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Chapter 869 - Unmatched

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 869 UnmatchedWind was howling deep inside the Two World Peak.

    Zhao Juexian turned into the Sky-Swallowing Python, Lord Spirit Husbandry rode on a wolf, Lord Xuanfeng was surrounded by a storm… The five powerful Overlords were cultivators that ruled over complete regions.

    They were top Overlords even in the ten most powerful Heavenly Regions.

    Normal Perfected Cultivators couldn't even stand in front of them. Even those as powerful as Goddess Shenxi from the Reincarnation Sect were no match for the five of them. She had almost been killed.

    "Are you nuts?"

    Shenxi wanted to pull Chen Fan back, but she was drained. Her body even shook when she got up.

    Ancestral Patriarch Takong and the others looked down at Chen Fan as if he were an ant. Zhao Juexian even burst into laughter. "Who do you think you are? Don't think you can be so arrogant after killing just a few Perfected Cultivators and Golden Core Cultivators."

    Chen Fan said, "Didn't the Heavenly Ancestor tell you how I exterminated the Zhao family?"

    Zhao Juexian froze immediately. He had been trapped in the Two World Peak all this time, so he didn't get much information from the outside world. He had seen recordings of Chen Fan and knew he was indeed the culprit, but he had no idea about the details.

    In fact, he was also wondering.

    The royal family of the Beihan Region had over a hundred Golden Core Cultivators, nine troops and Sword King. How could they be annihilated? Chen Fan seemed to simply be a peak-stage Golden Core Grand Perfected Cultivator. He shouldn't be able to withstand even a slash from Sword King.

    "I killed Sword King with a finger and slashed open the arrays of the royal city, slaying all the members of the Zhao family who deserved to die," Chen Fan said calmly.


    Zhao Juexian was enraged.

    Even the other four Overlords were stunned.

    Sword King was the heir of the Haotian Sword Sect and was almost powerful enough to be listed on the Longevity Roll. Even among the five of them, only Ancestral Patriarch Takong had a chance of defeating Sword King. If Chen Fan had killed Sword King with a finger, killing them should be a piece of cake for him.

    Shenxi also looked at Chen Fan in shock.

    She had heard about Sword King. Even when she was in her best condition, it would have been difficult for her to deal with him. And yet, Chen Fan said he had killed him quite effortlessly. That was a power on par with the top elites on the Longevity Roll!

    "Bullsh*t! Let me crush you to pieces and see if you can still be so arrogant!"

    Zhao Juexian stomped his foot.


    His left foot grew to a hundred feet in size and fell from the sky with an energy that could smash everything. He not only wanted to crush Chen Fan, he also wanted to level the mountain underneath him.


    When the giant foot had almost arrived, Shenxi had already used the Heavenly Talismans to attack. The powerful Overlords smiled and Zhao Juexian was even thrilled.


    Suddenly, a powerful energy surged below Zhao Juexian. It was like a thousand nuclear bombs exploding at the same time.

    Everyone only saw…

    Zhao Juexian's giant foot was blown into pieces. Then, a Divine Tree grew from the ground and became a thousand feet tall. Each of its branches seemed to be lifting a world. Stars flashed between them and carried an endless ancient energy.


    Zhao Juexian let out a cry and spurted out blood.

    The other Overlords, including Shenxi, were dumbfounded. They saw the Divine Tree floating in the air while Chen Fan was standing in front of it, letting out rays of azure light.

    "It's the energy of a Divine Body… A Golden Core formed with a Divine Body! He's completed a divine-grade Golden Core? No… It seems to be an Essence Core, but how can an Essence Core be so powerful?"

    Shenxi was dumbfounded.

    She had always been calm, even when she was facing a critical moment, but she was truly stunned at this moment. Her jaw dropped and she looked at Chen Fan with eyes wide open.

    "You want to crush me?"

    Chen Fan rose to the sky.

    The Divine Tree behind him let down beams of light. Every one of them could kill a peak-stage Connate Cultivator. The entire Two World Peak shook slightly and many mountains sent out runes trying to freeze Chen Fan, but the Chaotic Divine Tree blocked them.

    "I can't believe it!"

    Zhao Juexian swayed his body and turned into a white giant python a few thousand feet long, which carried a terrifying energy. He was like the real Sky-Swallowing Python in the legends right then, and was only half a step away from entering the Nascent Soul Level.


