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Chapter 454: Xin Yuan’s Mighty Strength

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 454: Xin Yuan’s Mighty Strength

    Next, under the command of Feng Zhan, Liu Ming and the other two also stepped forward to draw lots.

    Xin Yuan stepped forward and grabbed inside the silver bowl, then he took out a bamboo stick.

    “Number one!” Xin Yuan just glanced at what was in his hand, then he said frankly. Although he still didn’t know who his opponent was, it seemed that he was the one to fight.

    Liu Ming immediately reached out into the silver bowl, touched the few remaining bamboo sticks, and grabbed one with the word “three” written on it.

    He looked back casually, but he saw that the skinny man of Sky Bird Sect was looking at him with malicious eyes.

    Liu Ming naturally didn’t care about that person’s gaze, but after a slight glance, he walked to Xin Yuan’s side with a slight smile.

    At this moment, a smug laugh came from behind.

    “Haha, it really is number two.” Wei Zhong held a bamboo stick with “two” in his hand, and seemed quite satisfied with the result. After a hearty laugh, he looked at Jia Lan intentionally.

    Feng Zhan saw this move by the side. His brow furrowed, and he looked quite embarrassed.

    At the same time, there was a slight smile on Dugu Yu’s face. Since the Golden Jade League was the last to draw, the remaining blank lottery was already in the bag. Having one person to advance for free would be beneficial to the latter situation.

    As a result, the muscular man in the golden robe drew “one”. He was the first to fight with Xin Yuan. The scholar in golden robe drew “four”, and his opponent was the muscular red-haired man. As for the blank lottery that had been drawn naturally belonged to the scarred young man.

    However, after the result of the round was out, the young man frowned slightly. He seemed to be a little bit dissatisfied, but he didn’t say much as he walked behind Dugu Yu.

    Seeing this, Dugu Yu’s face was overjoyed. The beautiful woman surnamed Xiao also giggled as she glanced at the scarred young man. She seemed to be satisfied with this results.

    “The result of the first round of drawing lots has been determined. The nun waved her sleeves and took back the silver bowl, and she announced at the same time.

    The taoist surnamed Shi nodded when he heard the words. He shook his sleeves, and a few silver lights flew out of it. It was a dozen formation flags of a few feet. In a flash, the flags went to the center of the Valley of Fire. A circle with a diameter of more than one hundred meters appeared. As he made a gesture, a silver light emitted from the formation flags, forming an invisible enchantment that surrounded the circle.

    “The specific way of winning or losing will be decided by two sides. However, anyone who steps out from this circle is considered lost. If there is no objection, the participants who drew number one please start.” After all this, he immediately said loudly.

    As he spoke, Xin Yuan appeared in the enchantment in a flash, carrying the black iron rod on his shoulder. He looked at the direction of the muscular man in the golden robe with a smile.

    The muscular man in the golden robe was also a Physique Cultivator. He was burly and formidable. Both his arms were covered with blue veins. All his muscles were twitching as if the enormous force in his body would surge out at any time.

    In contrast, Xin Yuan’s thin figure was much weaker.

    Seeing his opponent enter the enchantment first, the muscular man in golden robe flew up with his arms outstretched after a cold snort. He landed firmly on the opposite side of Xin Yuan.

    As soon as he landed on the ground, he turned his hands immediately. A black light flashed in his palm, and two giant green hammers appeared in his hands.

    The surface of the giant hammers had a layer of green light, and they were covered with dense black spirit patterns.

    Then he shouted loudly, and suddenly a black gas appeared on the surface of his body. The spirit patterns on the giant hammers flashed, and layers of black gas appeared on it. As his figure flashed, the things in his hand smashed ruthlessly toward Xin Yuan.

    He was extremely proficient in this series of actions. This was obviously the fighting method used by this muscular man.

    A pair of giant hammers was suddenly blurred in mid-air, and the black gas surged, transforming into ten identical giant hammer shadows. They struck down with an overwhelming momentum.

    When Xin Yuan saw this, his heart was slightly shook. Then, he moved his mind and the black rod also revealed a black light. As his two arms moved slightly, layers of rod shadows appeared.

    At the next moment, a few tremendous forces surged over. The giant hammer shadows struck heavily on the iron rod shadows, making several extremely dull metallic sounds.

    Under the continuous bombardment of the hammer shadows, Xin Yuan took a few steps back, only then he resolved the dozen of hammer shadows one by one.

    Liu Ming in the audience frowned slightly when he saw this.

    He knew Xin Yuan’s ability. His physical strength alone was not much weaker than him, but he didn’t expect the strength of the muscular man in the Golden Jade League to be so powerful.

    “Leader Dugu, your league has produced a lot of talents in recent years. This person’s Black Gang Art should have a little achievement right?” The beautiful woman surnamed Xiao saw the weird black gas on the muscular in golden robe, then she said thoughtfully.

    The reason why this woman asked this question was that Black Gang Art had an extraordinary origin. It was said to be the high level martial art of the Hei Xuan Sect, a Physique cultivating sect, in the Middle Sky Continent a thousand years ago, but the sect had long since fallen. After that, the relevant martial arts only started to spread.

