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Chapter 378 - Our Boss is Here. It’s the End For You!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 378: Our Boss is Here. It’s the End For You!

    “Who dares to hurt my disciple?!”

    Brother Elephant, who was kneeling on the ground, was over the moon when he heard the screams coming from downstairs. He looked at Ye Chen in a gloating manner. “My master is here. Brat, I guarantee that you’ll die a devastating death!”

    Fang Mi took a deep breath and said to Ye Chen in alarm, “Don’t speak nonsense when Master Yan is here. Let me do the talking, or even my family can’t save you.”

    An old man in black martial arts attire walked over as soon as Fang Mi was done speaking. The old man’s temples were raised high while his palms were big. He walked in an overbearing manner, exuding an invisible pressure. He was Sun Yee On Guild’s office-bearer, Yan Tie!

    Fang Hao and Fang Mi stood still at the same time though Ye Chen remained sitting still.

    Brother Elephant stretched his finger out and pointed as if he had just seen his life savior. “Master, it’s this brat who beat me up. He’s the one who’s asking to see you!”

    Yan Tie lifted his eyes to look at Ye Chen. Then, he scoffed and said after realizing that he was so young and did not look like a man who was skilled in martial arts at all, “Young man, was it you who got my disciple to kneel and did you demand to see me?”

    “That’s right! What are you going to do about that?” Ye Chen said.

    Yan Tie’s face sank immediately.

    Fang Mi, who was standing aside, clenched her teeth and walked up to say immediately, “Greetings, Master Yan. I’m Fang Mi from the Fang family.”

    “The Fang family?” Yan Tie’s face softened as he spoke, “What’s your relationship with Fang Baichuan?”

    “He’s my grandpa!” Fang Mi was secretly overjoyed as she spoke, “Master Yan, this is just a misunderstanding. It’s my friend’s first time in Hong Kong, so he doesn’t know the rules here. I hope that you can forget about it for my grandpa’s sake. Can you do that?”

    “Forget about it?” Yan Tie smirked with his arms behind his back. “I can do that, but this brat has to break an arm and apologize to me while kneeling. I’ll spare his life if he does that.”

    He said coldly after noticing that Fang Mi was attempting to go on further, “Little girl from the Fang family, this brat will definitely die if not for your grandfather!”

    Fang Mi shut her mouth immediately.

    “Master Yan is right!” Fang Hao, who had been quiet, looked coldly at Ye Chen. “Master Yan is only sparing your life for the sake of our Fang family. Do what Master Yan asked now.”

    He was secretly over the moon. He despised Ye Chen since they met, and now there was a chance to punish him. Naturally, it was great news since he would not be killed anyway.

    “Just do it, or I really can’t save you,” Fang Mi could not help but say while looking at Ye Chen. To her, he was definitely not Yan Tie’s match. It would be great to save his life by breaking an arm.

    Yan Tie grinned. “What’s your decision, brat? My patience is wearing off.”

    “There’s nothing to decide!” Ye Chen shook his head lightly, appearing rather impatient. “Let’s just fight right now. I’ll get to eat if we get this over with soon!”

    The people were stunned to hear his indifference. Fang Mi and Fang Hao thought they heard it wrong!

    Could he not behave so madly?!

    Fang Hao was smirking. ‘Brat, you’re the one who’s seeking death yourself!’

    “You’ve crossed the line, b*stard!” Yan Tie was slightly stunned, then he was enraged. “I’ll show you what I’ve got today. Don’t worry. I’ll make you regret being born into this world!”

    He shouted as soon as he was done speaking. His rough palm grew a fold bigger at the moment. Immediately, he slapped Ye Chen with a compelling force!

    Fang Mi could not help but shut her eyes. ‘You idiot! Nobody can save you now!’


    When another loud slap was heard, she opened her eyes by instinct. She stared with her beautiful eyes wide open.

    What did she see?!

    The scene whereby Ye Chen was slapped to death that played out in her mind did not happen. Instead, Ye Chen had thrown Yan Tie out with a slap.

