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Chapter 870 - Fighting Many Foes

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 870 Fighting Many FoesZhao Juexian was truly powerful.

    As the lord of the Beihan Region, his Sky-Swallowing Python Bloodline had reached phenomenal success. He was only one step away from forming True Blood and transforming into a living, breathing Sky-Swallowing Python. By then, he would be able to best even a Nascent Soul Cultivator, gain immortality and become a Heavenly Beast class being.

    However, Chen Fan had pinned him under his boots as if he were a wounded animal.

    Lord Spirit Husbandry was floored for a second and then quickly gathered himself. He pulled a dark face and shouted at Chen Fan, "Let go of Zhao Juexian!" It embarrassed him to see someone who shared lordship with him be defeated in such a humiliating way.

    "Zhao Juexian and I have a score to settle. Why, do you want to help him?"

    Chen Fan looked up and grinned.

    The other Lords frowned as fear flickered in their eyes. Chen Fan's power had far exceeded their expectations. He might as well be as powerful as Ancestral Patriarch Takong. None of them could face Chen Fan alone. They were particularly impressed by Chen Fan's Grand Divine Power.

    "That's not what I meant, my friend. I don't know Zhao Juexian and will not intervene in your business as long as you stay out of my way to get the Butian Medicine. "

    Ancestral Patriarch Takong stood proudly with a great measure of contempt. His large sleeves flowed and billowed against the wind.

    Despite his words, the other four Lords spread out in unison to ready their arts. They would attack Chen Fan at any moment.

    Xiao Fan's face paled as he gazed at Chen Fan anxiously. Meanwhile, Shenxi had gathered herself. She was an unequaled Heavenly Goddess, both in terms of her prestige and pride. She would rather die with dignity than bow to anyone.

    "Shenxi is my sister's friend. Since she already has the Butian Medicine, let her keep it then," Chen Fan said. His eyelids were as heavy as her voice.

    "It doesn't have to be like this. "

    Cold light emerged from Ancestral Patriarch Takong's eyes, as his voice grew cold.

    "Hehe. I don't think you get it. Let me be more direct then…"

    Chen Fan looked up and scoffed, "Get out of my sight, or die."

    His words shocked the four lords. Ancestral Patriarch Takong's face was contorted by fury; his hair stood upright, pointing at the sky angrily.


    The icy command of the Ancestral Patriarch Takong came.

    The battle was about to begin.

    The four Lords were shrewd and careful, they knew that they had no chance defeating Chen Fan by themselves. Teamwork was their only hope, so they attacked in unison. Lord Spirit Husbandry opened his crossed arms, summoning the Moon Wolf to lash out at Chen Fan with his bloody maw.

    Lord Xuanfeng traced a circle in the air, creating a shower of wind blades that rushed towards Chen Fan. The deadly attack carried the Qi of Arcane Yin.

    Lord Yuanwu unsheathed a long shiny blade. Lights ran down its cold edge, illuminating the silvery Blade Qi around it.

    Ancestral Patriarch Takong was the strongest of them all. He closed his fingers into a fist as his energy spinned and grew, transforming into an enormous dragon. A surge of power shot up from his waist and tore the seams of his shirt open. The gust of energy puffed up his large loose sleeves and escaped into the sky, forming a wash of bright light that outshined the brightest star.

    Such was the unrelenting power of the combined might of four lords.

    The deadly energies were being contained by the Two World Peak, otherwise, they would have wreaked havoc in the world around it. That being said, even the powerful Dharma Arrays inside the Two World Peak could barely contain them.

    The powerful attack darkened Shenxi's face.

    She would straight off avoid taking on four members of the Longevity Roll banding together, even at the peak of her power.


    Xiao Mang clenched her fists.


    Chen Fan smiled.

    Chen Beixuan transformed the Chaotic Divine Tree into the Azure Thearch Dragon Taming Rope and wrapped it tightly around Lord Beihan. Chen Beixuan broke another divine chain and stimulated his Xuan Wu Essence Core.


    The Xuan Wu Dharma Form that appeared behind Chen Fan was a behemoth. The apparition quickly blended with Chen Fan's body, transforming him into a giant that towered before his foes. Chen Fan snarled and clawed at his enemies.


    The Moon Wolf fell to the ground silently after the attack. Lord Spirit Husbandry had kept the Moon Wolf for over two thousand years, and by then, it was as powerful as a Grand Perfected Cultivator. However, Chen Fan killed it with only one strike.

    Meanwhile, Lord Xuanfeng's Storm of Undying Blades had been blocked by a dark yet incandescent energy around Chen Fan. Lord Yuanwu attempted to break Chen Fan's defenses by hacking with his blade, but to no avail.

    Finally, Chen Fan countered Ancestral Patriarch Takong's punch and winded him.

    In a blink, Chen Fan had held out against the combined attack of four Lords without taking any damage.

    "What is that?"

    Ancestral Patriarch Takong studied Chen Fan's Dharma Form in shock and disbelief. It was half snake and half turtle, like the legendary guardian of the North, the Xuan Wu. He reckoned that the beastly form was more powerful than the Chaotic Divine Tree.

