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Chapter 864 - An Elite on the Longevity Roll

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 864 An Elite on the Longevity RollThey saw hundreds of people when they reached the foot of the mountain. They were scattered all over the place, far away from one another while seeming to be alert.

    Their clothes looked different and they were apparently from different regions. Most of them were mid-stage Golden Core Cultivators. Even the weakest ones were early-stage Golden Core Cultivators. Every one of them was powerful; they had a special kind of bloodline or cultivation art.

    There were over a hundred Perfected Cultivators at the Two World Peak.

    But what surprised Chen Fan was that none of them were peak-stage Golden Core Grand Perfected Cultivators and Shenxi wasn't there either.

    "The Two World Peak is about to open. Those mountains and the Spirit Water are getting clearer. Once they completely become tangible, we'll be able to go through the screen between the two worlds," said a middle-aged Perfected Cultivator.

    He was wearing a weird robe and there was a giant azure wolf sitting beside him, which looked unreal. Chen Fan noticed that this man was someone from the Spirit Husbandry Region next to the Beihan Region.

    Cultivators from the Spirit Husbandry Region were good at controlling beasts.

    They had to start forming their Soul Beasts from the Qi Refinement State. The Soul Beasts not only had the power of Spirit Beasts, they could also change into thousands of forms and could destroy Divine Souls.

    Another Perfected Cultivator in a white outfit said, "Hm, the real Overlords have already entered. Those who aren't peak-stage Golden Core Cultivators and have no Dimensional Spirit Treasures can only wait here." He was from the Tianlan Region, the most powerful Barren Region around the area, which was much stronger than the Beihan Region and the Spirit Husbandry Region.

    "By the way, who do you think that mysterious girl is?" a Perfected Cultivator wondered.

    Chen Fan heard him when he was about to enter the Two World Peak with Xiao Mang.

    The Perfected Cultivator from the Spirit Husbandry Region frowned and said, "Judging from her clothes and cultivation arts, she's probably from one of the Heavenly Regions or she can even be a descendant of some historical family or large sect."

    "Hm, she's definitely not an ordinary cultivator from a Heavenly Region. She might be from the oldest powerful sect or even an elite on the Longevity Roll."

    The Perfected Cultivator in a white outfit snickered.


    Perfected Cultivators around him were startled by such a remark.

    The name Longevity Roll seemed to be imbued with magic. It frightened them, but they also yearned to be listed on it at the same time. Chen Fan frowned. This was already the fifth time he had heard about the Longevity Roll.

    "Brother, what's the Longevity Roll?" Xiao Mang wondered.

    The Perfected Cultivator next to her was shocked. He was surprised that Xiao Mang had dared to visit the Two World Peak at such a low level. He even sneered.

    "You don't even know what the Longevity Roll is? You better go back and hide in your mother's arms."

    And the other Perfected Cultivators just ignored her.

    All of them were Golden Core Perfected Cultivators, so they could talk on equal terms. And yet, people like Xiao Mang and Chen Fan—who looked like they hadn't even entered the Golden Core Level—weren't qualified to join their conversations at all.

    Perfected Cultivators were this arrogant.

    They were superior and everyone below the Golden Core Level were like ants.

    Tears welled up in Xiao Mang's eyes and she was trying her hardest not to cry.

    "Apologize to my sister," Chen Fan said.


    Then, all the Perfected Cultivators felt something was wrong.

    Chen Fan knew the man in white outfit was a Golden Core Perfected Cultivator, but he still talked so arrogantly. He was apparently fearless.

    The Perfected Cultivator in a white outfit frowned and sized Chen Fan up. He was gradually getting anxious. There didn't seem to be any energy on Chen Fan, so how did he get in? There were countless beasts on the Zangtian Plateau. How could an ordinary person go through a hundred thousand miles safely?

    Was he a hidden master?

    "It's indeed my fault. My name's Lin Baikui. Please forgive me." The Perfected Cultivator in a white outfit immediately apologized.

    "Lin Baikui? He's Lin Baikui from the Lin family of the Tianlan Region?"

    Hearing this name, many Perfected Cultivators turned pale.

    During their conversation, Chen Fan realized that the Lin family was the top family of the Tianlan Region and Lin Baikui was a peerless talent of the family. He had become a mid-stage Golden Core Cultivator in two centuries. More importantly, Ancestral Patriarch Takong—the leader of the Lin family and the top Overlord among the several regions nearby—had already entered the Two World Peak.

    A lot of Perfected Cultivators suddenly looked at Chen Fan pitifully.

    Chen Fan didn't mind at all.

    Lin Baikui was a clever cultivator who was willing to surrender when he knew he couldn't deal with someone, so Chen Fan didn't press further.

    Lin Baikui continued, "The reason why I think that girl is an elite on the Longevity Roll is because she managed to pass unscathed through the place with the most beasts, all by herself."

    "She's either an elite on the Longevity Roll or the heir of a historical sect," Lin Baikui said.

    Everyone nodded.

    After that, the Perfected Cultivators left and continued to cultivate as they waited for the Two World Peak to open. When Chen Fan was about to take Xiao Mang in, Lin Baikui came up.

    "My friend, I apologize again for what I did. Please forgive me. I have a Void Spirit Treasure here that can break the screen between the two worlds, but I still need one person. Why don't you join me?" He said sincerely with a beaming smile.

    However, Chen Fan interrupted without hesitation, "No, we can get in there ourselves."

    Lin Baikui froze and there was a glint of anger in his eyes. He continued to talk to Chen Fan, trying to get information about where Chen Fan came from, but Chen Fan wasn't interested at all.

    When he noticed that Chen Fan was a bit annoyed, he smiled and said, "About the Longevity Roll, it's actually not something impressive."

    Xiao Mang quickly paid attention and smiled brighter.

    "The Longevity Roll is a list of the most outstanding elites around Planet Tianhuang. Only those below the Nascent Soul Level can be listed.

    "Nascent Soul Cultivators are also called Immortal Heavenly Lords. They can live ten thousand years, which can already be regarded as being immortal in people's eyes. That's why the Longevity Roll is known as the ‘Heavenly Lord Waiting List' as well. Those being listed have a chance to become Heavenly Lords in the future. Each one of the elites on the list is much more powerful than normal Perfected Cultivators, and only cultivators who have formed a superior-grade Golden Core can be listed."

    Then, Lin Baikui suddenly mumbled, "I think that girl looks a lot like the legendary Reincarnation Goddess, one of the top elites on the Longevity Roll…"