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Chapter 861 - The Two World Peak

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 861 The Two World PeakWhile the entire Beihan Region was in shock, Chen Fan was sitting in the middle of the Arctic Hall at the Sky-Swallowing Palace.

    Chen Fan was sitting lazily on the emperor's chair, which was made of gold and copper; it had nine pythons twining around it. Xiao Mang was next to him, feeding Chen Fan some grapes.

    Many dead bodies of the royal family members had been removed from the Arctic Hall by the servants.

    Many leaders of the Grotto-heavens and the strong families were standing respectfully in the hall, but a lot of them had disappeared.

    The leader of the Chu family, Chu Yuanding, said as he knelt on his knees, "Perfected Cultivator, the entire Zhao family has been razed to the ground. Only ordinary members who don't cultivate or some criminals are left. However, the Heavenly Ancestor took Prince Zhao Duming before he left and we couldn't stop him."

    He had surrendered quickly enough during the battle, and Chen Fan also needed someone to help him get familiar with the situation in the royal city to control the Royal Palace, which was why he didn't kill him.

    The members of a few other families looked at Chu Yuanding with an envious face.

    "It's all right. He's just a Golden Core Cultivator. The Heavenly Ancestor is quite clever. He took someone with the greatest potential as he knew they'd lost their power."

    Chen Fan nodded.

    Among Lord Beihan's sons, only Prince Zhao Duluo, Prince Zhao Duming, Prince Zhao Duxuan and Prince Zhao Qingchen had cultivation talent. They were the only ones who could become top Overlords and awaken the true form of the Sky-Swallowing Python in the future.

    And yet, Chen Fan had killed three of them, and Heavenly Ancestor could only take Zhao Duming with him. As for the other members of the family, they were like ants in the eyes of the Heavenly Ancestor; they weren't important, at all.

    Chu Yuanding hesitated and said, "Besides, we've already broken into the place where Lord Beihan cultivates, but he isn't there. We only found an old servant of his."

    "Lord Beihan is not here?"

    Chen Fan frowned.

    He knew something was wrong. That battle had been earth-shattering. Even Sword King had died and the royal city was destroyed. Why didn't Lord Beihan show up at all? Chen Fan finally understood after he asked the old servant.

    The old servant said, "My Lord went missing three centuries ago and has been trapped inside the Two World Peak. We recently received a message from him. He said the Two World Peak is going to open soon and he's going to return, which is why we organized this assembly."

    "The Two World Peak? What's that place?" Xiao Mang wondered.

    Many people were startled and a few Sect Masters even looked terrified after hearing the name. When Chen Fan asked them about it, nobody answered.

    Chen Fan wasn't in a hurry, so he didn't probe further.

    As expected, someone paid him a visit at night.

    "The Sect Master of the Tianji Grotto-heaven! What a surprise!"

    Chen Fan smiled and Xiao Mang also looked at that man with her rounded eyes.

    "Just call me Xuan Mingzi." The Sect Master of the Tianji Grotto-heaven waved his hand. "How can I call myself Sect Master in front of a Perfected Cultivator? You're even powerful enough to be listed on the Longevity Roll."

    Chen Fan said, "You must be here because of the Two World Peak. Just spit it out! I like straightforward people. If you give me enough information and help me catch Lord Beihan, I'll offer the entire Xuan State to the Tianji Grotto-heaven."

    Xuan Mingzi was immediately short of breath.

    The Tianji Grotto-heaven was located in the Xuan State, covering more than half of the available land, but they couldn't conquer the entire state because of the Royal Palace. With Chen Fan's promise, they could finally get what they had been hoping for.

    "In fact, this is not a secret. It's easy for you to find out," Xuan Mingzi smiled and said, "The Two World Peak is a strange world. It's located on the Zangtian Plateau and is a hundred thousand miles large. It's extremely dangerous, ordinary Golden Core Cultivators will die once they go inside."

    "Oh, really? Tell me more."

    Chen Fan was a bit interested.

    "Nobody knows where the Two World Peak came from.

    "I only know that it has appeared thousands of years ago, and it seems to be the intersection point of Planet Tianhuang and the other world. The Two World Peak opens once every three centuries and a large number of beasts will surge out of it, shedding blood on the Zangtian Plateau. At the same time, many cultivators also go into the Two World Peak to find opportunities."

    Xuan Mingzi continued, "I heard that there are countless Heavenly Medicines and Spirit Treasures in the Two World Peak. Some people even saw a horse that flashed through and disappeared in a blink. They guessed that it was a legendary Divine Medicine. So, Overlords, including descendants of the historical sects, would try to enter every time the Two World Peak opens.

    "Of course, those are only legends. No one has ever seen a real Divine Medicine. I guess Lord Beihan entered the Two World Peak just because he wanted to look for the Divine Medicine to enter the Nascent Soul Level."

    "A Divine Medicine?"

    Xiao Mang's jaw dropped.

    Chen Fan's eyes were also brightened.

    Three of his five Essence Cores had yet to reach the divine grade. If he could get one more Divine Medicine or a Quasi-Divine Medicine, he could immediately complete a divine-grade Essence Core.

    "Do you know where exactly the Two World Peak is and when it's going to open?" Chen Fan asked.

    Xuan Mingzi was shocked. "Do you really want to go there? The Two World Peak is extremely dangerous. Even the top Golden Core Cultivators have to be careful there. It's the intersection point between the two worlds and there are countless dimension gaps. Many unknown vicious monsters or Heavenly Beasts might come out from the gaps… Lord Beihan has been trapped there for three centuries."

    "That's just him. I'm different." Chen Fan flicked his fingers. "If I stay here, Lord Beihan might not have the courage to come to see me when he returns. So, I should just get in the Two World Peak and completely eliminate this threat."

    Xuan Mingzi stood with a serious look.

    He had never thought that Chen Fan would be that powerful. From his point of view, he didn't want Lord Beihan to return, which was why he was telling Chen Fan everything about the Two World Peak.

    Chen Fan then suddenly said, "Brother, how much do you know about the curse cast on the Chinese? Did the first Lord Beihan really do that?"

    Hearing this question, Xiao Mang was immediately nervous. She looked at Xuan Mingzi with her fists clenched. As one of the Chinese, she was most concerned about that.


    Xuan Mingzi hesitated.

    He glanced at Chen Fan and said, "In fact, our ancestor once recorded something about the Chinese. The Beihan Region wasn't a Barren Region back then; it was still a Heavenly Region ruled by Heaven's Equal of the Chinese."

    "Is there any difference between a Barren Region and a Heavenly Region?" Chen Fan asked.

    Xiao Mang was shocked. She frowned and asked, "How much do you know about Planet Tianhuang?"

    "I've never gotten out of the Beihan Region ever since I came to Planet Tianhuang. I know that there are other regions and historical sects out there. Those sects have Nascent Soul Cultivators and each of them is probably more powerful than the entire Beihan Region," Chen Fan replied.

    "Right, those sects are indeed much more powerful than the whole Beihan Region."

    Xuan Mingzi nodded and said something astonishing.

    "There are a hundred regions on Planet Tianhuang and the Beihan Region is only one of them."