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Chapter 374 - Yin Yang Masters from Japan!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 374: Yin Yang Masters from Japan!

    The passenger ship was forced to stop as the trio appeared on the sea. All the passengers stared at them blankly.

    “How are they running on the sea?”

    “Can humans even do that? Unbelievable! Simply unbelievable. If I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed this no matter what!”

    “Oh, no, they’re coming in our direction! Quickly sail. Set sail now!”

    Everyone was dumbstruck, including Dai Shiyu and Hou Lin. They were just staring blankly, especially Hou Lin who opened his mouth so wide that it could contain a duck egg. Although he boasted that he knew an ancient martial artist, the person was only on Internal Energy at the most. The ancient martial artist could not do what they were looking at.

    At the same time, the man with the severed arm ran in front. He ran quickly toward the passenger ship like a madman as if he had seen his savior. “Save me, save me!”

    The two ninjas behind him did not stop chasing him.

    “Don’t come here. Scram far away. Don’t drag us into this!”


    “Damn it! Why isn’t the ship moving?”

    At that moment, all of the passengers were screaming and cursing. They were scared that they would be dragged into trouble. Anyone wise enough would know that the two ninjas were not to be offended. They knew that they would die if the ninjas boarded the ship.

    Ye Chen shook his head slightly. Just when he was sitting down, his expression suddenly changed. Subsequently, he looked closely at the package the man with the severed arm was holding. He sensed a familiar aura from it!

    ‘Night Demon? Is that you?’ Ye Chen was in disbelief.

    When he had been the Heavenly Emperor, he had the Imperial Heavenly Emperor Sword, the immortal weapon called the Night Demon Battle Armor, the Immortal Imprisonment Palace Prison Warden, and the Immortal Slashing Saber!

    However, they had been crushed before he died.

    Apart from Wushuang, he never expected to sense the Night Demon’s aura.

    “Save me, save me!” the man with the severed arm could not stop shrieking. The two ninjas were less than ten meters behind him now, and the Japanese swords in their hands had a cold gleam twinkling on them.

    “Night Demon, I hope it’s really you!” Ye Chen sighed softly and walked to the stern of the ship.

    Dai Shiyu asked immediately, “Mr. Ye, where are you doing?”

    “To save him!” Ye Chen said without even turning his head.

    The people gasped as they thought they heard it wrong. They could not help but ask, “Is that guy out of his mind? Is he going to save that man?”

    “Mr. Ye, don’t go. They’re not regular people!” Dai Shiyu’s pretty face changed as she stopped him immediately.

    Stunned, Hou Lin subsequently scoffed, “This guy is really out of his mind. I can’t believe he’s still pretending to be a hero at such a time!”

    Two guards in uniforms walked over and stopped Ye Chen. “Sir, for your safety, please sit down!”

    Ye Chen shook his head lightly. Subsequently, he threw a punch and crushed the cabin window. He shot out of the window after turning into a stream of light, arriving behind the man with the severed arm within the blink of an eye. He stood on the sea with both feet.

    Everyone on the ship was stunned to see that happen. They gaped with their eyes wide open. They had forgotten to complain or even to breathe.

    ‘Is that a human or a god?’

    Dai Shiyu’s beautiful eyes were blank. “Mr. Ye…what?”

    Before this, she had thought that Ye Chen was just a regular man. She had merely spoken more to him because he was reading the same book as her father had. Never had she expected him to do this.

    As Hou Lin fell onto the ground, he almost pissed his pants in terror!

    The poor guy in his eyes had turned into a god within the blink of an eye. He had even made fun of him earlier! Had he not been seeking death then?!


    The man with the severed arm on the sea was shocked as Ye Chen appeared out of nowhere. The Japanese ninjas that were coming were startled too.

    “Sir, my name is Wang Long. Please save me!” the man with a severed arm pleaded immediately. He was almost in despair earlier, so he had called out for help. He did that by instinct and did not expect someone to really come to his rescue.

    Ye Chen said directly, “Give me that package in your hand!”

    Wang Long was slightly stunned. He could not believe that Ye Chen’s intention was the same as those ninjas. Hesitating, he then clenched his teeth and said, “Sure, I’d rather give it to you than the Japanese traitors!”

    The two ninjas far away had a change in expression upon hearing that. One of them took a step forward and blabbered something. He seemed to be threatening Ye Chen.

    “Sir, they say they’re the Yin Yang Masters from the Kusakabe clan. They’re demanding for you to let them have the package!” Wang Long interpreted in fear.

    Yin Yang Masters!

    They were the most mysterious people in Japan. They were comparable to the wealthy families such as the Yagyu clan, the Tachibana clan, the Fujiwara clan, and the Toyotomi clan!

    Yin Yang Masters? The Kusakabe clan?

    “I don’t care who they are!” Ye Chen’s expression was cold. “Japanese traitors have no right to talk to me. You guys have killed countless innocent people in my country back then, so don’t you dare run today! Die!”

    He leaped toward the duo, stepping on the ocean waves.

    “Baka!” Enraged, one of the ninjas waved his sword and vanished from the ocean. The other ninja charged at Ye Chen with his sword sticking into the surface of the ocean, creating a wave on the sea.

    “Sir, that’s the laido slash!” Wang Long’s expression changed.

    “The laido slash?” Ye Chen scoffed, “Is that foreign barbarian daring enough to show off his sword skills before me? When it comes to swords, China is the ancestor of swords!”

    The Master Destruction Saber appeared in his hand.

    As he swung the saber to stop the wave, a white waterfall soared into the sky!

    The swing of saber broke the wave the man charged. Subsequently, the charge of saber broke the man’s sword into half.

    At the same time, the man, who disappeared earlier, appeared behind Ye Chen like a specter. When he swung his sword at Ye Chen’s back, a maniacal grin appeared on his face!

    In the next second, the sword landed on Ye Chen’s body.


    To his utter shock, his sword broke directly. Meanwhile, nothing happened to Ye Chen’s back. Even his shirt was not torn. Disbelief appeared on his face instantly. When had such a powerful master ever existed in China?

    “Die!” Ye Chen raised his arm and waved. A water dragon formed in his hand and charged at the man while shrieking. Then, it pierced through his body directly.


    As a loud thud came, the man exploded!

    “Filthy blood, vile flesh!” Ye Chen shook his head slightly. His cold voice echoed through the entire ocean. “Although I love to kill, I only kill people who’ve offended me. As for Japanese traitors, I’ll kill however many there are if you dare come to China!”

    Dead silence filled heaven and earth!

    Countless eyes were staring at him in shock. They could not believe that he had just killed the two powerful men casually, leaving a trail of destruction.

    In the cabin, Dai Shiyu and Hou Lin had a ringing in their ears.

    Wang Long’s jaw almost dropped from the shock. He jolted when he saw Ye Chen lift his eyes to look at him. He said immediately, “Sir, as promised, have the package!”

    “Come with me!”

    Ye Chen picked him up and leaped toward the ocean. He wanted to ask where Wang Long had gotten that package from!