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Chapter 456: Spirit Gathering Technique

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 456: Spirit Gathering Technique

    Then, low and deep chants came out slowly from Jia Lan’s mouth.

    Numerous golden Sanskrit surged out of the bead. It formed a golden array in the blink of an eye, trapping Wei Zhong abruptly.

    Amidst the “buzzing” Sanskrit sounds, Wei Zhong intuitively felt that his head was heavy. The pale yellow rune on his forehead trembled slightly, and it burst open with a “pop“.


    Wei Zhong’s sea of ​​​​consciousness suddenly sank. The illusion that he tried desperately to suppress burst out. He fell into a nightmare. All he saw in the illusion was Jia Lan, whose expressions were different. Some looked down thoughtfully; some frowned in anger; some smiled happily.

    Every phantasms was so tempting that people couldn’t help feeling pitiful. The flag in Wei Zhong’s hand dropped to the ground. His eyes were becoming dull. His face was twisting in pain due to the struggle. It was as if he was going to cry or smile along with the phantasms.

    The purple light in Jia Lan’s eyes condensed, and the white jade fingers changed continuously. With the power of succubus technique, Wei Zhong struggled even more on his face.

    “You this… woman, don’t… get carried away… ah!”

    Wei Zhong’s face was distorted and almost deformed. After letting out a beast-like groan, Wei Zhong suddenly raised his head. His eyes were blood shot, and his face was extremely hideous.

    He bit the tip of his tongue with determination and spit out a mass of blood. Finally, a trace of clearness appeared in his eyes. He took this opportunity to make a gesture. His body had a layer of crimson light. As the light spun wildly, it slowly formed a crimson vortex, gathering the hot air in the Valley of Fire as if they were summoned. The hot air gradually condensed on his body, making the air temperature increase abruptly.

    After a few breaths, the crimson vortex surrounding Wei Zhong skyrocketed several times, and it suddenly burst open when it expanded and contracted. In a flash, two fire spirits of ten meters high floated in midair around him.

    Fire spirit looked like a human from a distance. Its whole body was made up of blazing flames, only revealing a ferocious face that was as dark as charcoal. It could emit some sparks when clawing in the air. The momentum was more powerful than the phoenix just now.

    Even the people watching around felt a scorching heat on their faces, and at the same time they stepped back to keep some distance.

    When Feng Zhan on the side saw this, he was happy.

    Others may not know it, but he knew in his heart that what Wei Zhong was using at this moment was the unique mystic art, Spirit Gathering Technique, of the Five Spirits Sect.

    As soon as the two fire spirits appeared, they kept waving their sharp claws at the golden array. The black and red billowing flames and the golden light curtain continued to collide, causing the golden light to tremble.

    In the middle, Wei Zhong channeled his spiritual power with a solemn expression. He wanted to breach the array circle before he lost his mind.

    As Jia Lan saw this, the purple light in her eyes did not diminish. Sanskrit words kept blasting out from her fingers into the golden array.

    Wei Zhong controlled the fire spirits to attack the magic circle while resisting the erosion of succubus technique. Most of his spiritual power was used to resist the illusions in the sea of ​​consciousness. Knowing that he couldn’t support it for too long, he suddenly gritted his teeth and changed his gesture. As he groaned, the two fire spirits actually shifted their target to him instead.

    Wei Zhong’s body suddenly burst into flames under the collision of black and red flames. With just a few seconds, the flames turned from red to black, becoming raging black flames. Wei Zhong’s figure also gradually became blurred and expanded in size. The next moment, a dozen meters high giant fire spirit appeared in the enchantment, but the only different was that its face was changed to Wei Zhong’s face.

    “What mystic arts is this?”

    Xin Yuan was shocked.

    In this form, Wei Zhong’s aura was almost stronger by more than half as before, and was infinitely close to the existence of the Crystallisation Period.

    Liu Ming exclaimed in his mind as his eyes flashed.

    The Middle Sky Continent Cultivation Realm was really unfathomable, their mystic arts were far beyond imagination. Even Liu Ming couldn’t but feel a trace of yearning.

    At this time, the black fire spirit had rolled up the black flames that covered sky. It turned into a black shadow and rushed toward one corner inside the enchantment.

    “Boom!” A loud rumbling bang came out.

    Countless black sparks mixed with golden glows flying in all directions!

    After the golden array was punched by the black fire spirit, the golden light shook wildly. Although this golden array blocked Wei Zhong’s dying blow, it was not as calm as before.

    As the fire spirit transformed by Wei Zhong noticed this, the giant arm of black flame smashed on the golden light curtain again.

    Upon seeing this, Jia Lan’s eyes flashed with surprise. She suddenly took out a small wooden fish. As she made a gesture, the wooden fish made a long and clear “Om” sound.

    The sound was very serene, making the black fire spirit shake. The giant arm that was lifted up even slowed for a moment.

    Wooden fish made the clear sound consecutively, and the Sanskrit sand in the golden array also increased in speed suddenly. Although the black fire spirit raised its arm a few times to try to resist, the discerning people had already seen that the flames on its body gradually dimmed. Its roar was also gradually overwhelmed by the Sanskrit sound.

