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Chapter 862 - The Hundred Regions on Planet Tianhuang

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 862 The Hundred Regions on Planet Tianhuang"What?"

    Xiao Mang's eyes popped out.

    Even Chen Fan was a bit shocked.

    Although he knew Planet Tianhuang was enormous when he looked at it from space, he didn't expect for there to be a hundred regions. The Beihan Region, which was dozens of times larger than Earth, was only one of them.But then, Xuan Mingzi said something that astonished Xiao Mang, "There are actually more than a hundred regions on Planet Tianhuang."Among the hundred regions, there are Heavenly Regions and Barren Regions. The Beihan Region is one of the Barren Regions. Such regions are all over Planet Tianhuang and even the Sect Masters of some top sects don't know exactly how many there are. Most Barren Regions are located in the desolate parts of Planet Tianhuang like the Beihan Region and the real flourishing ones are the Heavenly Regions."

    "There are many historical sects and families in the Heavenly Regions. I heard that even the water of those regions contain Spirit Qi and can be used as Spirit Water. The Spirit Qi there is several times denser than in the Barren Regions, and there are a lot of Connate Cultivators and Golden Core Perfected Cultivators," Xuan Mingzi sighed and continued, "In the Beihan Region, a Golden Core Cultivator is already an Ancestral Patriarch, but he would only be a normal elder over there. Only a Nascent Soul Heavenly Lord can be called an Ancestral Patriarch."

    "Oh my god!"

    Xiao Mang's eyes widened and her jaw dropped. She was completely stunned.


    Chen Fan frowned.

    Heavenly Regions and Barren Regions had a huge difference because Spirit Qi concentration was different. Those Nascent Soul Heavenly Lords must have trapped the Spirit Veins and Spirit Qi inside the Heavenly Regions, later setting up restrictions in their regions to contain them.

    They were like enormous arrays. Ordinary ones could only cover a thousand mile radius, while these arrays locked an area within a radius of a few hundred thousand miles."A Nascent Soul Cultivator can turn the world upside down. It's definitely possible to do these things," Chen Fan said.

    Nascent Soul Cultivators could control the weather and have the power to destroy the world, which was why they were called "Heavenly Lords."

    A Heavenly Lord was the Lord of the Sky!

    "Right, the Heavenly Lords have endless power, so the more powerful the Heavenly Regions are, the weaker the Barren Regions. Each disciple of those historical sects is strong enough to run wild in a Barren Region, just like Sword King did. He had already suppressed the Beihan Region before being listed on the Longevity Roll. Without you and Lord Beihan, nobody would be able to fight against him," Xuan Mingzi said.

    Chen Fan then understood the difference between Heavenly Regions and Barren Regions.

    Sword King was only a disciple of the Haotian Sword Sect, but he had already been able to sweep the Beihan Region and defeat the six Grotto-heavens. So, how powerful were the real elites in those historical sects?"Among the Heavenly Regions, ten are the most powerful ones.

    "They have a history of a few hundred thousand years and are extremely bustling. Each of them are ten times larger than the Beihan Region and there are many powerful sects. And yet, they're not the core of Planet Tianhuang. At the center of the planet, there's a supreme sacred land. That's the real cultivation sacred ground and the only unbeatable region."

    After that, Xuan Mingzi looked serious and his eyes were full of longing.

    "When I was young, I traveled to the sacred land with my Ancestral Master. It's ten times larger than a Heavenly Region and many cultivators aren't even able to get out of it their entire lives. You can feel how concentrated the Spirit Qi is there when you breathe. There are a lot of elites and powerful races. Normal sects can't survive there at all, only the historical sects can. Each of them has a history of ten thousand years!"The only sacred land, the top ten Heavenly Regions and many other Barren Regions.

    As Xuan Mingzi explained, Chen Fan and Xiao Mang finally knew what Planet Tianhuang was really like.

    Chen Fan wasn't quite impressed. He had seen planets ten thousand times larger than Planet Tianhuang in his previous life.

    But Xiao Mang was different. She felt as if everything she previously knew about the world had been reversed. The vast Beihan Region was only one of the planet's regions, even smaller than a state in other places.

    "But what does this have to do with the Chinese?" Chen Fan frowned and asked.

    Xuan Mingzi smiled and replied, "Slow down, Perfected Cultivator.

    "Thousands of years ago, the Chinese had a Heavenly Lord, so the Beihan Region used to be a Heavenly Region. Although we weren't amongst the top ten, we were far more powerful than the Barren Regions around us. So, how could the first Lord Beihan do anything to the Chinese? I heard that some large sects from among the ten most powerful Heavenly Regions are responsible for the incident. Even the sacred land had a hand in it, and some even said that the first Lord Beihan came from a historical sect in the sacred land."


    Xiao Mang covered her mouth.

    She had never thought that there were so many secrets behind the decline of the Chinese.

    "That's what I thought."

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes.

    Creating that kind of curse that lasted for thousands of generations and the Divine Chains inside Xiao Mang weren't something the first Lord Beihan could do. It had to be something done by at least a Nascent Soul Cultivator, or how would Heaven's Equal die?

    "Hm, I'll take revenge for the Chinese one day."

    Chen Fan's eyes glittered.

    Then, he started to prepare for the trip to the Two World Peak. Without catching the current Lord Beihan, how could he know which sect was responsible for what happened in the past?

    Chen Fan first settled all the remaining forces of the Royal Palace and placed a lot of Divine Soul restriction spells on the surrendered Perfected Cultivators. When Xie Changying arrived, Chen Fan gave him all the restriction tokens.

    "Brother, I want to go to the Two World Peak too," Xiao Mang said.

    She didn't want to leave Chen Fan, not even for a day.

    "The Two World Peak is extremely dangerous. Why do you want to go there? You'll distract our Perfected Cultivator," the Grand Elder said.

    "It's all right." Chen Fan smiled and waved.

    Before leaving, Chen Fan left the "Sky-severing Sword." Although this Heavenly Sword was broken, it was still a Heavenly Treasure. Even Xie Changying would be able to kill a peak-stage Golden Core Cultivator after learning the spells from Chen Fan.

    With the Sky-severing Sword, Chen Fan didn't have to worry about the Chinese while he was away.

    The Grand Elder bowed and said, "Just go. I'll protect our people and I won't let you worry."

    "Great!" Chen Fan nodded.

    He then left with Xiao Mang and flashed towards the Zangtian Plateau.