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Chapter 370 - The Battle on Heaven Lake!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 370: The Battle on Heaven Lake!

    There was endless overbearingness and killing intent in Ye Chen’s tone that seemed calm on the surface. Even Old Chen could not help but change his expression.

    Old Chen sighed softly as he watched him leave. “Sigh, it’ll be chaotic again. Heavenly Palace, I hope that you guys don’t cross the line.”

    “Chief, do you think he’s a match for the Heavenly Palace?” Qin Xiaotian could not help but ask.

    Regarding the Heavenly Palace, he knew more about Ye Chen who was an outsider. The Heavenly Palace had always been low-profiled and mysterious. Throughout the 50 years, they hardly interfered with anything in the outside world because they were arrogant and overbearing.

    To them, the so-called martial artists out there were nothing. Even he, the Zhongnan Ocean Madman who ranked No. 3 on the Heaven Leaderboard was nothing to them. The Martial Alliance had been handling those regular hooligans.

    However, this time, Ye Chen had killed too many, so the Heavenly Palace targeted him.

    Facing Qin Xiaotian’s question, Old Chen shook his head lightly. “This man has a mind of his own. He has endless trump cards. In my opinion, it’s a rather unwise decision for the Heavenly Palace to go after him.” He thought he was good at reading people, but he could not see through Ye Chen.

    “I’d agree that Mad Southern Ye’s ability is more than enough to join the Heavenly Palace.” Qin Xiaotian forced a smile. “But don’t you forget who owns the Heavenly Palace. If the Heavenly Palace’s Palace Master Guan Shanyue were to fight…”

    “That martial legend 100 years ago?” Old Chen’s face was serious, and he subsequently mumbled, “Niu Qingshan, you sick dragon, how long more are you going to hide? You were the Tyrant Niu whose ability was said to be close to be a martial legend’s 100 years ago. Can you really not stand now?”

    Looking back at history, four powerhouses were created a century ago. They conquered the world with their invincibility, and almost everyone in the Martial Dao World in China admired their fame. Even Xue Feng and the rest, who were in the same era, dared not look at them directly.

    Since then, the four went missing. The outsiders had no idea that one of them joined the Heavenly Palace while another joined the Dragon Soul. The remaining two of them retired; one was guarding Shanghai while the other guarded Hong Kong.


    At the Heaven Lake in the Changbai Mountain, an old farmer was still fishing by the lake. The old bull laid on the ground next to him. It could not stop licking a wine bottle while its eyes stared into space. It was tipsy.

    “You’re wasting the good stuff!” The old farmer was in pain to see that. “I’ve only heard of bulls eating peonies. I’ve never heard of bulls eating raw fish and drinking wine.”

    At that moment, the old farmer looked at the surface of the lake, appearing inspired.

    The lake that was frozen had white fog coming out of it all of a sudden. It covered the sky as if the frozen surface had been dissolved by boiling water. The roars of a tiger came from the white fog.

    Thud, thud, thud…

    A white tiger lumbered out of the fog faintly as heavy thuds came. The white tiger was extraordinarily big and majestic as if it was going to devour someone.

    The moment the white tiger appeared, the old bull that was next to the old farmer woke up from its drunken stupor.


    The old bull could not stop sliding its hooves on the ground while digging a big hole on the frozen lake. White mist with the fragrance of wine came out of its nose, and its eyes were staring aggressively.

    “Junior Brother, you’re here,” the old farmer said, proceeding to fish in a casual manner.

    As the white tiger approached, a young man in a purple robe was riding on it. The young man was handsome, but his eyes made him look like he was condescending towards everything in the world. “Senior Brother, since you’ve decided to live in reclusion, you shouldn’t care about what’s happening in the outside world.”

    “When did I say that I’ve decided to live in reclusion?” The old farmer took out his pipe and began smoking. He said without even lifting his head, “I said that I was tired, and I’d like to rest for a bit. I’m not sure how long I’m going to rest for. Maybe I’ll be done resting after smoking a packet of cigarettes, or maybe I’ll rest until I die!”

