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Chapter 863 - Fairy Shenxi

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 863 Fairy ShenxiThe Zangtian Plateau was located at the border of the Beihan Region and the other Barren Regions.

    This was a chaotic area and many vicious beasts surged out when the Two World Peak opened every three centuries; nobody would dare to live there for that reason.

    Chen Fan flashed across a few hundred thousand miles at once with Xiao Mang and reached the Zangtian Plateau. Once they got there, Chen Fan frowned and stopped.

    "What's wrong? Brother?" Xiao Mang wondered.

    "Look," Chen Fan said.

    Xiao Mang looked up and saw the entire plateau had been enveloped by a dimensional storm. The sky was full of black cracks like deep scars. Some strange-looking monsters came out of them from time to time.

    "The dimension around this area is very unstable. If you fly up there, one of the cracks might split you in half," Chen Fan said.

    "Huh? Even you can't get through?"

    Xiao Mang was startled.

    "I can, but it isn't necessary. Going through a dimensional storm requires a thousand times more energy than crushing the air does." Chen Fan shook his head. "Let's walk."

    The dimensional cracks had gathered a thousand meters above the Zangtian Plateau and there were only a few down below. Chen Fan guessed that those dimensional storms had been caused by the Two World Peak."When a world crashes onto Planet Tianhuang and shows a corner, the dimension will become unstable."

    Chen Fan wasn't surprised at all.

    He had asked Xuan Mingzi about the world on the other side of the Two World Peak, but Xuan Mingzi wasn't sure about it either. He only knew that the other world was vast and extremely old. They also had their own cultivation arts, which were completely different from the ones practiced on Planet Tianhuang.

    Chen Fan had seen many worlds like that. If the Realm of Kunxu was developed to the maximum level, it would also separate from Earth and turn into an indestructible world in the dimension.

    "Let's go."

    Chen Fan's eyes glittered.

    There had to be a large amount of energy or even some Void Dimension Crystals inside such a chaotic dimension. He needed a vast amount of dimensional energy and Void Dimension Crystals to complete the Kun Peng Divine Core, .

    He placed his arm around Xiao Mang, then he took a step and walked a thousand feet forward.

    Although he was only walking, he could easily go ten times the speed of sound with his phenomenal-success Divine Body. The Zangtian Plateau was like a smooth road to him.

    Then, Chen Fan encountered some vicious beasts.

    Those beasts were different from those found on Planet Tianhuang. They were covered in black scales and they were letting out fire like demons in Hell. When they attacked, some demonic energy surged out, which could contaminate the cultivators' Dharmic Powers.

    "Is there a demon realm behind the Two World Peak?"

    Chen Fan was shocked.

    But this thought immediately flashed away from his mind.

    A real demon realm was even vaster than the galaxy and the mountains there were ten thousand kilometers tall. If it really crashed onto Planet Tianhuang, the planet would explode.

    "I guess this is just a fragment of the realm, or something similar." Chen Fan raised his hand and it turned into a sharp blade.

    He slashed gently and easily split those beasts in half.


    Chen Fan flashed a thousand feet ahead…

    And the few monsters crossing his path froze, and their heads were lopped off.

    The beasts encountered were more powerful as Chen Fan went deeper inside the Zangtian Plateau. In the end, there was even a Golden Core Dragon Demon a few hundred meters long.

    It was like a hill that floated in the sky. Its body was full of shiny, metallic scales; its claws were sharp and its eyes were filled with crimson glitters; it had been trying to swallow a group of cultivators when Chen Fan saw it.

    That group of cultivators had eight Connate Cultivators. Their outfits were totally different from those of the Beihan Region and they were apparently from the other Barren Regions. They must have been caught by that beast while they were on an adventure to visit the Zangtian Plateau. The beast killed, tore them apart and stuffed them in its mouth.

    "Brother!" Xiao Mang yelled.


    Chen Fan flashed forward and threw a punch. His fist was surrounded by a golden aura, shining like the sun.

    The Dragon Demon had already noticed Chen Fan. Even though it was massive, it was extremely clever and Chen Fan had only managed to hit its tail.


    Chen Fan punched the dragon's tail and created a giant hole.

    The Dragon Demon let out a cry and turned around. It opened its mouth and flew towards Chen Fan with its sharp claws.

    This Dragon Demon had reached the mid-stage Golden Core Level and had an extremely strong body, which was close to a phenomenal-success Divine Body. Chen Fan could only make it roll when he punched it, but he couldn't really kill it.