    "It reminds me of the Xuan Wu, but the Xuan Wu was a beast of Heavenly Venerate. I have never heard anyone who could tame its bloodline. I wager that the art only has a hint of the Xuan Wu's lineage."

    Lord Spirit Husbandry was at a loss.

    No one, not even Shenxi had believed that Chen Fan had gained the Xuan Wu Bloodline.

    It was one of the most powerful Divine Bloodlines. Once perfected, the Xuan Wu Divine Form could smash an entire galaxy into smithereens with one strike. The Sky-Swallowing Python simply couldn't compare. Xiao Mang covered her mouth to stifle her shout; however, she couldn't hide the excitement in her eyes. This was the second time she had witnessed the Xuan Wu form.

    Ancestral Patriarch Takong snorted and said, "Keep going, his defense will break sooner or later. "

    Hearing the rallying cry, the other lords attacked at once.

    Suddenly, another world shattering battle took shape in the sky. Chen Fan transformed into a Xuan Wu and held his ground firmly. The Xuan Wu could deal formidable damage, but its defense was even more impeccable. That being said, Chen Fan slowly lost his edge in the battle under his enemies relentless attack.

    "What a shame. My Xuan Wu Essence Core has not reached the golden core yet; otherwise, I could tear these idiots into pieces with ease." Chen Fan furrowed his brow.

    The four lords were well versed in many Divine Powers and had reached the Golden Core's late-stage. Each of them was a deadly force to be reckoned with in their own right.

    Ancestral Patriarch Takong was the most formidable of them all. He commanded a powerful art of unknown lineage and moved from place to place like a mighty phantom. The ground shook under his feet and a mountain moaned in his grasp. He could break the fabric of space if he wanted to.

    Shenxi said in a steady voice, "That's the Divine Art of Nine Heavens from the Lin Family of the Tianlan Region. It can allow you to travel through time and traverse in between realms. The Lin Family was the last recipient of the Tatian Sect's remaining bloodline."

    ‘"Traitor! Scum!"

    Ancestral Patriarch Takong's searing gaze landed on Shenxi.

    He made nine wide strides, each leaving a depression on the ground. His energy surged as his size swelled. When he stopped, he had grown into a behemoth that stretched in between heaven and earth.


    Ancestral Patriarch Takong's foot bore down from the sky, threatening to open up the earth.


    Unable to counter the extreme force, Chen Fan was pushed down a few hundred meters from the sky. However, he remained unfazed. He was confident that the Xuan Wu's defense would protect him even from the attack of a Heavenly Treasure.


    Faced with more attacks from all directions, Chen Fan summoned the Xuan Wu Sacred Land.

    Suddenly, the world around Chen Fan became a blend of elusive lights; their shapes were contorted by the Xuanming Heavy Water that floated about in the air. Each drop of the Xuanming Heavy Water was able to fill an entire river. The combined weight and volume of so many droplets in the air was astounding.

    The four lord immediately found themselves surrounded by the spell and felt the iron grip of its effect.

    However, neither of them was Zhu Jiushan, so they weren't going to circumvent such power.

    Lord Yuanwu charged up his Blade Qi, hacking open the Heavenly Region. Lord Spirit Husbandry broke the spell with a long and heavy breath. Lord Xuanfeng cupped his hand on his chest and summoned a whirlwind of blades. Meanwhile, Ancestral Patriarch Takong broke free from the spell with a punch.


    Chen Fan charged forward, seeing how the Xuan Wu Sacred Land had failed to hold them down. The Xuan Wu Form was extra nimble and strong in its own domain. It's power surged at least a third and was able to hold its ground against the four deadly foes.

    "It's a pity that there seems to be a flaw in my divine grade Golden Core, hindering its power. Maybe it has something to do with my level of attainment as well. If I can fix that, I should be able to do away with these four fools in less than ten movies. "

    A pang of Chen Fan disappointment appeared in his eyes as he battled his opponents.

    "Sister, does such a powerful fighter really exist?" Xiao Mang asked.

    Shenxi didn't reply, however, the complex emotions in her eyes suggested that there wasn't an easy answer.

    Compared to HIM, Chen Fan might have been much more powerful, but he was less experienced. Unlike Chen Fan, he was a godly being venerated by people in countless worlds.


    The battle continued.

    The four lords' attack gained more frequency and vigor while Chen Fan also held his ground firmly. However, the Chaotic Divine Tree started to struggle as it contained Lord Beihan without its master's command. The Dragon Taming Rope shivered and was on the verge of breaking.

    "I can't let them draw out the battle. "

    Chen Fan knew that it was impossible to win the battle with the power of the Xuan Wu Essence Core. As the battle drew on, he would be losing the precious time that the Two World Peak would remain open.


    Chen Fan suddenly stopped the Dharma Form and regained his human appearance.

    Meanwhile, the chaotic divine tree turned into a streak of light and flew back into Chen Fan's body. Without the constraints, Lord Beihan shot up into the sky with his body on flame.

    "What's the matter, are you going to give up? My Friend, I can spare a portion of the Butian Medicine if you can bury the hatchet. There's no need to cause bad blood because of a woman," Lord Spirit Husbandry said with a soft tone.

    "No, I'm going to end this right now."

    Chen Fan cracked a smile.

    The remaining three Divine Chains suddenly snapped.