    “You sure are cunning, Senior Brother!” the young man in the purple robe said, “It’s useless for me to beat around the bush. I’m here today to tell you not to interfere with whatever that’s going on with Mad Southern Ye. He’s my Heavenly Palace’s enemy. He’s Shang Santian’s enemy!”

    The old farmer exhaled a smoke ring and sighed softly. “Junior Brother, how many years has it been since our master passed away?”

    “Why are you asking?” The young man in the purple robe was rather upset.

    “Master was born during the Daoguang Era, which was 1821. And he passed away in the eighth year of the Republic of China’s calendar, which was 1919. He lived for 98 years. It’s been almost a century since he passed away.”

    The old farmer continued, ” Master took the four of us in as his disciples when he was 70. Do you remember what he said when the four of us knelt before him to go through the ceremony?”

    “Senior Brother, I don’t want to hear about the past!” The young man in the purple robe was getting more and more upset now.

    However, the old farmer did not stop talking, “On that day, Master recited a poem passage from the poet Du Fu. ‘How do we make tens of millions of houses to give refuge to the people in need?’ Master was telling us to have a pure and righteous heart and to never use our power to bully the weak.”

    The old farmer paused as he spoke to this point. He looked at the young man in the purple robe with fire burning in his eyes. “But you’ve changed. Since Master passed away, you went after the martial legend’s fame by exploiting your talent. You hated the situation that you were in, so you conformed. You’ve forgotten what your original intention was throughout the years, and you’ve deviated from your responsibility. Did you forget the battle that Master went through in Shang Santian on his own? Did you forget the three painful chuckles that Master released before he died?”

    “Senior Brother, do you mean you’re going against me to protect Mad Southern Ye?” The young man looked aghast. “Niu Qingshan, it’s fine that you’ve lost your will to fight, but don’t get in my way!”

    “Guan Shanyue!” the old farmer, who had been extremely calm, suddenly shouted. He looked extremely serious. “My name is Tyrant Niu, not Niu Qingshan. I’m the Dragon King of the Dragon Soul!”

    “The Dragon King? Tyrant Niu?” Guan Shanyue grinned. “You’ve been living in a poor, secluded village these days and you’re either working at the field or being a Peeping Tom. Are you still Niu Batian? Are you still the Dragon King? Senior Brother, you’re old. Just admit that you’re old.”

    “No! I’m not old!” Tyrant Niu sighed softly and suddenly pressed the white tiger the young man in the purple robe was riding on. The white tiger sunk into the frozen lake with only its back showing.

    Niu Qingshan did not use any energy throughout the whole process. It seemed as if he was doing it casually.

    “You’ve broken through too?” The young man in purple robe’s expression changed. Then, he smirked and said, “I get it now, Senior Brother. You’re simply cunning. You used the excuse living in reclusion to deceive the world and me. In reality, you were looking for the opportunity to break through in hiding!”

    In the next second, the young man in the purple robe’s face was filled with coldness. “But do you think you can stop me? My dear Senior Brother, don’t you forget that I’m the first who became a martial venerable among the four of us!”

    “We’ll find out soon!” Niu Qingshan did not care about that. Then, he took the lead to leap onto the frozen lake.

    Two compelling auras exploded.

    People who were touring the Changbai Mountain were shocked to find out that there was an avalanche! The sweeping snow was like the wave of an ocean. It resembled a flood, breaking the world apart.

    The avalanche only stopped after going on for an hour.

    What the people had no idea about was that a white tiger ran far away while carrying a young man streaked in blood on it. Meanwhile, there was an old farmer on an old bull’s back. The bull was walking slowly in the snow.

    The old farmer had both of his arms severed, and nobody knew if he was still alive!

    The old bull was shedding tears!