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Chapter 379 - Death is the Consequence of Offending Mr. Ye!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 379: Death is the Consequence of Offending Mr. Ye!

    Fang Hao only pulled over after driving out of Tsim Sha Tsui. He let out a heavy sigh. “He deserves to be Sun Yee On Guild’s boss. His aura was suppressing me!” If one looked closer, his back was drenched in sweat.

    “Fang Hao, we left Ye Chen there. Will he…” Fang Mi was hesitating as she spoke. She felt no better than Fang Hao. Wang Long’s aura was so suppressive that she dared not speak earlier.

    Fang Hao smirked. “That brat dared to offend the Sun Yee On Guild with his little tricks. What could we have done about it?”

    “But what do we tell Grandpa if they kill him?” Fang Mi bit her lip as she was struggling.

    “We’ll just tell the truth. I believe Grandpa will understand.” Fang Hao snickered, appearing disdainful. “After all, compared to Sun Yee On Guild, Ye is just too insignificant.”

    “I guess that’s the only thing that we can do.” Fang Mi released a soft sigh and secretly shook her head.

    At that moment, they treated Ye Chen as a dead man. After all, Ye Chen’s opponent was the Sun Yee On Guild. Furthermore, he was the boss, Wang Long!


    “Boss, it was this brat who beat us up!” Brother Elephant walked in front as he led Wang Long to the corridor on the second floor. He pointed at Ye Chen who was smoking before the window.

    At that moment, Ye Chen turned around upon hearing the commotion.

    Wang Long walked over instantly.

    Brother Elephant and Yan Tie looked at Ye Chen while gloating. A grin of revenge filled their faces. They seemed to be able to foresee Ye Chen being crushed into pieces by their boss.

    However, Wang Long suddenly bowed when he arrived next to Ye Chen in the next second. He said in utter respect while clasping his fists, “Mr. Ye, I’m so happy to be able to see you again!”


    Disbelief filled Yan Tie and Brother Elephant’s faces as if they had been struck by lightning!

    Their boss, the leader of Sun Yee On Guild who could shake Hong Kong with a stomp of his foot, was being so respectful towards a young brat?

    How was that possible!?

    They imagined many scenes that would possibly happen when both of them met, but what they were looking at was none of what they imagined.

    Ye Chen looked expressionless in the face of Wang Long’s respect. His voice was rather cold as he stated, “Wang Long, I suddenly regret not killing you earlier.”

    Wang Long felt growing pressure on him as soon as he heard that. He felt as if he was buried in a snowy land. He knelt before Ye Chen directly. “Mr. Ye, it’s my fault not to have taught my men better. I’ll handle them now!”

    He got up and walked directly toward Yan Tie and Brother Elephant after that with killing intent that he did not hide on his face!

    “Brother Long, w-what are you doing?” Brother Elephant took a step back while speaking as he shuddered, “Brother Long, that brat is the one that you should be killing…”

    “Die!” When Wang Long threw a punch out, Brother Elephant exploded from the force before he was even done speaking. His blood splashed all over Yan Tie’s face who was standing aside.

    Yan Tie had horror on his face and fear in his eyes. “Why? Brother Long, why did you do that? Is this how you treat your brother?”

    “Brother?” Wang Long grinned. “Yan Tie, it’s been ten years since you’ve been with me, hasn’t it? I’ve been treating you as a brother, but you ganged up with people from the 14K behind my back.”

    “No!” Yan Tie took a step back in panic. “I didn’t!”

    “Half a year ago, you accepted an online transfer of two million yuan from 14K. You transferred it to your lover’s account. We found a USB drive from the Commercial Crime Investigation Division. Three days ago, you accepted 10 million yuan from 14K. You wanted to overthrow me after all of my men were killed in the Jiaozhi region and I was severely hurt. You wanted to be the boss…”

    Wang Long was approaching him one step after another. Each sentence he said made Yan Tie’s expression change drastically.

    “Go to hell!” Yan Tie shouted as a dagger appeared in his hand. He charged at Wang Long without hesitation.


    Wang Long broke both of his arms with a slap. He picked him up midair and enunciated word for word, “I’d like to think that I’m a big man. I might consider sparing your life if what I mentioned were the only mistakes that you’ve made! But you shouldn’t have offended Mr. Ye for he’s my life savior!”

    Yan Tie glared at him with his eyes wide open. He finally understood why Ye Chen was so powerful, as well as why Wang Long respected him so much!

