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Chapter 373 - They Can Kill You with A Puff!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 373: They Can Kill You with A Puff!

    On the next afternoon, Ye Chen arrived at Tiannan harbor with his family as well as Yang Tian and Lin Tai sending him off!

    The little Mengmeng held to the side of his shirt tightly. She did not want him to go. “Daddy, can I go with you?”

    “Behave, Mengmeng. Daddy is working. He’ll be back soon,” Su Yuhan comforted while caressing the little girl’s hair.

    “Daddy, remember to bring me something delicious when you come back.” The little girl stuck her tongue out and let go of Ye Chen. She then went into Su Yuhan’s embrace.

    “Please come home soon!” Su Yuhan rolled her eyes at Ye Chen while carrying their daughter.

    They knew why Ye Chen was going to Hong Kong. The Patriarch of Hell was dying, and the Nine-section Soul Herb was his only hope of living.

    “Don’t worry. I’ll be home soon.” Ye Chen went over to hug her and whispered into Su Yuhan’s ear, “If you’re free in the coming days, please take care of my company for me. Please bring Iron Tower with you. Most importantly, dress up and wait for me at home!”

    “Ptui!” Su Yuhan’s cheeks blushed and she mocked him angrily, “I heard there are many beauties in Hong Kong. If I find out that you have an affair out there, don’t you dare crawl into my bed when you get home!”

    She felt rather weak as she recalled the good time she had with Ye Chen last night.

    Ye Chen was in between tears and laughter when she heard that. He promised to be loyal to her and then he boarded the cruise as they sent him off.

    It was a passenger ship traveling from Tiannan to Hong Kong. The tickets were almost sold out half a month ago due to National Day, especially the good cabin seats, which were all sold out.

    Ye Chen did not mind that. He got Old Master Gu to book a fourth-class cabin seat for him. After all, it would only take less than three hours to get from Tiannan to Hong Kong. Old Master Gu even got the Fang family from Hong Kong to pick him up at the harbor. He heard that this Fang family was Gu Shaokun’s wife, Fang Yuan’s family.

    There were two floors on the ship. Ye Chen saw a crowd on the deck as soon as he boarded. All of them looked happy while they were busy taking photos.

    Ye Chen took a look around for a while and walked into the cabin to take his seat when they announced that the ship was setting sail. He took out the Tao Te Ching that he bought along the way.

    Soon, a crisp voice came, “I’m sorry, sir. Sorry to bother you, but I think this is my seat.”

    Ye Chen lifted his eyes to see a lady in a light yellow dress standing before him. The lady wore a pair of sunglasses, and she had a sweet charisma.

    Meanwhile, there was a middle-aged man with a big belly standing behind her. However, he would check the lady out every now and then.

    “I’m sorry!”

    Ye Chen checked the seat number on his ticket and got up to exchange seats with her. He sat in the middle of the three seats.

    “Thank you!” The lady removed her sunglasses after she took her seat, revealing her exquisite features. She initiated a handshake. “Let me introduce myself. My name is Dai Shiyu.”

    “Ye Chen!” Ye Chen looked indifferent while he held his head down and proceeded to read the Tao Te Ching in his hands after replying coldly.

    The middle-aged man, who was sitting next to the aisle, held Dai Shiyu’s hand and said passionately, “Ms. Dai, t-this humble one is Hou Liu. I’m the store manager of the Chow Tai Fook jewelry store at Sai Kung Tai Street in Hong Kong!”

    “Oh, hi!” Dai Shiyu raised her sharp brows and retreated her hand that was being gripped tightly. She was rather unfriendly.

    Hou Lin failed to read the room. He was eager to sit with her, but Ye Chen was between them. He could not help but ask, “Hey, can you switch seats with me?”

    At the same time, he scanned Ye Chen from head to toe. Disdain filled his eyes. He figured that Ye Chen was clearly someone regular given that he was dressed so ordinarily and was in the fourth-class cabin.

    However, Ye Chen did not seem to have heard him.

    Hou Lin felt rather embarrassed after realizing that he was being ignored. He scoffed and said nothing more.

    Dai Shiyu, on the other hand, looked at Ye Chen. Surprise flashed through her beautiful eyes when she noticed it was Tao Te Ching that he was reading. “Mr. Ye, do you love reading Tao Te Ching too?”

    She proceeded to say while smiling before Ye Chen could say anything, “My father loves reading Tao Te Ching too. He thinks that it contains all sorts of wonders and truths in it.”

    “I don’t like it!” Ye Chen interrupted her before she could finish speaking.