    After a while, Wei Zhong finally couldn’t maintain the fire spirit form. The black flames all over his body dissipated. His figure returned to his original appearance and fell unconscious to the round.

    In this battle, Jia Lan won.

    “Sky Bird Sect won the second match.” Seeing Jia Lan won, the nun in green robe declared with joy.

    Feng Zhan’s face at this time was extremely unsightly. In order to get Wei Zhong to participate in this gambling fight, he privately paid a great price. He chose Valley of Fire as the location of the gambling fight was also to match with Wei Zhong’s mystic arts and spiritual weapons. He didn’t expect Wei Zhong to lose in the first round.

    What made Feng Zhan even more distressed was that the bead spiritual weapon and the wooden fish used by this woman were obviously items related to the Buddhist, and their grade was definitely higher than the superb spiritual weapons that Wei Zhong owned. Her mystic arts were obviously related to the Buddhist as well. This was definitely related to the Qingshui Nunnery.

    But Wei Zhong himself was also a Five Spirits Sect’s disciple, so he couldn’t really complain about it.

    The beautiful woman surnamed Xiao couldn’t get happy after watching the battle between Jia Lan and Wei Zhong, and the face of the taoist surnamed Shi became a little gloomy.

    The two of them knew that Jia Lan must be related to the Qingshui Nunnery, but firstly, they couldn’t really offend this Qingshui Nunnery. Secondly, they couldn’t find any flaw on the surface. Therefore, the anger in their mind could be imagined.

    After witnessing the second match, the Golden Jade League’s scarred young man also showed solemnity for the first time.

    It was no wonder. Jia Lan’s succubus technique could directly influence the opponent’s spirit, no matter how powerful a Physique Cultivator was or a person was holding a superb spiritual weapon like Wei Zhong, once he was inflicted by this technique, he could only wait for his end.

    Feng Zhan, who had a sullen face, sent two disciples to bring Wei Zhong back. The painful expression had faded, but a white foam slowly flowed from the corner of his mouth. Feng Zhan snorted in his mind, but he still took out a blue pill to feed Wei Zhong. After that, he instructed Feng Cai, who looked unwilling, to take care of him.

    After clearing up the stage, the nun immediately announced the start of the third match.

    In the third game, Liu Ming of Changfeng Association fought against Zhu Hao of Sky Bird Sect.

    Zhu Hao was the Sky Bird Sect’s skinny man who stared at Liu Ming during the previous drawing lots.

    “Mr. Liu, please do your best. I, Feng Zhan, are the one who will do what I say. I will definitely fulfill my promise!” Feng Zhan turned to Liu Ming and said word by word.

    With Wei Zhong’s defeat, he could only pin his hopes on Liu Ming and Xin Yuan.

    Liu Ming heard the words, nodded to Feng Zhan, and stepped into the enchantment.

    “Boy, you, as a Condensation Period intermediate stage cultivator, also dare to enter this ring? If you want to live, get down. I will not be merciful.” The tall and thin man looked up and down Liu Ming and sneered.

    It was no wonder he said that. Regardless of Liu Ming’s appearance, body shape, and aura, he was really ordinary. At first glance, anyone would think of him as a nameless ordinary cultivator.

    Liu Ming just smiled while looking at the person in front of him.

    When the tall and thin man saw this, his face became ruthless. He stopped talking. He waved his sleeve, and two green lights flickered in his hands!

    “Chi chi“, a loud sound!

    A dozen green wind blades scattered and shot at Liu Ming.

    “Wind blade technique, perfect stage.” Liu Ming was very familiar with this technique. He had achieved the perfect stage in this technique when he was just at the Spirit Apostle Stage. He was very clear about its characteristics. His figure blurred, and the dozen wind blades passed directly through his body.

    After another flash, Liu Ming reappeared in place.

    Seeing his opponent avoiding the wind blade so calmly, the tall and thin man was slightly surprised. He immediately waved his sleeves, condensing eight green wind blades again, then he took out a green feather fan with one hand.

    The feather fan was glimmering in green light. As he fanned, the green light emitted by the wind blades in front of him was a bit more solid!

    This feather fan spiritual weapon had a certain buffing effect on the wind blade technique!

    The tall and thin man jumped up into the air. The feather fan in his hand flashed with a burst of green light as he fanned, casting a dozen of identical phantasms. They flew toward the green wind blades in the air, creating hundreds of wind blades of inch size. They were flickering in the air.

    For a time, in the air in front of Liu Ming, it was covered by a dozen phantasms and dense wind blades around him.

    At the next moment, the dozen tall and thin men phantasms all sneered at the same time. With a wave of the feather fans, numerous wind blades were flashing in green light and blasting toward Liu Ming overwhelmingly.

    In the face of other spell attacks, Liu Ming may be a little flustered, but his opponent insisted on using the wind blade technique that he was familiar with. This was exactly what he wanted.

    Liu Ming smiled. As he released his powerful mental power, he could see the eight true wind blades and the actual body of the opponent in the sky full of green light.

    His hands immediately flashed in black light. Each hand was grabbing a Heavy Water Droplet. Then, he twisted his body in an incredible way to easily dodge the eight true wind blades, and he flashed and appeared ghostly behind one of the phantasms of the tall and thin man.