord Spirit Husbandry.


    The Moon Wolf's thousand feet tall frame was squashed by Chen Fan's fist. The fist carried a tsunami of deadly energy, landing squarely on the Moon Wolf.

    Lord Spirit Husbandry collapsed to the ground in dead silence.

    His physique wasn't nearly as robust as Zhao Juexian's, therefore, the punch had easily gone through his Protection Spirit Armor, rending his bones and muscles. By the end, his body could no longer contain the energy and it imploded, turning into a puff of crimson mist.

    Lord Spirit Husbandry was killed with one punch.

    "Two seconds."

    Chen Fan counted in his head as he turned around.

    "Oh no!"

    By then, there was only one thought in his enemies' minds.


    Chen Fan's power was terrifying. Each move carried more energy than a late-stage Golden Core Cultivator. Such power had even terrorized Ancestral Patriarch Takong. All he could think of was to avoid Chen Fan's strength and bide his time to strike again later.

    However, Chen Fan would not let them get away.

    "Art of Heavenly Jail!"

    Chen Fan brought his arms to his chest as if cradling a small universe.

    The Kun Peng Dharma Form jumped out of the iridescent halo and spread out its enormous wings, blocking the sky momentarily before it folded them tight around its body.


    The divine beast wrapped everything under its wings, trapping the enemies inside.

    The Art of Heavenly Jail was one of the Kun Peng's Divine Powers. It was no less effective than the Azure Thearch's Dragon Taming Rope. Meanwhile, Ancestral Patriarch Takong and the others scrambled to attack the wings.

    Countless blade auras and wind blades crashed into the wings, but the wings were unwavering.

    "Your resistance is futile."

    Chen Fan hacked with one hand.

    His arm split open reality, creating a fissure filled with violent lightning energy. From the cracking depths, a humanoid creature with a dragon's head brandished a blade fused with crackling lighting energy. The lightning bolts merged into each other, forming lethal Energy Blades.

    The blades went through Lord Yuanwu like butter, severing him into two.

    The Thunder Divine Blade also clashed into Lord Yuanwu's weapon, a formidable Spirit Treasure. However, the spirit treasure shattered into a thousand pieces upon contact.

    Chen Fan proceeded to fold his palms. The wings closed, echoing his motions, crushing the world that it had engulfed. Ancestral Patriarch Takong started a secret art and darted out of harm's way. But Lord Xuanfeng was less fortunate and was flattened by the two wings.

    "Four seconds."

    Chen Fan counted in his head as he landed his piercing gaze on the escaping Ancestral Patriarch Takong.

    Ancestral Patriarch Takong lived up to his reputation of being a shrewd old fox. He had an escape plan from the outset. The Lin Family of the Tianlan Region were experts in many secret arts, and their power was even greater than that of the Xukong Grotto-heaven.

    The Ancestral Patriarch of the Lin Family sped up and put a significant amount of distance between him and Chen Fan in just nine strides.

    He had traversed a hundred kilometers in less than two seconds: even the speed of sound would pale upon comparison.

    Chen Fan didn't seem to be in a hurry to catch up with him.


    Chen Fan lifted a hand and pointed at the sky.

    Suddenly, he disappeared into thin air and reappeared right behind Ancestral Patriarch Takong with his finger still pointing forward. However, the tip of which had landed right at the back of Ancestral Patriarch Takong.


    Ancestral Patriarch Takong froze in his tracks as disbelief crawled onto his face.

    Cracks and fissures started to appear all over his body, and with a peal of crackling din, his body exploded into countless pieces and disappeared into thin air.

    "Five seconds. "

    Chen Fan pulled his hand back. He had ten seconds to finish the battle, but it only took him five. The five apparitions slowly disappeared into Chen Fan's body.

    He turned around and looked at the two girls.

    Shenxi was stunned by what she had seen. For the first time someone had impressed the Heavenly Goddess. She gaped in disbelief as she watched Chen Fan's body, shrouded in a brilliant halo. She felt that she had discovered a whole new person in Chen Fan.

    "Sister, I told you he was formidable. Do you believe me now?" Xiao Mang said.

    Shenxi grinned.

    He had killed four deadly Lords in less than five seconds. Such a feat would make him the most powerful man among all the young cultivators in the Heavenly Region, if not the entire Sacred land.

    "Who the heck are you?"

    A question rang loud and clear in Shenxi's mind.