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Chapter 866 - Come Forward and Die!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 866 Come Forward and Die!Shenxi soon asked Xiao Mang and Chen Fan to follow her and stay close.

    "This area is very strange. No wonder even the Perfected Cultivators died when they came in. I heard that those in the other world also enter the Two World Peak."

    Shenxi frowned.

    "Sister Shenxi, what race do they belong to?"

    Xiao Mang wondered.

    Shenxi said seriously, "They're the Ancient Demons, the dominators of the other world. They're extraordinarily strong, especially their bodies. They're known for their fighting arts, and they also have all kinds of Divine Powers and secret arts.

    "But luckily, the Ancient Demons are rarely in the Two World Peak. According to the information I found, they haven't been seen for thousands of years. Our elders even think that they might have given up on the Two World Peak."

    "That's good."

    Xiao Mang patted her chest.

    The Ancient Demons?

    Chen Fan was a bit surprised when he heard the name.

    He had heard of this race. The Ancient Demons was a top one among the thousands of races in the universe and was much more powerful than the Light Race and the Dark Wolves. When the Ancient Demons grew to adulthood, all of them would have the battling power of a Golden Core Cultivator, so every one of them was an experienced master that knew countless fighting arts.

    Their battling techniques and secret arts were invincible; they had the best bodies and the fastest innate recovery among the other races. Even Golden Core Cultivators would be at risk of dying when they got close to the Ancient Demons.

    But since the Ancient Demons had never shown up, Chen Fan didn't worry about them anymore.

    The three of them talked as they continued their journey. Most of the time, Xiao Mang asked questions and Shenxi answered her. For example, Shenxi said her wings were called the "Silver Wings," which was a pair of famous Spirit Treasures. Without the wings, it would be difficult for her to fly in the Two World Peak.

    "Xiao Mang has Divine Meridians on her and she's a potential Heavenly Lord. You'll slow her down if she stays with you in the Beihan Region. I want to take her back to my sect and let her learn the real cultivation arts. She'll be able to become a Nascent Soul Cultivator in a century."

    Shenxi talked to Chen Fan with her Immortal Will.

    Chen Fan remained expressionless as he replied, "Don't worry. Xiao Mang is my sister. I'll help her become a peerless Overlord."

    "Don't be so reckless. Even if you've got a strong body, how can you compare to a sect that has a hundred thousand years of history? Even if Xiao Mang doesn't join my sect, I'll also introduce her to other suitable sects. All sects want someone with Divine Meridians. Compared to your dignity, Xiao Mang's future is more important," Shenxi said.

    Other people would have been furious or embarrassed after hearing what she said, but Chen Fan chuckled instead.

    "Miss Shenxi, don't overestimate yourself."

    "The so-called large sects are only a bunch of losers to me. They always think that their cultivation arts and Divine Arts are treasures and they're so afraid for other people to see them. Even if the cultivation arts on the entire Planet Tianhuang were in front of me, I wouldn't bother to look at them at all!" Chen Fan said.


    Shenxi stopped their conversation.

    Then, they acted as if nothing had happened, but Shenxi was more indifferent to Chen Fan.

    Their journey was smooth with Shenxi and her Silver Wings; they were going further deep inside the Two World Peak as if they were riding chariots. The deeper they were, the more Spirit Mines, Treasure Medicines and Heavenly Materials they found. Besides, the beasts were also more powerful.

    Since Chen Fan was free…

    He used his feet to sense the restriction spells and arrays around this world. In the Two World Peak, the amount of Spirit Qi was ten times denser than on the outside, and the dimensional forces were extremely powerful.

    The Kun Peng Essence Core spinned and absorbed the energy of the dimension. It was enlarging as quickly as a balloon.

    "If I stay here for a few months, I wouldn't need any Void Divine Stones to form the Kun Peng Divine Core," Chen Fan thought.

    Unfortunately, the Two World Peak only opened for two weeks. Once it closed, he would be locked up inside and could only wait for another three centuries before he could get out.


    The three of them went forward for a few days, never seeing a single person. They finally found a valley when they encountered peak-stage Golden Core Beasts and when Shenxi had used all her Dharma Treasures.

    "We're finally at Cangtian Valley. Books said that there are peerless medicines here."

    Shenxi's eyes brightened.

    "Sister Shenxi, are you also here for the legendary Divine Medicine?" Xiao Mang asked.

    "No, Divine Medicines are rare. Every time they appear, the Ancestral Patriarchs will fight until they destroy the world. I'm here to look for a Heavenly Medicine." Shenxi shook her head.

    "Are you looking for Butian Medicine?" Chen Fan said.

    "Why do you know about Butian Medicine?" Shenxi stared at Chen Fan.

