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Chapter 375 - The Night Demon Battle Armor’s Fragment!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 375: The Night Demon Battle Armor’s Fragment!

    Ye Chen let go of Wang Long when they were approaching the Hong Kong sea territory. He looked at the black fragment in his hand, feeling rather emotional.

    It was really the Night Demon’s fragment!

    The Night Demon was the grade-9 immortal weapon, the Night Demon Battle Armor which weapon spirit was an old man. If one were to compare shamelessness, the Patriarch of Hell could not even measure up to him.

    However, the Night Demon protected Ye Chen during the big battle. It was eventually crushed, and he never thought that the fragment would appear on Earth.

    Ye Chen could not help but feel a surge of excitement that he could not hide as he connected the dots when he got Ye Wushuang’s fragment back then.

    Could the Night Demon have landed on Earth too?

    Wang Long dared not even breathe loudly as he stood aside after noticing that Ye Chen was silent for a long time.

    “Tell me, where did you get this fragment?” Ye Chen took a deep breath in and glared dangerously at Wang Long after putting the fragment in his hand away. He would not mind using the Soul Searching Tactic on Wang Long if he was hiding anything at all.

    “Mr. Ye, I got this from the Jiaozhi region…” Wang Long bared it all, whereby he told Ye Chen everything about how he obtained the fragment. It turned out that Wang Long was the boss of Hong Kong’s Sun Yee On Guild which power was not limited to just Hong Kong. It also commanded the entire Southeast Asia.

    Three months ago, a massive explosion happened somewhere in the Jiaozhi region. Like a meteorite shower, sparks had soared in the sky. The land where the incident happened sunk directly, forming a sinkhole. Due to the great commotion, it drew the attention of many organizations. Someone saw a couple of golden lights sparkling when they went over to check, and they suspected that treasure had fallen from the sky.

    Wang Long brought his men over after hearing the news. Many organizations were fighting over the treasure, including even the Japanese. Wang Long escaped after managing to obtain a fragment. Besides his men being killed and hurt, he was also chased by two ninjas from whom Ye Chen rescued him later on.

    “There’s something I don’t understand. Even you have no idea what this fragment is? If that’s the case, why are you even risking your life to hold on to it?” Ye Chen frowned.

    Wang Long said immediately, “Mr. Ye, although I’ve no idea what exactly it is, I heard that it’s something significant to the people in Japan and Europe. Therefore, they sent Yin Yang Masters, ninjas, and Awakened Ones.”

    Ye Chen looked closely at him and said after realizing that he did not seem like he was lying, “This belongs to me now. I hope you won’t spread the fact that I’m in possession of this around. Of course, there’s something good for you in return.”

    He flicked his fingers as soon as he said that. A Regeneration Pill shot out at Wang Long. “Eat this medicinal pill. It can regenerate your severed arm. It will be a trade between us. Are you willing to accept that?”

    In reality, with his usual way of handling things, there was no need for him to talk to Wang Long at all. He could take the fragment and leave after killing him. However, figuring that he was the triad leader of Hong Kong, it was better to keep him alive than to kill him.

    “Yes, I will!” Wang Long nodded decisively. He was a wise man. After witnessing the way Ye Chen killed the two Japanese ninjas in seconds earlier shocked him completely. It would be a piece of cake for Ye Chen to kill him.

    At the same time, he looked at the medicinal pill in his hand. He was secretly shocked. He did not expect Ye Chen to have a powerful ability as well as the expertise to refine medicinal pills!

    ‘Mr. Ye must be an Illuminating Pulse expert, just like the leader of the Southern Sect, Master Shen Tiannan!’ He was sure of that. He could only get to know such a person and could never offend him!

    He reminded out of kindness as he thought about it, “Mr. Ye, you must be careful since you’ve killed people from the Kusakabe clan. They seem to want to obtain the fragment no matter what. I don’t think they’re easy to handle!”

    “The Kusakabe clan?” Ye Chen asked.

    “That’s right!” Wang Long nodded. “They’re Japanese Yin Yang Masters. They have unfathomable techniques. Meanwhile, there are four Yin Yang Master Clans in Japan: the Abe clan, the Kusakabe clan, the Hidemoto clan, and the Kamo clan. One can say that the four clans have rallied all of the Yin Yang Masters’ power in Japan!”

    To him, although Ye Chen was powerful, he clearly could not handle such a prominent clan.

    “I know.” Ye Chen nodded slightly, but he was secretly making up his mind to find clues from the fragment he now owned after obtaining the herb for the Patriarch of Hell. He wanted to see if he could find the Night Demon.

    At that moment, the noise of an engine echoed across the water. A speedboat came quickly riding on the waves with three people on it.

    “My men are here!” Wang Long was over the moon as he turned his head to say to Ye Chen, “Mr. Ye, would you like to take the speedboat to get to shore with me? Come visit me at the Sun Yee On Guild.” He was sincere about wanting to connect with Ye Chen.

    “No need.” Ye Chen shook his head to reject him. “Someone is picking me up at shore!”

    Before coming, Old Master Gu had arranged someone to pick him up in Hong Kong. It would be considered a familiarization trip for him, so Ye Chen had gladly accepted.

    “Sure. Mr. Ye, this is my name card. My contact number is on it. Don’t hesitate to call me if there’s anything that you might need in Hong Kong! Hope to see you again!” Wang Long handed him a name card when the speedboat was approaching. He clasped his fists at Ye Chen and leaped onto the boat, departing with the waves.

    Ye Chen ran toward the harbor as he watched the speedboat leave.


    It was 5:00 p.m. at the China Ferry Terminal, and a Porsche 911 was parked by the road. There was a piece of paper stuck on the car window. Two extremely red, big, and bright words were scrawled on it: Ye Chen!

    Meanwhile, there was a young man and lady sitting in the Porsche. The young man was approximately 24 or 25 years old, and he had sharp features. He placed both legs on the steering wheel while trimming his nails.

    Meanwhile, the lady next to him wore a visor. With a sharp face and peaked eyebrows, she was quite pretty. However, there was impatience written on her lovely face.

    A while later, she complained after checking the time on her phone, “Fang Hao, we’ve been waiting for so long. Why isn’t the man Grandpa asked us to pick up here yet?”

    “Let’s wait. Grandpa said that the man is a VIP, so we have to be nice,” the young man named Fang Hao revealed disdain at the corners of his lips as he answered.

    “VIP?” The lady raised her sharp brows slightly. “Would a VIP board a regular passenger ship? Won’t they ride a helicopter or a private plane? Okay, even if he’s a VIP, why would he make us wait for him forever?”

    “We’ll find out when we see him!” Fang Hao smirked. “I’m eager to find out who this VIP is exactly to be bold enough to make me wait for him for an hour.”

    Fang Hao was the first son of the Fang family. Although the family was not considered a wealthy family in Hong Kong, compared to the wealthy families in China, the Fang family had quite a solid standing too.

    Moreover, he was a leader of the younger generation, and he had a pretty close connection with the Sun Yee On Guild and the 14K Guild’s middle management. How could people not admire him no matter where he went? When did he ever have to wait for someone for this long?

    “We’ll wait for another ten minutes. Let’s go home if he doesn’t show up by then!” The lady was rather upset now. Her name was Fang Mi, and the Fang family had adopted her when she was young. Due to her talent in business, she had been taking care of the entire family business. The business flourished because of her, which elevated her status in the family to be no lower than Fang Hao’s.

    At that moment, a skinny young man, who looked and dressed mediocrely, walked over. He knocked on the window and smiled as he spoke, “Are you guys here to pick me up?”