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Chapter 372 - There Was Hope for the Patriarch of Hell’s Recovery!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 372: There Was Hope for the Patriarch of Hell’s Recovery!

    When the little Yang Hao kissed Mengmeng, Yang Tian, who was standing aside, was shocked too. He could only cough facing Ye Chen’s yelling. Clearly, what his son’s action made his jaw dropped.

    Seeing that his daughter appeared as usual, Ye Chen picked her up and said in all seriousness, “My darling daughter, promise me that you won’t let anyone else apart from Daddy, Mommy, Grandpa, and Grandma kiss you.”

    “Why, Daddy?” Mengmeng looked confused.

    Ye Chen was rather speechless at that moment. He had no idea how to explain, so he could only say, “Just promise me that. Don’t let anyone else kiss you, especially boys.”

    “What will happen if they kiss me, Daddy?” The little girl stared with her eyes wide.

    “If boys kiss you, they’ll kidnap you. By then, you won’t be able to see Daddy and Mommy,” Ye Chen said, meaning well.

    The little girl held his neck tightly upon hearing that. She shook her head so hard as if she was an ocean wave. “No, I don’t want to leave Daddy and Mommy. Don’t worry, Daddy. I’ll beat up anyone who dares to kiss me!”

    Yang Tian’s face turned red as he carried his son, Yang Hao, immediately and began lecturing him. He was clearly shocked by what Mengmeng said.

    The little Yang Hao’s face sunk, and he looked wronged.

    Ye Chen then put down his daughter and let the two kids play. He walked to the cultivation room in the villa after signaling Yang Tian.

    “Old Ye, why did you bring me here?” Yang Tian was rather puzzled. He retreated a few steps back, seeming to recall something. “Are you really going to beat me up for my son kissing your daughter?”

    “You’re overthinking this!” Ye Chen said angrily, “I thought about it and figured that things will be chaotic soon. So, I thought I’d passed my cultivation technique to you now.”

    “T-that’s so great!” Yang Tian was so excited that he could not speak. In reality, he had been waiting for Ye Chen to teach him the cultivation path the past few days, but he was embarrassed to ask after Xue Feng and the rest attacked.

    It was perfect since Ye Chen brought it up himself.

    “Sit with your legs crossed!” Ye Chen ordered. He pointed a finger between Yang Tian’s brows after he sat with his legs crossed. Massive memories were rushing into his head.


    Yang Tian’s reaction was much worse than Lin Tai’s. He was screaming and struggling, clearly unable to take the rush coming from the memory surge. It had something to do with one’s mind and experience.

    Kids from poor families would care nothing about getting a cut while removing weeds while kids from wealthy families would be sent to the hospital for accidentally cutting their fingers from slicing an apple. The doctor would sarcastically say that the wound would have already healed if they came later.

    “Hold on! You won’t be able to cultivate if you can’t even take this pain!” Ye Chen remained unaffected as he shouted coldly.

    The shrieking only ended over half an hour later. Yang Tian then lay on the ground like a heap of mud.

    “You’re useless!” Ye Chen was rather disappointed. He then said, “Shut your eyes and feel it carefully. What’s that in your head?”

    “Old Ye, there seems to be a technique in my head!” Yang Tian said in shock, “What’s this Divine Fiend Body Technique?!”

    “That’s right!” Ye Chen nodded. “It’s the Divine Fiend Body Technique. You’ll cultivate it from now on. Remember, don’t slack.”

    When heaven and earth were made, Divine Fiends were born. These people were born with bodies of the innate stage. They could move mountains and seas as well as destroy galaxies when they were young. They were blessed, and one could say that they were born to be people’s favorite.

    Meanwhile, Ye Chen modified the Divine Fiend Body Technique following the Divine Fiend’s body in his past life. He had 16 Divine Fiend generals back then, and all of them had cultivated the Divine Fiend Body Technique. There were nine levels to the technique. When one cultivated to level 9, they could kill gods and buddhas!

    Compared to the Asura Heaven-suppressing Kill that Lin Tai cultivated, the Divine Fiend Body Technique emphasized on defense. Its attack force was not as powerful as the Asura Heaven-suppressing Kill. It was considered to be tailored exclusively for Yang Tian.

    Ye Chen took out a Body Strengthening Pill and a bottle of Qi-gathering Pills to give Yang Tian. “This is a Body Strengthening Pill, and it can refine your body. Those are the Qi-gathering Pills in the bottle. They can accelerate your cultivation speed. Eat one every three days. Get more from me when you run out!”

    “Old Ye, you’re so kind to me. What can I do to repay you?” Yang Tian’s eyes turned red as he felt touched.

    In the next second, he smirked and said, “Should I clean myself up and visit you in your room tonight?”

    “Get out!” Ye Chen held back the urge to slap him and said, “I’ll give you one month. If you can’t break through to beginner-stage Spirit Assembly, get out of my sight.”

    He left the cultivation room after saying that.

    Lin Tai had broken through to beginner-stage Spirit Assembly in less than a month back then. Yang Tian’s talent was better than Lin Tai’s, so a month was more than enough.


    Ye Chen had been teaching Yang Tian in cultivation for the next few days while discussing how to elevate the Star Pavilion’s members’ abilities with Lin Tai.

    “Old Ye, do you need more members for the Star Pavilion?” Yang Tian suddenly asked, “When I picked Xiaohao up to go back home, a cousin of mine wanted to come to the city to see if he can make it here, but I didn’t agree to that back then.”

    “Your cousin?” Ye Chen frowned.

    Yang Tian nodded and said, “That’s right. His name is Yang Wusong, and his family is poor. There are many of them at home. He’s still single, but he has immense strength. I saw him pick up the two stone lions at the entrance of the township government with my very own eyes.”

    “Are you sure he has never cultivated?” Ye Chen was rather surprised.

    A stone lion weighed at least 300 kilograms. Yang Wusong must have been really gifted to be able to pick the stone lions up with one hand each.

    “I swear to god that he has never cultivated!” Yang Tian affirmed, “If he had cultivated, he wouldn’t have been single when he’s almost 30!”

    “Bring him to see me!”

    Ye Chen’s phone happened to ring after saying that. He picked it up and realized that it was Old Master Gu who called.

    “Mr. Ye, we’ve found the Nine-section Soul Herb that you asked me for. I heard it’ll be auctioned in Hong Kong. I’ll send you the picture!”

    Soon, Ye Chen received a picture. Burning desire filled his eyes. It really was the Nine-section Soul Herb, and it was at least a hundred years old.

    Ye Chen said feeling grateful, “That’s great, Old Master. Thank you so much!”

    “Don’t worry about it, Mr. Ye. The auction will take place in three days. Will you be riding on a plane or taking a cruise?” Old Master Gu asked.

    “On a cruise then,” Ye Chen said without even giving it a thought. He had lived for thousands of years and had never been on a cruise before, but he could finally experience that now.

    “Great, I’ll get someone to arrange that for you right away!”

    Old Master Gu hung up the phone immediately. Soon, Yao Bingyue from the Spiritual Medicine Mountain and Yu Shasha from the Murong clan in Ganzhou called. They told Ye Chen about the auction in Hong Kong almost at the same time.

    The news from the three families was aligned.

    The news had to be legitimate!

    There was hope for the Patriarch of Hell’s recovery!