    “Fairy has overpraised. Black Gang Art is just a scrap discovered in the early years by my league. It is not complete. Only Jin Huan is cultivating this art in my league. He is still far from getting success in this art.” Dugu Yu replied with a chuckle.

    The beautiful woman surnamed Xiao stopped asking more when she heard this, and she turned her gaze to the fight between the two.

    There was a flash of black light on the field, and the strong man had once again appeared in front of Xin Yuan. The giant hammers once again turned into countless hammer shadows that slammed down.

    Xin Yuan had been prepared for a long time. His figure blurred, and he dashed into the shadows strangely. At the same time, a black rod shadow actually swept from the side of the muscular man.

    The muscular man groaned as his arm moved, and another giant hammer went toward the rod shadow.


    The giant hammer and the iron rod separated immediately. The two of them retreated a few steps under a huge shock.

    “Good, you are indeed quite strong, but I won’t reserve my strength next.” The muscular man sneered and said. The black gas on his body became thicker. As his figure flashed, the giant hammers once again turned into hammer shadows that struck toward Xin Yuan. The power of the aura was actually twice as strong as before, and it brought along a gust of wind.

    Xin Yuan’s eyes flashed a hint of ruthlessness. He began chanting in his mouth. His arms had countless black spirit patterns on them. Under a crackling sound, his arms were one size bigger. After taking a deep breath, the iron rod doubled its range in a black light.

    As his arms shook, countless black rod shadows appeared. They formed a black whirlwind that went against the countless hammer shadows.

    There was an earth-shaking loud noise!

    The hammer shadows and rod shadows flickered interchangeably, and they collapsed and separated at the same time. Xin Yuan and the muscular man staggered back a few steps, but the muscular man took more steps before standing firm.

    The muscular man began to feel shocked in his mind.

    He was born with great physical strength, plus he had practiced the ancient Physique Cultivator technique that ordinary people couldn’t bear. His strength was so powerful that he could tear apart a tiger. But now, his arms were a little numb under the one strike of the opponent. He felt like he couldn’t take it.

    However, at this moment, the iron rod in Xin Yuan’s hand instantly turned into an iron spear. The tip of the spear was glimmering in golden light. Under repeated swings, dense golden lights emerged, and the golden lights blasted like a torrential rain.

    The muscular man’s expression changed, and he waved the giant hammer again.

    As soon as golden lights touched the giant hammers, the lights disappeared in the sound of collision.

    Xin Yuan’s expression remained unchanged. He waved the iron spear in his hand into a black light. The golden spear shadows kept surging at the muscular man in a loud whistling sound.

    As the muscular man wielded the giant hammers, he gradually felt a little strenuous. The spear shadows were extremely dazzling that he felt that the sky was full of golden light for a while. He could only defend with the giant hammers with all his might.

    Suddenly, the muscular man chanted. The black gas on his body quickly condensed into a solid state, protecting him inside it.

    Suddenly, several golden lights pierced the black gas through the hammers and reached the black gas. The black protective aura only shook slightly, but it was still intact.

    The muscular man was relieved when he saw this, but the next moment, Xin Yuan’s arm on the opposite side became blurred. He transfigured eight arms to launch a barrage at the same time.

    The muscular man was shocked. He could only resist desperately, but when he finished defending the last wave of attacks, Xin Yuan was nowhere to be seen.

    “Not good.”

    The muscular man suddenly roared. He took out a talisman and broke it without hesitation, and a yellow light immediately enveloped his body.


    But at this moment, Xin Yuan appeared from nowhere behind the muscular man in golden robe. The black runes flashed on his body surface, and a pitch black giant bow appeared in his hand, launching a dazzling golden ray.

    The muscular man only heard a crisp sound. The yellow protective shield and the solid black gas on his body surface collapsed at the same time. The dazzling golden light instantly overwhelmed his figure.

    After a while, the golden light dissipated, and the muscular man’s huge body had fallen unconscious to the ground. His body was covered with blood.

    “Changfeng Association won the first match.” Seeing this, Nun Miao Xin announced with a blank expression.

    Seeing this, Dugu Yu, the leader of the Golden Jade League, couldn’t help but look a little gloomy, and the beautiful woman surnamed Xiao beside him looked a little ugly as well. They didn’t expect the Golden Jade League to lose in the match, and they were losing to an unknown guest of the Changfeng Association.

    The scarred young man glanced at Xin Yuan, and a fierce look flashed on his face. When he looked at the unconscious muscular man on the stage, he sneered again.

    “Congratulation for Mr. Xin won the first match for our Changfeng Association. Please take these elixirs to restore spiritual power.” Feng Zhan greeted him with a hearty laughter, and he immediately took out a bottle of top-grade elixir and handed it to Xin Yuan.

    Xin Yuan sneered and nodded. He didn’t reject the elixirs that were given to him. He held the black rod on his shoulder and walked toward a corner, meditating and adjusting his breath on his own.

    At this time, not far away, Sky Bird Sect’s disciples also looked at Xin Yuan differently. Their eyes were full of fear.