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Chapter 868 - Let“s Attack Together

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 868 Let“s Attack TogetherAfter killing Lin Baikui, Chen Fan found the almost withered rattan in his storage ring; it could be revived one day, once it was planted and watered again.

    "That's good. This will give the Chinese a foundation."

    Chen Fan put away the Butian Rattan.

    The two of them continued waiting. The battle in the valley was getting more intense and even the array of the Two World Peak seemed to be a bit overwhelmed.

    Many Perfected Cultivators escaped from the battlefield and brought some of the latest news.

    The powerful Overlords were battling and Shenxi had the upper hand thus far. She seemed to have gotten the Butian Medicine.

    Chen Fan looked at the beams of silver light deep in the valley and heard the sound of the giant beasts, the python and the wolf.

    "Hm, looks like I've underestimated Shenxi's power."

    Lord Spirit Husbandry, Lord Yuanwu and Ancestral Patriarch Takong were all as powerful as Sword King, worthy of being listed on the Longevity Roll. Lord Beihan Zhao Juexian was especially powerful in the Two World Peak. Shenxi fought against all of them, showing the power of a top elite on the Longevity Roll.


    About two days later.

    The weather was calm and the battle ended. A beam of silver light shot up from the valley. It was Shenxi! And yet, she didn't seem to be in a good condition. Her silver wings were torn.


    Shenxi saw the two of them. She frowned and took them out of the valley.

    "Sister Shenxi, are you alright?" Xiao Mang asked anxiously.

    Shenxi couldn't even hold her Divine Soul and her gorgeous face was exposed. However, she looked extremely pale and there was blood on her mouth. She was apparently injured.

    "I'm fine. I was besieged by the five of them and they injured my body, but I'll recover very quickly as long as I have a chance to heal," Shenxi said calmly.

    Then, an earth-shattering roar sounded in the valley.

    "Shenxi, don't think you can run away. Hand over the Butian Medicine now, or we'll search the entire Two World Peak until we catch you." That was Ancestral Patriarch Takong's voice and Zhao Juexian and Lord Spirit Husbandry also agreed.

    Shenxi flapped her wings faster.

    Then, they ran deep into the Two World Peak. There was one time when Ancestral Patriarch Takong was only ten thousand feet away from them and they could see his furious look. In the end, Shenxi used some secret arts to flash to a point a hundred miles away.

    "Sister Shenxi, just put us down. You won't be able to run away from them while carrying us," Xiao Mang said.

    Shenxi refused, "No, if I put you down, I'd be sending you to your deaths."

    "Brother, please help Sister Shenxi." Xiao Mang looked at Chen Fan.

    Chen Fan was about to speak, but Shenxi suddenly grunted and added, "Just don't let him do anything stupid. I'm afraid he can't even survive an attack from Zhao Juexian."

    Chen Fan could only shrug.

    They ran for seven days in total. Shenxi went into the nests of some top beasts countless times or formed arrays with secret arts, but Ancestral Patriarch Takong and the others were people that had lived three thousand years and they were extremely vicious.

    Shenxi became paler as they continued their escape. Even though she was an elite on the Longevity Roll and had formed a superior-grade Golden Core, she couldn't bear to run for such a long time.

    What made Shenxi worry was that the closing time of the Two World Peak was approaching. If they couldn't get out before the gate was shut, they would be trapped in here for three centuries.

    Ancestral Patriarch Takong and the others also knew about it.

    "Shenxi, we'll all be trapped once the Two World Peak is closed if you don't hand over the Butian Medicine. By then, even the Sect Master of the Reincarnation Sect won't be able to find you."

    "Reincarnation Goddess, we hold no grudges against you. We'll share the Butian Medicine equally if you hand it over.

    "If you don't, we can only kill you!" the Ancestral Patriarchs said.

    However, Shenxi refused to do so. She wanted to complete the divine-grade Golden Core and she needed the entire Butian Medicine. She had tried to run to the gate of the world several times, but was stopped every single time.


    Two weeks passed and that was the last day.


    Shenxi landed on a mountain dozens of feet tall with the two of them. There was a huge platform at the peak. Once they were there, Shenxi said quickly, "Xiao Mang, keep these Heavenly Talismans. Be prepared. Initiate them immediately after they start to attack. I just need an hour to get back to my best condition."

    "Sister, are you really okay?"

    Xiao Mang was so worried she was almost crying.

    Shenxi looked pale and her skin was dim. Her Dharma Power had been drained in the last two weeks and even her Golden Core was a bit unstable.

    "Don't worry, I'm fine." Shenxi caressed the girl's head and smiled. "Unfortunately, we're not in the outside world. Otherwise, they wouldn't have been able to push me to this point."


    Shenxi looked at Chen Fan and talked to him with her Immortal Will.

    "If the situation is bad, just take Xiao Mang and leave immediately. They're here for me and the Butian Medicine. They don't have time to deal with you.

    "After I die, go to the Reincarnation Heavenly Region and look for…"

    Before she finished, Chen Fan interrupted her while looking her in the eye, "You're not going to die."

    Shenxi remained silent for a while and shook her head. "Although the Heavenly Talismans are powerful, they can't kill them. These people are very alert. They'll fall back once they feel something is wrong. I'm afraid we won't be able to hang on for six hours…"

    "I told you, you're not going to die," Chen Fan said.

    Shenxi frowned, then looked away and said indifferently, "It's too late. I need to cast a spell to tend to my injuries first. They're almost here."

    Then, five beams of light flashed across the sky.

    Five powerful Overlords appeared, including Zhao Juexian and Ancestral Patriarch Takong. They were surrounded by terrifying energy waves that broke the dimension. Even though the Two World Peak inhibited their energy, they could still float in the air with their strong Dharma Powers.

    Lord Spirit Husbandry smiled and said, "You're not running anymore?"

    "You didn't run either. Then, I'll kill you and take revenge for the Zhao family this time." Zhao Juexian stared at Chen Fan viciously.

    "Goddess, surrender and hand over the Butian Medicine and the Reincarnation Art. Then we'll spare your life," Ancestral Patriarch Takong said.

    While Shenxi was about to use the forbidden art.

    Someone suddenly stepped up and stood in front of her.

    Chen Fan looked at the five Overlords in the sky and said, "Let's attack together."