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Chapter 371 - Look At Your Son, He Took Advantage of My Daughter!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 371: Look At Your Son, He Took Advantage of My Daughter!

    “We can’t do anything to Mad Southern Ye within a month!”

    That day, all the Heavenly Palace members got the order from their Palace Master. Although they were doubtful, they dared not go against the order.

    “My dear Senior Brother, you’re just buying time to hurt me with all your life.” On a little hidden island, a man in purple robes, Guan Shanyue, was pale while his aura was weak. However, there was mockery at the corner of his lips.

    “But so what? One month! I’ll recover in a month. By then, I’d like to see how you’re going to protect Mad Southern Ye!”


    After leaving the military camp headquarters and handling some stuff in Beijing, Ye Chen returned to Tiannan.

    At the Ye residence, he was surprised to find out that there were two guests at home. They were the Old Master Gu and Gu Yingying. Ye Hai and Ye Ming were chatting with them, but they had caution written on their faces. After all, the man before them was a general who had helped build the country.

    Old Master Gu and Gu Yingying got up and smiled as soon as they saw Ye Chen. “Greetings, Mr. Ye!”

    Ye Chen nodded and got the both of them to sit. After catching up with each other, Old Master Gu said while looking guilty, “Mr. Ye, I heard that your family was in trouble, but I didn’t have the ability to save them. Please forgive me for that!”

    “There’s no need to apologize, Old Master!” Ye Chen smiled calmly.

    He learned from Old Chen, who was in the military, that almost the entire army heard the news when Xu Feng and the rest came. However, they were ordered not to help.

    Old Chen had gotten the order, and so did Old Master Gu.

    Old Master Gu and Gu Yingying glanced at each other after noticing that Ye Chen did not blame them. They saw relief in each other’s eyes.

    There had been a gap between them earlier, and they did not want the gap to grow. After all, Ye Chen destroyed the powerful wealthy families of Beijing such as the Sus and the Xues, so what was their Gu family to him even?

    “Oh, yeah, Old Master, there’s a favor that I need to ask of you,” Ye Chen suddenly said, “Please look for an herb for me. It’s called the Nine-section Soul Herb.”

    “The Nine-section Soul Herb?” Old Master Gu was rather lost, but he did not ask any further. Instead, he nodded in agreement. “Sure, I’ll use my family’s connection to look for it.”

    “In return, please take these two medicinal pills!” When Ye Chen flicked his fingers, the two medicinal pills flew into Old Master Gu’s hand.

    Gu Yingying was puzzled. “What are these, Mr. Ye?”

    “They’re Breakthrough Pills!” Ye Chen smiled calmly.

    Old Master Gu was so shocked that he stood up as soon as he heard that. “What? Breakthrough Pill? Is it the medicinal pill from the Martial Alliance that’s rumored to make martial artists break through to Martial Dao master?”

    Gu Yingying was also shocked.

    “That’s right!” Ye Chen nodded lightly at the old master. “I see that you’re close to Illuminating Pulse. Since you’ve helped my family a lot, I thought I’d give it to you guys as a gift.”

    The Breakthrough Pill was extremely precious to outsiders. However, it was no different than the Body Strengthening Pill to Ye Chen, especially when there was an opportunity for him to obtain the Nine-section Soul Herb.

    The Nine-section Soul Herb was one of the main herbs to refine the Soul-brewing Pill. After the Patriarch of Hell fell unconscious due to his exhaustion of soul power, he needed the Soul-brewing Pill to recover his soul power so that he would wake up.

    If this had been in the past, Ye Chen definitely would have been unwilling to give the Soul-brewing Pill to the patriarch. Naturally though, Ye Chen would not be stingy since the patriarch had risked his life to protect his parents.

    Since what happened, Ye Chen felt indebted to the Patriarch of Hell. When the patriarch woke up, he would help him elevate his cultivation base. When the patriarch had recovered to Foundation Building, he would help him looking for a spirit transfer body and transfer his spirit so that he would have a human body again.

    “Then, I’ll take it. Don’t worry, Mr. Ye. My whole family will help look for the Nine-section Soul Herb,” Old Master Gu said in all sincerity. However, he felt like he was shaking inside.

    With these two Breakthrough Pills, it would mean that he could totally break through to Martial Dao master. By then, he could live at least another 50 years.

    They then chatted for a little while before the old master left with Gu Yingying. Ye Chen called the Murong family from Ganzhou as well as the Spiritual Medicine Mountain. He also asked them to look for the Nine-section Soul Herb.

    “My main mission now is to wake the patriarch up and look for Wushuang’s whereabouts!” Ye Chen’s eyes were sparkling. “Wushuang, I don’t believe that you’re dead. Wait for me. Your brother will come for you. Even if you’re really dead, I’ll try my best to revive you!”

    He walked out of the villa after making up his mind. He saw two kids playing in the garden. Yang Tian was chuckling as he watched.

    One of them was the little girl, Mengmeng, while the other kid was Yang Tian’s son, Yang Hao. He had heart disease back then, and it had been Ye Chen who had treated him. When Yang Tian went to the northeast, he sent his son to his parents in his hometown.

    Now that Yang Tian had returned, he was impatient to bring his son back. He was over the moon. After all, it had been three months since the father and son reunited.

    Yang Hao was over three years old while Mengmeng was more than four years old.

    Yang Tian patted Ye Chen’s shoulder and smirked as he said, “Old Ye, it seems like my Yang Hao is having fun with your Mengmeng. Why don’t we just come up with a marriage agreement now? If we do that, we’ll be even closer!”

    “Get out!” Ye Chen chuckled. “My daughter will choose her own happiness. I won’t interfere with that. Moreover, your Yang Hao might not deserve my Mengmeng.”

    Although he said that, Ye Chen felt bitter. He was upset to think that his daughter would be taken away by a man when she grew up. Now, he finally understood why son-in-laws and father-in-laws in the world were never at peace each other.

    “The hell!” Yang Tian was pissed off now. “What do you mean he doesn’t deserve her? My son is pretty smart, alright? He’ll definitely surpass me when he grows up!”

    “You? Can you get over yourself?” Ye Chen glanced at him in disdain and walked over to the two kids. He saw they were squatting on the ground and staring at the ant colony without blinking.

    “My dear daughter, what are you guys doing?” Ye Chen said while smiling.

    “Shh!” Mengmeng gestured him to keep quiet and whispered, “Daddy, Little Brother Hao and I are watching the ants move their food. Don’t disturb them!”

    As Ye Chen looked, he saw a bunch of ants moving a biscuit crumb strenuously. The crumb had fallen from Yang Hao’s mouth.

    To their surprise, an ant crawled onto Yang Hao. Mengmeng said immediately, “Little Brother Hao, there’s an ant on your head. Don’t move!”

    Yang Hao was going to cry in fear, but he remained still.

    Mengmeng stretched her arm out to grab the ant. She then put it on the ground. Yang Hao sniffed and said weakly, “Thank you, Sister Mengmeng!”

    He kissed Mengmeng’s cheek after saying that.

    Mengmeng wiped the saliva off her cheek without feeling that she was being taken advantage of. Instead, she giggled. “Don’t worry about it.”

    Ye Chen’s face turned red upon seeing that. He shouted, “Yang Tian, look at your son! He took advantage of my daughter!”