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Chapter 376 - Apologize? He Doesn’t Deserve It!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 376: Apologize? He Doesn’t Deserve It!

    “You’re Ye Chen?” Fang Mi and Fang Hao asked almost at the same time.

    They were suspicious of him being an imposter or simply sharing the exact same name. Indeed, he was far from their imagination of what Ye Chen would look like.

    Ye Chen smiled calmly. “Are you guys from the Fang family? I heard that there’ll be someone from the Fang family picking me up!”

    ‘He really is Ye Chen!’

    When Fang Mi and Fang Hao secretly looked at each other, they saw the disappointment and scorn in each other’s eyes.

    Before this, they had been joking about Ye Chen being a VIP. Although they were just fooling around, they never thought he would be this mediocre. He was nothing close to a VIP!

    “Mr. Ye, get in!” Fang Hao smiled coldly as he emphasized the word ‘mister’. Such an average man made him, a young master, wait for an hour. If this spread, people in his circle might make fun of him.

    Ye Chen got into the car, not caring about the duo’s attitude. After all, he had no plans of getting close to them during this trip.


    Fang Hao drove the car toward Tsim Sha Tsui. Along the way, Fang Mi secretly checked Ye Chen out. Until now, she could not believe that the so-called VIP that her grandfather mentioned was such an average joe.

    Eventually, she asked, failing to hold back, “Mr. Ye, is this your first time in Hong Kong?”

    “Yes,” Ye Chen gave a short response.

    Fang Mi shook her head lightly. She asked again, “Are you close to my cousin, Fang Yuan?”

    Fang Yuan was Gu Shaokun’s wife, who was Old Master Gu’s granddaughter-in-law. She left Hong Kong to marry him. The reason why Fang Mi asked that was that her grandfather had told them that Ye Chen seemed to have some connection with the Gu family.

    “Not really,” he said while shaking his head.

    Fang Mi was completely disappointed to hear that.

    ‘It’s his first time in Hong Kong! He isn’t even close to my cousin Fang Yuan. It seems like he’s her employee or something checking Hong Kong out for the very first time.’ She was secretly pissed as she thought to this point. ‘I can’t believe that Grandpa asked us to pick someone like him up!’

    Fang Hao, who had been driving, stopped the car suddenly. He said to Ye Chen coldly, “I know that you’re in Hong Kong to look around, but I’d like to warn you that this isn’t China. The wealth and power here are much higher compared to China! In other words, the land that you step on is tens of thousands of Hong Kong dollars per square feet. Anyone you pass by on the street might be a billionaire!”

    He paused as he spoke to this point and stared at Ye Chen’s face. “So, please maintain a low profile here. Otherwise, you won’t know how you might die if you offend someone.”

    “Okay!” Ye Chen said in an ignorant manner.

    In the whole of China and even the entire world, someone who he could not offend might not have even been born yet. However, he did not want to say that because they would not believe him even if he were to tell them that.

    Fang Hao was secretly pissed off upon noticing his ignorant expression. He said with a scoff, “I’ve already told you that it’s up to you whether you want to believe me or not.”

    ‘What a hillbilly! You’ll know fear when you get into trouble! I’d love to see how you’re going to handle it by then!’

    At that moment, Fang Mi’s phone rang. She was upset as she picked up the call and frowned. She looked at Fang Hao and said, “Grandpa is asking us to bring Mr. Ye for a meal.” She was eager to send Ye Chen to the hotel and leave, so she had no interest in eating with him.

    “Since that’s Grandpa’s order, we’ll have to do as he says!” Fang Hao smirked and drove to a high-class restaurant. The staff at the restaurant buttered him up as soon as they saw him.

    “Brother Hao!”

    “Brother Hao, you’re here!”

    “Ms. Fang…”

    The displeasure on Fang Hao’s face was replaced by a smile. He looked at Ye Chen by instinct, but the smile on his face froze when he noticed that the latter was still expressionless. He then said to a waiter behind him, “Get us a King set dinner!”

    The staff brought them to a sophisticated private room. Five hunks were coming in their direction when they were passing the corridor. It was a middle-aged man with a crude face and ferocious look who was leading.

    “Brother Elephant!” Fang Hao went up to him immediately and greeted him while smiling. Fang Mi also did the same.

    Brother Elephant said while smiling, “Wow, it’s Young Master Fang and Ms. Fang! It’s been a few days since I last saw you guys. Both of you look even more spirited than before!”

    At that moment, he noticed Ye Chen who was behind them. He said while raising his brows, “Who is this? He doesn’t look familiar to me.”

    Fang Hao had a smirk on his face. After he walked over and whispered into his ears, Brother Elephant came to a realization. There was disdain in his eyes when he looked at Ye Chen now. “So, it’s a hillbilly from China!”

    “Greet Brother Elephant now!” Fang Hao ordered Ye Chen.

    However, Ye Chen merely glanced at Brother Elephant with a side-eye. There was no expression on his face, let alone him greeting Brother Elephant.

    Brother Elephant’s expression turned frigid right away. “This man has a character of his own. I like it.”

    At the same, the four hunks behind him looked threateningly at Ye Chen.

    Fang Mi’s expression changed, and she signaled Ye Chen immediately, “Brother Elephant is from the Sun Yee On Guild. He protects Tsim Sha Tsui. Greet him now!”

    Although the Fang family was wealthy in Hong Kong, they were nothing in the presence of Sun Yee On Guild and the 14K Guild. The biggest specialty of Hong Kong was these organizations. They had been passed down for up to a hundred years. Even celebrities and famous actors would have to kowtow and kneel to them if they were to offend them.

    However, Ye Chen remained still.

    Fang Hao and Fang Mi were eager to strangle him. They secretly regretted their decision. They should not have brought this idiot here if they had known that they were going to bump into Brother Elephant here.

    A ferocious gleam flashed through Brother Elephant’s eyes. He then walked to Ye Chen while smiling cynically and he patted his shoulder hard. “Brother, I like you. I’ll protect you from now on!”

    He emphasized the word ‘protect’.

    Ye Chen said expressionlessly, “Take your hand away!”

    They were stunned to hear the threat in his voice.

    Brother Elephant squinted. “What did you say?”

    “I don’t want to repeat myself!” Ye Chen said.

    Brother Elephant smiled in rage, “It’s my first time seeing someone with such an attitude. I’m pretty sure you have something powerful in store. Would you like to spar with my brothers?”

    A hunk walked over to Ye Chen as soon as he said that.

    “No!” Fang Mi suddenly blocked Ye Chen and looked at Brother Elephant as she spoke, “Brother Elephant, it’s my friend’s first time in Hong Kong. He doesn’t know the rules here. Please forgive him for my sake.”

    She secretly hated Ye Chen to her bones. She had never seen anyone so dumb!

    ‘Don’t you see that even I have to be polite to Brother Elephant and don’t dare to offend him? I wouldn’t care if you died had my grandpa not ordered us to take care of you.’

    “Ye, apologize to Brother Elephant now!” Fang Hao was shocked and he shouted immediately.

    “Apologize?” Ye Chen smiled in disdain. “He doesn’t deserve it!”

    Everyone was stunned by his insolence. Fang Hao almost spat blood from anger. ‘God damn it! Are you trying to get us killed?!’

    “Great, that’s just great!” Brother Elephant’s face was covered in ruthlessness though he was smiling instead of being mad. “Brat, you’re the first person who dares to talk to me like that. Tiger, break his arm!”