    While Chen Fan was about to use his Essence Cores—

    A beam of light was suddenly shot from afar. There was an elegant girl inside the light, like a peerless Goddess.

    The girl raised her hand and a beam of light spinned around the Dragon Demon's neck.


    The dragon's head, as large as a house, was cut off and an endless surge of black blood poured out. Then, everyone finally saw clearly that the beam of light was a sword.

    "I've already killed all the monsters five thousand miles in the east. Leave quickly," the mysterious girl said.

    Her voice was extremely cold, as if it had been sent from the sky.

    "Thank you for saving us."

    The cultivators who survived bowed and left immediately.

    Chen Fan looked up.

    The Dragon Demon was a mid-stage Golden Core Beast, but the mysterious girl killed it with a single attack. She had to be at least a peak-stage Golden Core Cultivator, or she must have come from a large sect. Chen Fan saw that her sword was a superior-grade Spirit Treasure that was as powerful as the Changliu Sword.

    The mysterious girl glanced at Chen Fan and said, "There will be more beasts like this as you go further. You won't be able to reach the Two World Peak. Just turn around."

    "Don't worry. We'll be fine," Chen Fan replied.

    The mysterious girl frowned.

    Xiao Mang quickly moved forward and smiled. "Sister, don't be mad. My brother is like that. What's your name? You're incredible! You slayed such a large dragon!"

    The mysterious girl didn't seem to be used to interacting with overly excited people. She answered after a while.


    "Sister Shenxi, I'm Xiao Mang. Are you also going to the Two World Peak for adventure? Me and my brother are here to look for someone." Xiao Mang gave her a beaming smile.

    The girl called Shenxi sized Xiao Mang up and looked doubtful.

    Even though Xiao Mang was at a low level, she carried a hint of dragon's energy as her True Dragon Divine Meridian had manifested. She had become more elegant and fierce.

    "Xiao Mang, the Two World Peak is dangerous. You and your brother should go back. You have great talents, but the cultivation arts you practiced aren't good enough. I'll give you a real cultivation art and take you to a cultivation sect later on," Shenxi said seriously and gave Xiao Mang a talisman with a reincarnation sign, so that Xiao Mang could use it when she was in danger. After that, she turned into a flash of light and shot towards the Two World Peak without looking at Chen Fan.

    "Brother, I don't want to leave you."

    Xiao Mang pouted and was about to throw away the talisman.

    Chen Fan smiled and said, "Don't worry. I won't leave you."He took the talisman and frowned as he felt a powerful energy within. "This is… a Heavenly Talisman?"

    What was a Heavenly Talisman?

    It was a talisman made by a Nascent Soul Heavenly Lord! A Heavenly Lord could control the weather, so the talisman was also as powerful and it wasn't something a normal Perfected Cultivator could resist.

    "How arrogant. She gave away a Heavenly Talisman made by a Nascent Soul Cultivator. Looks like she's from one of the historical sects."

    Chen Fan shrugged.

    He gave Xiao Mang the Heavenly Talisman and said, "This is good. Don't throw it away. Keep it with you at all times, okay?"


    Xiao Mang nodded.

    And yet, thinking about what Shenxi said, Chen Fan also realized that the cultivation arts of the Chinese indeed restricted Xiao Mang's potential. The True Dragon Divine Meridian was a supreme Divine Meridian of a hundred-year-old Nascent Soul Cultivator.

    "That's right. It's time to find a real Divine Art for Xiao Mang."

    Chen Fan rubbed his chin.

    The two of them kept going to the Two World Peak. There were beasts corpses everywhere as they continued along the way. All of them had been killed with one slash. Chen Fan even saw the body of a thousand-meter peak-stage Golden Core beast with a snake head and an eagle body.

    "Looks like I've underestimated that girl. She might even be stronger than Sword King." Chen Fan thought.

    An unreal mountain then appeared in front of them.

    Looking at the area beyond the mountain, he saw what appeared to be another world on the other side.

    That world had many mountains that were ten thousand feet tall. There were flowers and Spirit Water everywhere, and waterfalls between mountains. Countless Spirit Herbs and Treasure Medicines grew there, and some eagles with golden wings a few hundred feet large flew in the sky.

    It looked completely like a sacred ground, instead of a demon realm.

    They had arrived at the Two World Peak.