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Chapter 867 - What for, My Friend?

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 867 What for, My Friend?"Baikui, who is he? How dare he provoke Zhao Juexian?"

    Ancestral Patriarch Takong was shocked.

    This Overlord was an old man in a black robe. He was about fifty years old and his hair was like swords. He stood there like the king while everything around him shook.

    "Ancestral Patriarch, that's a cultivator from the Beihan Region. I heard that something's happened there. The Zhao family was exterminated. However, I haven't found any details about it. Perhaps he's the one who did that?" Lin Baikui said and looked at Chen Fan.

    "The Royal Palace of the Beihan Region has Sword King, who came from the Haotian Sword Sect and is someone that is close to being listed on the Longevity Roll. This man can't kill Sword King."

    Ancestral Patriarch Takong was observant.

    He could see that even though there was no Dharma Power in Chen Fan's body, it was as strong as that of a peak-stage Golden Core Grand Perfected Cultivator. Even so, such a cultivator would still be no match for Sword King.

    Not only Ancestral Patriarch Takong…

    The Overlords from other regions also looked at Chen Fan in shock.

    The Two World Peak was located in the middle of five regions, including the Beihan Region, the Spirit Husbandry Region, the Tianlan Region, the Xuanfeng Region and the Yuanwu Region. The most powerful Overlords from those regions were there.

    "Zhao Juexian looks enraged. He'll lose the Butian Rattan if he leaves his place to attack," Lord Spirit Husbandry said.

    Everyone around him nodded. Although they couldn't touch the Butian Rattan, an Overlord could destroy it if he attacked with a Spirit Treasure, which was why they wouldn't dare to threaten Zhao Juexian.

    Zhao Juexian also thought about this as well, so he sat down slowly.

    "Kid, I'll kill you after I take the Butian Medicine, and later I will exterminate the Chinese! None of you will survive!"

    "Let's do this now! After killing you, the royal family of the Beihan Region will have no descendants."

    Chen Fan didn't give in.

    Shenxi frowned. Zhao Juexian was so powerful in the Two World Peak that she even preferred to stay clear of him.

    After that, Zhao Juexian never moved beyond ten feet away from the Butian Rattan no matter what Chen Fan said. While everyone was talking, the rattan became more withered, as if it was going to die. On the contrary, its fruit was sending out rays of light like a small sun.

    "The Butian Medicine is about to mature."

    Lord Spirit Husbandry widened his eyes.

    Ancestral Patriarch Takong, Lord Xuanfeng and Lord Yuanwu got up at the same time and they pulled out their swords. Everyone was waiting for the moment it matured.

    "There will be an unprecedented battle here. Step back now, or I can't guarantee your safety," Shenxi said.


    Chen Fan agreed immediately and took Xiao Mang to the entrance of the valley. It was difficult to fly in the Two World Peak. There were mountains a hundred thousand feet tall on the sides of the valley and they had to pass through that place if they wanted to get out of Cangtian Valley.

    Half a day later.

    A banging sound came from Cangtian Valley and a beam of light shot into the sky, as if a peerless Spirit Treasure had jut been madewas made. Then, the entire valley was filled with energy and a pleasant smell.

    The Butian Medicine had appeared.

    "Brother, why don't you go and get the Butian Medicine?" Xiao Mang wondered.

    "Compared to the Butian Medicine, Lord Beihan and the curse on the Chinese are more important. Besides, they'll leave when they get the medicine. We'll just wait here," Chen Fan said.

    "Haha, brother."

    Xiao Mang covered her mouth and laughed.

    After that, countless thunderous sounds reverberated around the valley. It was the sound of energy clashing against the walls of the mountains and the mountains were shaking. Many blade auras, Sword Qi and Blood Blades rose to the sky. The valley became a battlefield in a heartbeat, and the battle began.


    Those Overlords exerted themselves for the Butian Medicine.

    In the Two World Peak, they were still able to shatter the mountains and shake the earth. If they fought outside the Two World Peak, their attacks would have been powerful enough to crush everything in a thousand mile radius.


    The battle was still continuing and it got more intense. Many Divine Souls shot up to the sky and ran away. Apparently, the bodies of the cultivators had been destroyed and only their Divine Souls had been able to escape.

    Those Divine Souls mostly belong to the early-stage and mid-stage Golden Core Cultivators, and only a few are peak-stage Golden Core Cultivators. After all, the Grand Perfected Cultivators could still survive even though they weren't as powerful as the Overlords. Chen Fan looked up and saw a Sky-Swallowing Python flashing around the battlefield.

    Zhao Juexian was indeed powerful. Even several powerful Overlords were unable to defeat him.


