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Chapter 865 - The Reincarnation Goddess

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 865 The Reincarnation Goddess"The Reincarnation Goddess?" Xiao Mang asked.

    "Yes, the Reincarnation Goddess is from a supreme sect called the Reincarnation Sect. It's the most powerful sect among the top ten Heavenly Regions, which has over a hundred thousand years of history. They're several times stronger than the Haotian Sword Sect."

    Then, Lin Baikui shook his head. "However, the Reincarnation Goddess is mysterious. People rarely get to see her face. Besides, she's so lofty she probably wouldn't come to a place like this. Although the Two World Peak has many Treasure Medicines and materials, I don't think the Reincarnation Goddess would come for the legendary Divine Medicine."

    Lin Baikui chuckled.

    Chen Fan frowned.

    He thought of the reincarnation sign on the Heavenly Talisman.

    Then, Lin Baikui tried one more time to invite Chen Fan to enter the peak together with the Void Spirit Treasure again, but Chen Fan rejected. He could only leave looking a bit upset.

    After Chen Fan and Xiao Mang went to the other side of the Two World Peak and got rid of everyone else, they cracked the sky and entered.

    Once they were in.

    They felt like the entire world had changed, as if they had gone from a desert to an oasis. The Spirit Qi formed mist and rose from the ground. There were all kinds of Spirit Herbs and rare Treasure Medicines everywhere.

    Xiao Mang widened her eyes and asked, "Brother, is this a Realm of Deities?"

    Chen Fan caressed the girl's head and said with a smile, "This place is much worse than a Realm of Deities. It should be similar to a Heavenly Region or a sacred land. In a real Realm of Deities, you can become immortal just by breathing."

    "So, what should we do next? Are we going to see Sister Shenxi?" Xiao Mang wondered.

    "No, we must find Lord Beihan first. Since the Two World Peak isn't open yet, he must be in here still. It's difficult to leave through the screen now," Chen Fan said.

    The world inside the Two World Peak was vast.

    Chen Fan sent out his Immortal Will and sensed the barrier in the air. The sky was full of mysterious energy, and the Immortal Will could only scan up to a ten mile radius.


    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes.

    He tried to fly and discovered that the gravity had become stronger. He fell when he reached a hundred meters above. After a few attempts, Chen Fan was sure about something.

    "This piece of land isn't natural, it was created by Dharmic Powers. Every mountain, every rock and every tree is filled with runes and talismans. There are countless restriction spells that inhibit our powers all the time. Someone who could usually destroy cities can't even break a mountain. I guess only peak-stage Golden Core Cultivators or even Nascent Soul Perfected Cultivators can fly here."


    Xiao Mang was dumbfounded.

    She found that she couldn't crush a giant stone as easily as usual and she immediately looked gloomy.

    "Don't worry, it only works here. You'll return to normal when we get out. It's not that you've become weaker." Chen Fan smiled. "Besides, we can still run even though we can't fly," He said coldly.

    Even though there were some arrays that restricted people's power, most of them only constrained Dharma Powers and Immortal Will rather than the body. So, Chen Fan's phenomenal-success Divine Body wasn't quite affected.

    Chen Fan then shot up from the ground with Xiao Mang and swiftly jumped from one mountain to another, rushing to the inside region.

    "Boom, boom, boom!"

    Every step Chen Fan took shattered mountains. His phenomenal-success Divine Body was like an engine that never broke. All his muscles and bones carried a powerful energy.

    Along their way, several beasts dozens of meters long tried to besiege Chen Fan, but he tore them apart with his bare hands. The air was full of their feathers and blood.

    After going a few hundred kilometers, Chen Fan suddenly looked ahead.

    "Someone's there. I heard the sound of fighting."

    They ran there and saw someone they knew.

    Shenxi was enveloped in an aura, and there was a pair of silver wings on her back. She was flying in the sky and fighting with an Ice Fire Dragon.

    The dragon was a few hundred meters long. Its body was covered with scales, and it had eight legs and two heads. One of the heads was letting out fire, while the other ice. Shenxi was usually able to tear a mid-stage Golden Core Dragon apart effortlessly outside the Two World Peak.

    But she seemed to be a bit overwhelmed right then.

    There were restriction spells everywhere, inhibiting everyone's power in the Two World Peak. The more a cultivator relied on Dharma Powers and Divine Powers, the weaker they would be there. On the contrary, those who had a strong body became stronger.


    Shenxi shouted and sent out a beam of light, knocking the dragon away. She turned around and looked at the two of them seriously. "Why are you here? Didn't I tell you to go back? It's extremely dangerous here."

    Then, she stared at Chen Fan coldly.

    "Did you bring Xiao Mang here? Don't you know that this place is dangerous for her? You're going to kill her!"

    "No, Sister Shenxi. I begged him to let me come. Don't blame him," Xiao Mang explained.

    "Do you need help?"

    Chen Fan raised his chin.


    Shenxi grunted and turned around. Her wings sent out beams of silver light and turned into two Heavenly Swords, which then slashed the dragon into a few pieces.

    After killing the dragon, Shenxi gasped for air and there was a bit of sweat on her forehead. Xiao Mang immediately went forward and wiped it for her.

    "Sister Shenxi, you're incredible. You killed such a huge dragon!"

    Shenxi blushed and immediately changed the subject.

    "Xiao Mang, why did you come here? Don't you know how dangerous it is?" she became more serious as she continued, "Even though I'm not sure what kind of blood you've got in your body, I know that it's rare. You'd be the most precious disciple for any large sect, with a clear chance to become a Nascent Soul Cultivator in the future. All the elders would die to protect you. How can you be so reckless?"

    "Hm… I'm sorry, Sister Shenxi," Xiao Mang stuck out her tongue, then said proudly, "But brother will protect me."


    Shenxi glared at Chen Fan and couldn't believe it.