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Chapter 453: Draw Lo

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 453: Draw Lo

    After the giant spirit bird flew over the basin, a man with an eagle nose floated down from above.

    Then the huge boat from behind also slowly landed on the ground. Several nuns in green robes also flew down together.

    The female leader nun wore a green robe and a gray hat. Her face was delicate, and she had a very gentle expression. It was the nun who took Jia Lan away from the island that day.

    “Qingshui Nunnery!”

    Someone yelled.

    “I thought who it was? It turned out to be Qingshui Nunnery’s Senior Nun Miao Xin and Sky Bird Sect’s disciples. May I ask why are you all here?” After the beautiful woman smiled, she asked.

    “Fairy Xiao, I come here this time because I heard that Golden Jade League and Changfeng Association actually have a gambling fight privately. Do you forget that this area is also within the sphere of influence of Sky Bird Sect? Since it is about the re-division of this area, I think Sky Bird Sect is also eligible to participate in this gambling fight.” The nun in green robe smiled slightly and said unhurriedly.

    Upon hearing this, Fairy Xiao’s heart sank.

    “Senior Nun Miao Xin, this place is the junction between Changfeng Association and Golden Jade League, so it is understandable for them to fight for it. However, this matter seems to have nothing to do with Sky Bird Sect right? Isn’t Senior Nun’s reason too far fetched…” The middle-aged man silenced for a moment, then he said so.

    “I don’t think it’s far-fetched at all! If you two don’t agree with it, I’m afraid our Qingshui Nunnery will not admit it regardless of the outcome of this private gambling fight.” The nun coughed slightly. Her tone was still flat, but the threats revealed in the words were already clear.

    “Do you think that I will agree if you say such words?” The beautiful woman surnamed Xiao suddenly looked gloomy after hearing this.

    “I’m afraid it’s not up to your pavilion. Since our nunnery is the upper sect of the Sky Bird Sect, we naturally have to seek justice for them. Do you really think that I will approve this matter without voicing out?” With a faint smile on the nun, her words were extremely sharp.

    The beautiful woman’s face became uncertain for a while, and she didn’t dare to go against the nun for a while. She suddenly turned her head and asked the taoist coldly, “Mr. Shi, what do you think of this matter?”

    “I don’t have any opinion on this, Fairy Xiao can decide on it.” A strange expression flashed across the middle-aged taoist’s face, but he faintly replied.

    “This old fox!” The beautiful woman surnamed Xiao immediately muttered in her heart.

    The other side spoke so casually. It is equivalent to letting me face the pressure of Qingshui Nunnery alone.

    When the nuns were allowed to join the gambling fight like this, it was adding one more strong opponent for no reason. Therefore, she was very unwilling to do so.

    “You can rest assured that as long as Sky Bird Sect can participate in this gambling fight, I swear that I will not have any objections regardless of the results. Besides, to make this fair, Mr. Yuan from the Sky Bird Sect is also willing to use one third of their territory as gambling capital to send three people to join the gambling fight.” The nun said calmly.

    “Yes. Just as Senior Nun said. If you two are really confident, you might as well take the deserted islands under my Sky Bird Sect.” The man with the hook nose said with a smile.

    “Since Senior Nun has said so, if I’m still unwilling, then I’ve failed as a villain.” After thinking for a while, the beautiful woman finally agreed with it.

    The taoist surnamed Shi in Purple Night Temple was not surprised. He also nodded silently.

    Even though Feng Zhan and Dugu Yu were also Crystallisation Period powerhouses, in front of the top ten sects in the South Sea Region, they couldn’t interfere with this decision at all. They looked at each other as if they were in the same situation.

    After the three people negotiated, the agreed gambling fight changed from a two-party duel to a three-round battle.

    “Mr. Friend, who are three Sky Bird Sect sending?” Feng Zhan suddenly smiled and asked.

    After the man with eagle nose sneered, he suddenly waved to the giant bird high in the air. Then a dozen or so disciples of men and women dressed in Sky Bird Sect costumes jumped down from the sky, and he chose two men and one woman among them.

    One of the two male cultivators was a tall man with red hair, but the other was as thin as a wood and looked wretched.

    The woman was in a water blue shirt. She had a very beautiful appearance and a pair of beautiful eyes that were more clear and flawless.

    When Liu Ming and Xin Yuan saw clearly the face of the woman in the blue shirt, they were all surprised.

    The girl in front of me was no one else but Jia Lan who was lost while crossing the space node!

    After months of absence, the appearance of this woman didn’t change much, but the charm on her body seems to have faded a bit. On the contrary, there was a feeling of an innocent girl. Only her pair of beautiful eyes could still exude an irresistible temptation.

    “What’s the matter? Why is the woman that Siren King brought there? She even joined Sky Bird Sect?” Xin Yuan asked in a low voice in Liu Ming’s ear.

    “I’m not very clear. I thought that the time for this woman to travel through the space node was different from ours, so she should be teleported to a far away location. I didn’t expect to meet her so soon.” Liu Ming glanced at Jia Lan, then he took back his gaze and replied.

    Xin Yuan was silent for a while when he heard the words, suddenly his face changed as if he thought of something.