    "Don't think that the large sects can take everything they want. I do not only know you're looking for a Heavenly Medicine, I also know that you're trying to get through the Thunder Tribulation and complete a divine-grade Golden Core with it," Chen Fan said, "Other than peerless medicines like the Butian Medicine, what else is difficult to get for the heir of a powerful sect?"

    Shenxi's eyes glittered and looked up. Her voice still sounded cold.

    "Yes, I'm looking for Butian Medicine. According to the books in my sect, a Butian Medicine in Cangtian Valley is about to mature."

    "Haha! Unfortunately, more than one person knows about the Butian Medicine." Chen Fan shrugged.

    While Shenxi was confused.

    A few people, including Lin Baikui, came from afar.

    Lin Baikui was also surprised to see Chen Fan. He even looked greedy when he glanced at Shenxi. He then said with a beaming smile, "You're also here. Looks like you're aiming for the Butian Medicine as well."

    "A lot of people know about the Butian Medicine?" Shenxi said coldly.

    Lin Baikui replied politely, "Lord Beihan found the Butian Medicine. He stayed in the Two World Peak for three centuries in order to have it all by himself. He even spread news about his death in the outside world, but people found out the truth. All the Overlords from several regions and our Ancestral Patriarch Takong gathered here because of this Butian Medicine."

    The Butian Medicine was a peerless medicine that was as valuable as a Divine Medicine. It could be used to compensate for any regrets.

    Shenxi wanted to use it to make a divine-grade Golden Core, while Lord Beihan was planning to complete the true form of the Sky-Swallowing Python with it.

    Chen Fan had already learned of all those things.

    Shenxi frowned. She had never thought that her target had been exposed. However, she wasn't afraid to fight with people for it. She had countless trump cards, being a disciple of a powerful sect. She had more than one Heavenly Talisman on her body, which she also gave to Xiao Mang.

    "So, why didn't he take it? Did he encounter any problems?"

    Shenxi said, "The Butian Medicine would still take a few days more to mature. Lord Beihan is staying in front of it right now, saying that he has to destroy the Butian Medicine. Our most powerful Overlords have already gone there to negotiate with him. You have to see it for yourself first," Lin Baikui said.

    When Chen Fan and the others entered Cangtian Valley.

    The valley, which was a hundred mile range surrounded by mountains ten thousand feet tall, was flooded with Overlords. The Perfected Cultivator from the Spirit Husbandry Region Chen Fan had seen before was also here.

    No one was surprised to see Shenxi.

    But they were shocked to see Xiao Mang and Chen Fan. They wondered why Shenxi brought two weak cultivators with her.

    Then, Shenxi looked up and saw a rattan that was three feet tall growing on the cliff. There was a fruit like a gourd hanging on it, which was about to ripe. If someone got closer, the rattan would let out countless beams of light and knocked that person away.

    "It's useless. Stop trying. Nobody can get close to the Butian Rattan before it matures. It's a peerless medicine, how can it be compared with the ordinary ones?" said an elder with white hair sitting on a giant stone in front of the Butian Rattan.

    His voice was hoarse and he looked old. The giant rock he was sitting on had a mark on it.

    And yet, none of the Overlords around them dared to underestimate him; they looked at the old man carefully.

    The current Lord Beihan, Zhao Juexian!

    A thousand years ago, Zhao Juexian had already become a peak-stage Golden Core Cultivator, so how powerful would he be right then? With the blood of the Sky-Swallowing Python and an extremely strong body that could transform, he was undoubtedly an unstoppable Overlord in the Two World Peak.

    Even Ancestral Patriarch Takong of the Lin family was scared of Zhao Juexian. Shenxi frowned. If she was outside, she wouldn't worry at all, but she would not dare to provoke Zhao Juexian in the Two World Peak.

    When Shenxi stepped back, Zhao Juexian suddenly looked at Chen Fan.

    "You're the Chinese kid who exterminated the royal family and killed my heir, Zhao Duluo? I won't have to look for you since you came to Cangtian Valley."

    Then, Zhao Juexian burst into laughter.

    Xiao Mang's heart sank. He had apparently been informed by the Heavenly Ancestor or other members of the royal family.

    Shenxi was also shocked.


    Zhao Juexian got up and the shadow of a Sky-swallowing Python appeared behind him. It was ten thousand feet long, which frightened many Perfected Cultivators. Zhao Juexian was full of energy as if he was still young.

    "Kid, come forward and die!" Zhao Juexian shouted with viciousness in his eyes.

    At that moment, all the Overlords looked at Chen Fan pitifully. Apparently, everyone thought Chen Fan was too weak to fight with Zhao Juexian, who dominated the Two World Peak.

    When Shenxi frowned and was about to speak—

    A voice sounded.

    "Zhao Juexian, why are you in such a hurry to see your children in Hell?"

    Everyone was stunned.