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Chapter 377 - I’ll Give You A Chance. Get Your Master Here!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 377: I’ll Give You A Chance. Get Your Master Here!

    As soon as Brother Elephant was done speaking, a hunk with arms like a horned dragon walked toward Ye Chen in long strides. At the same time, he stretched out his palm that was as big as a cattail leaf fan with a dense grin on his face.

    Fang Mi’s expression changed while Fang Hao held onto her when she wanted to stop that by instinct. “This brat brought this upon himself. Why do you care?”

    “But…” Fang Mi moved her lips.

    No matter how much they disliked Ye Chen, their grandfather had ordered them to take good care of him. If something were to happen to him, they could not explain it to their grandfather.

    “Don’t worry!” Fang Hao shook his head as he looked at Ye Chen while gloating. “I know how to get this under control. It’s good to torture him a little, or else, he’ll think that I wasn’t being serious!”

    He had warned Ye Chen in the car before that Hong Kong was different from China. He also asked Ye Chen to maintain a low profile, but he never expected this arrogant man to not listen to him.

    Fang Mi hesitated, but she eventually chose to watch. ‘Forget it! Let this be a painful lesson on reality!’

    At the same time, that hunk named Tiger slapped Ye Chen. Contempt appeared at the corner of his lips as he commanded, “Kneel, brat!”


    To him, Ye Chen was a weak man. He could break his shoulder with a single slap. However, Ye Chen remained still as if he was shocked!

    Brother Elephant smirked condescendingly.


    Suddenly, a loud slap was heard. Tiger shrieked and was thrown out, shaking the ground intensely when he landed.

    Everyone froze as if they were ice sculptures. The expressions on their faces stiffened too.

    A slap!

    It was merely a slap!

    Tiger had just been thrown out by a slap!

    “How is that possible?!” Rubbing his eyes, Fang Hao was the first to scream in disbelief.

    Fang Mi opened her tiny lips slightly, feeling rather shocked. She never expected the man, who looked mediocre to her, to not only dare to fight back, but he even threw Tiger out with a slap.

    One must know that Brother Elephant’s men were desperados. They could fight ten people alone!


    Brother Elephant suddenly applauded while his expression was extremely grim. “Not bad. It’s no wonder that you’re being so insolent to me. So, you practise martial arts!”

    His compliment was wrapped with killing intent. That was right. It was killing intent!

    If he had merely wanted to teach Ye Chen a lesson earlier, then he really wanted to kill Ye Chen now. After all, what Ye Chen did was the same as throwing a cold blanket on him!

    He removed his jacket as he thought to this point, revealing his strong and muscular body. Although he did not have scary arms like Tiger did, he gave out a powerful vibe as if all of his muscles had unmeasurable strength.

    “Brat, do you dare spar with me?” He cracked his neck while speaking, releasing a series of crackS, “If you defeat me, I’ll let you go. How does that sound?”

    Fang Hao and Fang Mi’s expressions changed after hearing that challenge. They knew Brother Elephant’s ability very well. This man was Sun Yee On Guild’s office-bearer, Yan Tie’s disciple.

    The so-called office-bearer was the most powerful fighter in the guild. Meanwhile, Yan Tie was an expert in Baguazhang. He could slap a nail into a piece of plank with the slam of his palm while his palm would remain unscathed.

    Since the master was so powerful, one could imagine Brother Elephant’s ability as his disciple. Ye Chen would definitely die if he were to fight him!

    “Brother Elephant!” Fang Mi stood up immediately and said with a pale face, “How could my friend be your match?”

    However, Ye Chen spoke calmly before she was even done speaking, “You alone aren’t enough. All of you, come fight me at once!”

    Dead silence filled the corridor!

    Fang Mi swallowed what she was going to say. Disbelief filled her eyes when she looked at Ye Chen. “A-are you out of your mind?”

    “Insane! He has gone insane!” Fang Hao could not stop shaking his head.