    The python and the tree clashed against each other like two ancient gods fighting. The earth-shattering energy made the world shake. Countless runes and arrays were torn apart and the area around them even turned into an Essence Qi black hole.

    But the next second—

    The white giant python was knocked away.

    The Chaotic Divine Tree shone and shook violently. Every light ray turned into a Heavenly Sword and thousands of them slashed the giant python at the same time, creating countless deep cuts on its body. Its scales fell off and it bled all over. Zhao Juexian screamed loudly; he had been severely injured in an instant.

    "Impossible!" Zhao Juexian shouted.

    Ever since he attained the true form of the Sky-Swallowing Python, even Sword King's Xuantian Sword Art could only give him minor injuries. And yet, he lost to a tree, which was something he couldn't accept at all.

    The other Overlords were also terrified.


    Zhao Juexian howled. The snake's mouth opened and turned into an enormous black hole. There was a terrifying suction force inside, which was trying to swallow the entire world. The Sky-Swallowing Python was also a top dimensional creature. Similar to the Kun Peng, it also had a small world inside its body and could suck in everything in the world. The most powerful Sky-Swallowing Python could even swallow a million-feet-tall mountain.

    And yet, compared to the Kun Peng that could travel across the universe and swallow the sun, it was vastly weaker.


    Countless mountains and rocks around Chen Fan were sucked up from the ground by the tornado and they flew into the mouth of the giant python. The Sky-Swallowing Python became larger and its mouth was like a bottomless black hole.


    Chen Fan snorted.

    The Chaotic Divine Tree behind him started to grow larger.

    Then, it began to absorb every single drop of energy in the Two World Peak. In the end, all the runes and arrays in a hundred mile range lost their powers and the Chaotic Divine Tree grew to a gargantuan height of ten thousand feet.

    How tall was ten thousand feet? It was sixty kilometers, which was taller than a building with ten thousand stories.

    The Divine Tree was towering and the Two World Peak wasn't even able to bear it. A hole appeared in the sky and the dimensional layer was exposed.

    Zhao Juexian's Sky-Swallowing Python ran back quickly. It was just like a kid in front of the Divine Tree.


    Chen Fan immediately attacked.

    The Chaotic Divine Tree sent down beams of light and formed a peerless Deity Sword. The sword was a thousand feet long, virtually able to crack a mountain.

    "Please don't! Save me!"

    Zhao Juexian fell back quickly.

    But it was too late. The Deity Sword had already slashed down with the full power of the Azure Thearch Essence Core, cutting Zhao Juexian's tail. The few hundred feet long snake's tail fell and created a huge hole on the ground. The sky was filled with blood.

    Lord Spirit Husbandry and Lord Yuanwu tried to help Zhao Juexian.

    But Chen Fan just grunted.

    The Divine Tree shook and there seemed to be countless worlds growing on the branches. Each leaf was one world. Then, a few transparent leaves fell and trapped the Overlords inside.

    A world in a grain of sand!

    Even though such small worlds could only trap the four Overlords for a while, it was enough for Chen Fan.

    "Zhao Juexian, the first Lord Beihan placed a curse on the Chinese, which kept my people from cultivating for thousands of years. We turned from a noble race to a lower-class race. In the last two thousand years, you even killed a lot of us. I'll settle the scores with you today," Chen Fan said as he walked and formed ripples in the sky.

    "My father isn't responsible for that. The Zhao family has nothing to do with it!" Zhao Juexian yelled as he fell back.

    But it was too late. Chen Fan reached out and grabbed him.

    "Where's Changying?"


    Countless leaves on the Divine Tree shook and sent down thousands of light rays, which then turned into a rope ten thousand feet long. It flashed across the sky like a dragon towards Zhao Juexian.

    Azure Thearch Dragon Taming Rope!

    This was a Divine Power of the Azure Thearch Longevity Body. The Azure Thearch had once used this art to trap a True Dragon. So, how could a fake Sky-Swallowing Python resist its power?

    Even though Zhao Juexian tried his best and yelled continuously, he couldn't escape from it.


    The Dragon Taming Rope twined around Zhao Juexian and the giant python fell from the sky. Chen Fan came down and stepped on its head, pushing Zhao Juexian deep into the ground and smashing half of the snake's head.


    Ancestral Patriarch Takong and the others who came out of the small worlds in the leaves saw this sight and were frightened.

    Shenxi looked at Chen Fan, feeling impressed.

    "Why is he so powerful?"