    Then, a few people arrived. Two of them were peak-stage Golden Core Grand Perfected Cultivators and they were led by Lin Baikui.

    There was a hint of joy on Lin Baikui's terrified face.

    "Ancestral Patriarch was indeed intelligent. They only want to get the Butian Medicine, but they forgot about the Butian Rattan. It's the root that yields Heavenly Medicines. If we take it back, there might be another fruit a thousand years later. By then, we'll be able to suppress all the regions and have immortal Heavenly Lords!"

    "Ancestral Patriarch asked you to dig out the Butian Rattan and take it back to the Tianlan Region immediately. Nobody will know about it. So, who else will be able to stabilize the fights with the Lin family a thousand years later?"

    Someone smiled and said, "What a shame I didn't kill that kid from the Beihan Region. He ran too fast. I guess I won't have any other chance to do so in the future," Lin Baikui said.

    Suddenly, there came a chuckle.

    "Why are you in such a hurry? Have you got some powerful treasures already?"

    Lin Baikui glanced at Chen Fan and was thrilled by the situation.

    "Sure, easy-peasy."

    "Uncle Ning, Uncle Shan, kill them all. Don't let them spread the news," Lin Baikui said as he looked at Chen Fan like watching a dead man.

    "Yes, my Lord."

    The two Grand Perfected Cultivators said respectfully and cracked smiles.

    Ancestral Patriarch Takong commanded them to escort Lin Baikui back to the Tianlan Region.

    The Butian Rattan was extremely important. Once the powerful Overlords knew, they would go to the bottom of it. Besides, Chen Fan still held a grudge against Lin Baikui. He would definitely report it to the others.

    The Grand Perfected Cultivator called Uncle Shan said, "You deserve to die, kid."


    Two earth-shattering energy bursts immediately rushed towards Chen Fan.

    Even though they became weaker in the Two World Peak, an attack from two Grand Perfected Cultivators was still earth-shattering. Two beams of light were shot across the valley towards Chen Fan.

    Uncle Shan cracked the sky with a copper axe and Uncle Ning flashed to the back of Chen Fan and poked.

    "Brother Baikui, why are you doing this?"

    Chen Fan was a bit startled. He didn't seem to have thought about it. And yet, when the two beams of light were ten feet away from when he and Lin Baikui were, he cracked a smile.

    Chen Fan suddenly stretched out his hands.


    He clenched his fist and sent out the bright Divine Wheel, while the other hand formed the Purple Thunder Blade and slashed.

    True Martial Divine Fist and Thunder Divine Blade!

    Those were both supreme Divine Arts that could be used to suppress the universe.

    Chen Fan initiated two Essence Cores in his body and used two Divine Arts at the same time. The copper axe close to his left was smashed and the golden Fist Seal turned into a dragon, as it rushed towards Uncle Shan. The Thunder Divine Blade even cut off Uncle Ning on the right.


    The two Grand Perfected Cultivators were instantly injured; they spurted out blood.

    "How was that even possible?"

    Lin Baikui's eyes popped out.

    Ancestral Patriarch Takong had told him that Chen Fan only had a strong body and was almost a peak-stage Golden Core Cultivator, but was still weaker than a real Grand Perfected Cultivator. Who would have thought that Chen Fan would be that powerful?

    "Go to hell!"

    Chen Fan jumped and his hands turned into two blades.


    A realistic image of the Kun Peng that was ten feet large had appeared behind him. Since the dimensional forces in the Two World Peak were extraordinary and abundant, the Kun Peng's energy surged and it became extremely fierce.

    Two blade auras dozens of feet long flashed across the sky.

    The two Grand Perfected Cultivators were exerting themselves. They were the top Overlords of the Tianlan Region and were as powerful as Lord Red Dragon. They had mastered plenty of Dharma Spells and Divine Powers, but they couldn't use them in the Two World Peak.


    The blade auras flashed and the two Grand Perfected Cultivators were split in half.


    The two of them cried and wanted to run, but Chen Fan didn't give them the chance. He used the Great Chaos Art and his hands penetrated their chests to grab their Golden Cores.

    "Bang Bang!"

    Their bodies exploded and Chen Fan placed their Golden Cores inside the Blade Strengthening Gourd.

    In a blink, the two peak-stage Golden Core Grand Perfected Cultivators died. Then, Chen Fan rushed into the crowd and slayed all the cultivators from the Tianlan Region, leaving just Lin Baikui.


    Lin Baikui stood there and grinded his teeth.

    "Brother Baikui, what is this for? You told me about the Longevity Roll and even invited me and my sister to enter the Two World Peak together. We're friends. Why did you have to do this? It breaks my heart!"

    Chen Fan sighed and smashed Lin Baikui without hesitation.