    At that moment, Brother Elephant and his four men, Fang Hao, and Fang Mi stared with their eyes wide open and their jaws slack.

    Sun Yee On Guild’s office-bearer had just been thrown out by a slap! He was the best fighter in the entire Sun Yee On Guild!

    Dead silence! It was deadly silent!

    “How is that possible!?” Fang Hao’s exclaim of disbelief broke the silence. Brother Elephant had horror in his eyes when he looked at Ye Chen after snapping back to his senses.

    Yan Tie got up from the ground while staggering. While his cheek was swollen, he inhaled sharply and spoke while holding back the pain, “Brat, exactly who are you?”

    Horror swelled inside him. He had been in Hong Kong for so many years, and it was his first time meeting such a powerful young man. Even Sun Yee On Guild’s rival, the 14K Guild, did not have such a formidable fighter.

    “I’ve said that I’m someone that you guys can’t afford to offend!” Ye Chen smiled calmly and lit a cigarette.

    ‘Someone that we can’t afford to offend?’ Yan Tie secretly jolted. Just when he was going to ask further, a commotion came from downstairs and Yan Tie’s phone rang. “Master Yan, the boss is here. He has just pulled over at the entrance!”

    Yan Tie’s body shuddered intensely. He then looked at Ye Chen with utter pride. “Brat, our boss is here. It’s the end for you!”

    “Brother Long is here?” Brother Elephant was excited.

    Ye Chen remained neutral as he snorted. “Oh, really? Then, get your boss here!”

    “You’ve said that yourself. Stay here if you’re even a man!” Yan Tie grinned and took his men downstairs.

    Fang Mi and Fang Hao seemed to have recalled something as dense shock appeared on their faces at the same time.

    It was a man who Yan Tie feared, and he was called Brother Long. Then, this man must be the boss of Sun Yee On Guild, Wang Long! He was one of Hong Kong’s two dragons and someone who could shake Hong Kong with merely a stomp!

    Even the Fang family could not afford to offend such a man. Both of them ran down, ignoring the shock in them as they thought to this point.

    Subsequently, a middle-aged man, who looked crude and majestic, walked into the restaurant. There were over ten underlings following behind him.

    “B-Brother Long!”

    Brother Elephant, Yan Tie, and the rest were stunned. They went up to him immediately and said in utter respect, “Greetings, Boss!”

    Fang Mi and Fang Hao said in unison, “Greetings, Brother Long!”

    “I’ve just come back and haven’t gotten the chance to rest while you guys are stirring things up here. Tell me, what happened?!” Wang Long demanded in a majestic manner without his temper even rising.

    Brother Elephant told him everything that happened while adding more fuel to the fire. He even said that Ye Chen scorned the entire Sun Yee On Guild and underestimated their boss, Wang Long.

    Wang Long then looked at Yan Tie pointedly. “Is that true?”

    “That’s right!” Yan Tie nodded and said.

    “Brother Long, that’s not what happened…” Fang Mi said, turning pale. She was eager to explain on behalf of Ye Chen.

    However, Fang Hao stopped her. “That’s right, Brother Long. I can testify that it was this brat who beat Master Yan and the rest up.”

    “Who are you?” Wang Long frowned.

    Brother Elephant introduced, “Brother Long, they’re from the Fang family.”

    “Since you guys are from the Fang family, then this has nothing to do with you guys!” Wang Long waved a hand and said.

    Fang Hao dragged Fang Mi, who was still trying to speak, out. They walked out of the restaurant without even turning their heads since they did not have the means to stay to beg for Ye Chen at all.

    “Let’s go, bring me there. I’d like to know who this man is to be daring enough to humiliate my Sun Yee On Guild!” Wang Long waved and walked over in an arrogant manner.

    Brother Elephant and Yan Tie looked at each other. They saw the smirk and gloat in each other’s eyes. They knew how powerful their boss’s ability was. Otherwise, he would not be the boss of Sun Yee On Guild that had up to 10,000 members.

    No matter how powerful Ye was, he would not be their boss’s match!