    “Death is the consequence of offending Mr. Ye!” Wang Long squeezed his windpipe with his arm, crushing Yan Tie’s throat directly. Subsequently, he tossed him on the ground and attacked Yan Tie and Brother Elephant’s men.

    As a series of devastating shrieks were heard, Ye Chen and Wang Long were the only people left alive.


    Wang Long knelt before Ye Chen again, “Mr. Ye, it’s my fault for not having taught them well. I’m willing to accept any punishment!”

    “That’ll be all!” Ye Chen shook his head slightly while looking at the blood all over the floor.

    Wang Long released a sigh of relief and arranged a private room for Ye Chen. He then ordered many dishes and escorts for him.

    However, Ye Chen waved and sent the escorts out. He lifted his eyes to look at Wang Long. “I heard there’s an auction going on in Hong Kong. Is that true?”

    “That’s right!” Wang Long glanced at him in surprise and nodded as he spoke, “It’s happening at the most crowded place in Hong Kong, Central. It’ll take place at 8 p.m. tomorrow. The auction is said to be phenomenal. I heard many people are going, but it’s by invitation only.”

    By invitation only?

    Ye Chen frowned slightly. He felt like he knew that rule. He knocked on the table and said, “I’m sure your Sun Yee On Guild has received an invitation.”

    “That’s right. They sent me an invitation earlier.” Wang Long understood what Ye Chen was trying to say. He said while smiling, “If you need it, I can extend my invitation to you!”

    “No need!” Ye Chen smiled lightly. “If you don’t mind, please bring me along with you.”

    Although the Sun Yee On Guild was nothing to him, it was a super organization in Hong Kong after all. If Wang Long did not go, he would definitely attract a lot of attention. He did not want to stir things up.

    After dinner, Ye Chen left the Hengrui Restaurant alone after rejecting Wang Long’s offer to send him to the hotel. The sky had turned dark at that moment.

    To his surprise, there were many cultivators on the streets in Tsim Sha Tsui. There were ancient martial artists and Spell Masters with the latter being the majority, and they had a high cultivation base.

    Apart from that, there were many foreigners. Among them were Japanese that Ye Chen despised the most. No matter how well they disguised themselves, he saw through them anyway.

    “Powerhouses have gathered here in Hong Kong. Are they here for the auction? This is getting interesting!” Ye Chen chuckled softly and disappeared from the street.

    Soon after he left, a lady standing on the eighth floor of a hotel looked at the direction he disappeared in in a condescending manner. There was suspicion on her pretty face.

    At that moment, an old man in traditional Chinese attire walked over while smiling. “Ms. Tang, what are you looking at? Young Master Shen and the rest are waiting for us.”

    “Nothing!” As the lady shook her head lightly, she looked intensely where Ye Chen disappeared and suddenly said to the old man next to her, “Master Yao, do you think ancient martial artists or Spell Masters are more powerful?”

    “It’s hard to say,” Master Yao smiled and said, “Below Illuminating God, Spell Masters on Dao Entry are slightly weaker than ancient martial artists mainly because the abilities that people on Dao Entry can perform are limited. They can use magical tools at most.”

    “Then, how about Illuminating God?” the lady asked again.

    Master Yao said, “Spell Masters on Illuminating God are the equivalent of the masters of ancient martial artists. If they’re on the same level, Illuminating God Spell Master is more powerful than a master, especially people like Young Master Shen, who has been taught by the Southern Sect of Hong Kong’s leader Master Shen!”

    The lady gave a short response, seeming to be satisfied with the answer. She could never forget that young man who had held onto her neck like she was merely an ant when she went to China to pray to her ancestors. She could never forget the time when she had no strength to fight back!

    It was her, Tang Ning’s humiliation!

    It was her nightmare!

    Ye Chen!

    She remembered that name and swore to take revenge!

    After returning to Hong Kong, her family bestowed great responsibility upon her when she proved herself with her diligence. She took over the Tang family within a few months, and she was close to Shen Xingye, the leader of the spell world in Hong Kong, who was the disciple to Master Shen Tiannan of the Southern Sect.

    Shen Xingye was an Illuminating God expert!

    To her, Ye Chen should be a master of ancient martial arts judging by the technique that he had performed back then. If he were to fight Shen Tiannan’s disciple, Shen Xingye, he would definitely not be his match!

    She secretly shook her head as she thought to this point. It was unfortunate that Young Master Shen could not go to China at the moment. Otherwise, she could reclaim her dignity that she had lost earlier, as well as get Ye Chen to kneel to her while apologizing!