    “It seems that Brother Xin thought about this too. Since Jia Lan has also been teleported to the South Sea Region, Siren King is very likely to be somewhere in this region. If we really encounter him, I’m afraid it will be troublesome. “Liu Ming saw Xin Yuan’s expression change, then he replied with a solemn voice transmission.

    Jia Lan was also looking at the people of the Changfeng Association at this time. Her gaze glanced across Liu Ming and Xin Yuan, but she looked longer at the young man in black clothes.

    Liu Ming couldn’t help being slightly surprised. Before he knew what was going on, he inadvertently glanced and found that not far away, Wei Zhong was also staring at the stunning girl in the opposing party with fiery eyes.

    Jia Lan’s stunning appearance completely attracted this Five Spirits Sect’s disciple. He couldn’t take his gaze back for a while.

    Seeing this, Feng Cai couldn’t help but look a little ugly.

    Not only the young man in black clothes, the other disciples with lower cultivation couldn’t help being attracted by Jia Lan’s appearance. They couldn’t refrain themselves from peeping.

    “This succubus physique, for those with weaker cultivation or unprepared ones, indeed has an outstanding effect.” As Liu Ming saw this, the corners of his mouth twitched. He muttered to himself.

    After the head of Sky Bird Sect announced that the disciples that were participating in the gambling fight, who were Jia Lan and two men, one fat and one thin.

    The three messengers of three sects, Taoist Shi, the beautiful woman surnamed Xiao, and the nun in green robe made an oath of the heart demon, stating that they wouldn’t renege on the gambling fight results.

    “Mr. Shi, Fairy Xiao, since we have made an oath. The participants have increased, so the rules for this gambling fight should be changed again.” After thinking about it, the nun in green robe said so.

    “Of course! If Ms. Miao Xin has any suggestions, just say it.” Seeing that the beautiful woman surnamed Xiao had already made the vow, she was secretly relieved. She said with a sweet smile.

    The taoist surnamed Shi did not say much when he heard the words. He just looked at the nun with a dull face.

    “Since Fairy Xiao said so, I’ll say my suggestion. I propose that all nine people who participate in the gambling fight should draw lots. Unless they are from the same force, otherwise if two people draw the same number, they will battle immediately. The loser will be eliminated and the winner will advance to the next round. Then the second round of draw lots will be carried out. If one draws an empty number, he can advance to the next round. The gambling fight will only end until the participants of the same force or one participant are left.” The wonderful heart girl raised her voice slightly and said calmly.

    “This is a good way.” The beautiful woman thought for a while, and nodded immediately. The taoist surnamed Shi had no opinion as well.

    “Since both of you have no opinion, let’s start.” Nun Miao Xin instructed immediately. She ordered someone to make nine identical bamboo sticks. Four pairs of numbers, 1, 2, 3 and 4, were written on the bamboo sticks. The last one was blank.

    Then, the nun shook her sleeves and took out a silver bowl full of spirit patterns, and put nine bamboo sticks inside.

    “This silver bowl can prevent mental power from intruding into it. Everything is determined by fate.” Miao Xin slowly explained.

    After that, she made a gesture and pointed one finger at the silver bowl. The silver bowl shone in silver light abruptly.

    The beautiful woman surnamed Xiao and the taoist surnamed Shi immediately released their mental power without holding back. After a trial, they found that they couldn’t penetrate the silver bowl with their mental power, and they nodded to show that there was no problem.

    “President Feng, Leader Dugu, Master Yuan, let your three disciples come forward to draw lots.” Seeing this, the nun gently threw the silver bowl while speaking. The silver bowl suspended in mid-air without moving.

    After the nine people participating in the gambling fight looked at each other, they came forward with different expressions.

    As Liu Ming walked, he couldn’t help but glance in the direction of the Golden Jade League.

    Three people walked out of the Golden Jade League’s crowd, the first one was the scarred young man that Liu Ming had noticed earlier, and the remaining two were a tall, strong man and a scholar in golden robe.

    Liu Ming’s mental power scanned at them. He realized that the scarred young man was at the intermediate stage of the Condensation Period just like him. As for the other two, he couldn’t read their cultivation. They should probably be at the Condensation Period later stage.

    Subsequently, under the arrangement of Nun Miao Xin, the three people from Sky Bird Sect drew first.

    The skinny man reached into the silver bowl with his right hand. After searching around, he took out a green bamboo stick with a “three” written on it. He sneered and walked aside.

    Then the man with red hair stretched out his hand and grabbed in. He took out a bamboo stick with “four” written on it, then he walked to the skinny man blankly.

    When it was Jia Lan’s turn, her jade hand stretched out and took out a bamboo stick with “two” written on it.

    “Number two?” Wei Zhong muttered softly. Although his voice was not loud, the cultivation level of everyone present was not weak, so they naturally heard him clearly.

    The expressions of Liu Ming and others did not change, but Feng Zhan’s face was stagnant when he heard the words. The beautiful woman surnamed Xiao looked at Feng Zhan with a smile. There was a hint of mockery in his eyes.

    Seeing this, the nun’s facial expression changed slightly. She looked at the young man in black shirts, then she announced faintly, “Next, it will be Changfeng Association’s turn to draw.”

    Dugu Yu of the Golden Jade League saw the nun arranged the Golden Jade League at the end, and a trace of dissatisfaction appeared on his face, but he didn’t say much.