    ‘Brother Elephant alone is a handful. I can’t believe you dare to get all of them to fight you at once. You’re seeking death!’

    “Sure! I’ll make your wish come true!” Brother Elephant smiled in rage, then he shouted, “Beat him up. Remember, don’t kill him. Break his arms and legs first!”

    He shrieked as soon as he was done speaking. He threw a punch at Ye Chen’s head. At the same time, the remaining three hunks charged at Ye Chen too.

    “He’s going to die!” Fang Hao seemed to predict what would happen to Ye Chen.

    Fang Mi could not help but close her eyes.

    Ye Chen stretched an arm out facing the four men’s attack! When he grabbed Brother Elephant’s fist, Brother Elephant’s expression changed immediately because he realized that Ye Chen had immense strength. It felt as if it was a pincer was clipping him firmly while he failed to fight back.

    In the next second, intense pain came from his fist. It hurt so much that he knelt onto the ground by instinct.

    “Brother Elephant!” The other three men’s expressions changed, and they attacked Ye Chen instantly.

    “Kneel, all of you!” Ye Chen shook his head lightly and released a gush of aura. As soon as his aura soared out, the three of them knelt onto the ground, unable to move at all.

    At that moment, Fang Hao and Fang Mi revealed an expression as if they had just seen a ghost. They could not believe whatever they were seeing.

    “W-who exactly are you?” Brother Elephant knelt before Ye Chen with horror filling his entire being. His face was distorted from the pain. He knew he had countered a tough foe.

    Ye Chen looked at him in a condescending manner without any emotion on his face. “I’m someone that you guys can’t afford to offend!”

    “H-how dare you do this to me? Do you know who I am?” Brother Elephant’s eyes were filled with resentment as he was trying to threaten Ye Chen with his background.

    Fang Hao condemned Ye Chen instantly, “Let go of Brother Elephant now! Are you trying to get yourself killed? His master is Yan Tie!”

    “Yan Tie, was it?” Ye Chen sat down and said calmly, “Then, I’ll give you a chance. Get your master here!”

    “W-what did you say?” Brother Elephant could not believe his ears. This guy must be out of his mind for daring to ask him to call for help in the form of his master.

    One must know that although he was Yan Tie’s disciple, he did not really learn that much from Yan Tie. Although that was the case, he almost conquered the entire Tsim Sha Tsui. Judging by that, one could imagine how terrifying his master, Yan Tie, was.

    “Stop your nonsense, Ye Chen!” Fang Mi could no longer take it. “Yan Tie is Sun Yee On Guild’s office-bearer. Even my grandpa has to be nice to him!”

    “I’ll give you half an hour!” Ye Chen let go of Brother Elephant and said in an indifferent tone, “If your master doesn’t show up within half an hour, all of you will die!”

    “Alright!” Brother Elephant took a deep breath. He took out his phone while shaking to dial a number, “Master, someone just beat me up. He’s asking to see you! We’re at Hengrui Restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui! Sure!”

    After hanging up the phone, Brother Elephant’s face was filled with a sneer. “Brat, my master is coming. You’re going to die!”

    “Ye Chen, you’ve stirred things up. Run, now!” Fang Mi stomped her foot hard.

    “He can’t run!” Fang Hao stopped her immediately, “He caused the trouble for himself. If he runs away, what if Master Yan takes revenge on us?”

    “Brat, if you kneel and kowtow three times to me now, I’ll beg for mercy when my master gets here!” Brother Elephant grinned and said.

    However, Ye Chen smiled in disdain.

    Fang Mi scoffed and said nothing. She secretly made up her mind to use her grandfather’s name when Yan Tie got here to see if he would forgive Ye Chen!

    Meanwhile, Fang Hao looked at Ye Chen as if he was looking at a dead person.

    Time ticked by. A scream came from downstairs when some 20 minutes had passed. “Who dares to hurt my disciple?!”