    Dai Shiyu was slightly stunned, and she thought he was being humble, but she did not mind that. “Since you don’t like it, why are you still reading it?”

    “To kill time!” Ye Chen replied coldly.

    Dai Shiyu was completely speechless. There was no way for her to continue the conversation now. At the same time, she was curious about Ye Chen. She thought that she was rather beautiful, whereby she would attract attention no matter where she went. However, Ye Chen barely looked at her since the beginning. She felt worse than the Tao Te Ching in Ye Chen’s hands.

    Ye Chen asked, “Does your father understand Tao Te Ching?”

    “Well, it’s not to say he understands it. He just loves reading it!” Dai Shiyu smiled lightly. “My father spent most of his life studying Tao Te Ching, so he can be considered to have understood it a little. He’s always telling me about the truths in it.”

    “What’s so great about Tao Te Ching!?” Hou Lin, who failed to find his way to slip into the conversation, snickered, “It’s just a vestige of the feudal system. It’s been overexaggerated to make it mysterious, especially after the scholars hyped it up. It’s better to learn about jades!”

    He smiled at Dai Shiyu passionately as he spoke to this point. “Ms. Dai, you must visit my store when you get to Hong Kong. There are many jewellery, jades, and gold in my store. I’ll give you a discount on any piece that you like. No, it’ll be free for you!”

    “Thanks, but I don’t like jewelry and accessories!” Dai Shiyu smiled courteously and proceeded to speak to Ye Chen, “My father told me that Tao Te Ching was passed down by Laozi. When I was young, he always told me how the purple air that drifts from the East came about.”

    “What’s this purple air drifting from the East?” Hou Lin interrupted.

    Dai Shiyu secretly frowned and said after shaking her head, “The so-called purple air drifting from the East came from the guard Yin Xi who saw a purple cloud coming from the east before Laozi traveling out of Hangu pass in the west. He knew that a sage was coming. As expected, he saw Laozi riding the green ox through the Hangu Pass. It implied that good luck was coming.

    “Later on, Laozi had an inspiration as he traveled down the Hangu Pass. Eventually, he comprehended Tao Te Ching. He sent it out to the people and ascended to the sky by riding on the purple cloud!”

    Ye Chen looked at her in slight shock. Clearly, he did not expect a lady like her to know about that.

    “That’s just a legend. It’s indeed a vestige of the feudal system,” Hou Lin said in contempt while looking at Ye Chen after a scoff, “Young man, I advise you to read less of this if you have the time. Poor people like you should read more contemporary self-help books!”

    Ye Chen smiled and proceeded to focus on the book. Meanwhile, Dai Shiyu glanced at Hou Lin in disgust and ignored him!

    The duo’s unfriendliness pissed Hou Lin off a little. He said intentionally, “Ms. Dai, you may look for me if you guys encounter any trouble in Hong Kong. It’s been a little chaotic over there lately, and many people have died.”

    “Chaotic?” Dai Shiyu did not really believe that.

    Hou Lin nodded and said, “That’s right. I heard there are ancient martial artists. You guys should know about ancient martial artists, don’t you? They’re people like Brother Ye, whereby they can kill you with a puff!”

    “Are there really ancient martial artists?” Dai Shiyu was rather shocked.

    Hou Lin saw her expression and said while secretly feeling proud, “There really are. But don’t be afraid. I happened to know one.”

    However, he realized that Ye Chen did not seem to be listening to him when he peeped at him. He felt terrible as if he had eaten a fly. He could not help but smirk as he spoke, “Brother Ye, you don’t seem to believe what I’m saying, hmm?”

    “I do!” Ye Chen said expressionlessly, “But so what? It’ll be fine if they don’t offend me. If they do, they’ll die!”

    “Who do you think you are?” Hou Lin laughed out loud. “I know you’re pretending to be fearless before Ms. Dai, but trust me, you’ll regret being born into this world when you really meet one.”

    At that moment, the cabin shook intensely. Subsequently, a series of screams came.

    “Look, there are people on the water!”

    “Oh, God, what are we looking at?”

    “They’re coming at us!”

    Ye Chen and the rest lifted their eyes to see three men running on the vast water. There was a middle-aged man with a severed arm running in front.

    The man was pale as he held a package in his arm tightly. He turned his head to look at the two men behind him while running. The two men were dressed in black, and their faces were covered. Only their eyes were showing. They held Japanese swords in their hands.

    ‘Japanese? Are they ninjas?’ Ye Chen’s expression turned slightly serious.