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Chapter 369 - I Won’t Hold Back If The Heavenly Palace Dares to Fight Me Again!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 369: I Won’t Hold Back If The Heavenly Palace Dares to Fight Me Again!

    Zhang Daniu was in slight disbelief to hear Ye Chen’s offer. “B-Brother Chen, you’re taking m-me as your disciple?”

    Besides him, Huang Fugui and Huang Pei were just as shocked. They knew about Ye Chen’s abilities. He had destroyed the Su family and even ended the Xue family earlier.

    And now he was taking Zhang Daniu as his disciple?

    Ye Chen chuckled softly. “Of course, but you’ll just be a nominal disciple. You can’t learn my cultivation, but you can learn medicinal skills from me.”

    Zhang Daniu and him were destined to meet. Given that Zhang Daniu had held onto his principle when Xue Dong captured him and tortured him, Ye Chen admired him for that. Therefore, he wanted to give him an opportunity.

    However, Zhang Daniu was different from Yang Tian. Yang Tian could still go through the test of walking the cultivation path, but Zhang Daniu was honest and good-hearted. His character was perfect for learning medicinal skills to heal people.

    “Medical skills?” Huang Pei was rather disappointed when she snapped back to her senses. “Boss, just take Brother Daniu as your official disciple. It’s best if you can pass down everything you know to him.”

    To her, medicinal skills were nothing. It was useless compared to the pure strength of being able to fight. If Zhang Daniu learned that, he could protect her in the future. Huang Fugui shared the same thought as she did.

    Nevertheless, Ye Chen ignored them. Instead, he looked at Zhang Daniu quietly. “Think about it, Daniu.”

    “Brother Chen, I-I’m willing to do it…” Excited, Zhang Daniu knelt before Ye Chen immediately. He was kowtowing so hard in gratitude. “Greetings, Master.”

    “Come here with me.” Ye Chen took the lead and walked into the store.


    Over ten minutes later, both of them went out. Ye Chen glanced at Zhang Daniu who had delight on his face. “Do you remember everything that I told you?”

    “I do!” Zhang Daniu said in a naive manner.

    The duo’s mysterious behavior made Huang Fugui and Huang Pei suspicious. Huang Fugui could not help but ask, “Boss, have you already taught him the medicinal skills?”

    He was in slight disbelief, even slightly disappointed. To him, medicinal skills had been around for thousands of years. One could definitely not learn everything in a lifetime, but Ye Chen was done with Zhang Daniu after more than ten minutes. It was like child’s play.

    Ye Chen knew that he was in disbelief, so he stated while smiling, “Come here, Daniu. Give your future father-in-law a check-up.”

    “Father-in-law, please give me your hand.” Zhang Daniu nodded obediently.

    “Don’t call me that!” Huang Fugui was mean to him, but he still stretched his left hand out since Ye Chen was watching. However, he looked awkward. He knew some medicinal skills himself, so he would know best whether he was sick. How could Zhang Daniu know better than he did?

    Zhang Daniu asked weakly after checking Huang Fugui, “Father-in-law, do you have severe constipation and hemorrhoids?”

    Huang Fugui’s expression changed right away, and his face went pale in embarrassment. “Oh my, h-how could you tell?”

    He had been having haemorrhoids for years, even before Huang Pei was born. It was useless despite having undergone countless surgeries at the hospital and consuming many Chinese herbs throughout the years.

    “I use the medicinal skills that my master passed on to me.” Zhang Daniu scratched his head. “It’s easy to treat it. You’ll need 6.25g of fritillaria, 9g of platycodon, 12.5g of butterfly bush…Boil them into a bowl of mixture, drink the soup, and apply the residue on your stomach. You’ll be healed within half a month.”

    Huang Fugui was dumbfounded. “Y-you…”

    “Old Huang, do you believe it now?” Ye Chen chuckled softly. “Daniu, I’ll call the shots today. Your wedding with Huang Pei is considered to be confirmed. This will be my betrothal gift.”

    He placed the bank card with 10 million yuan in there on the table and left casually.


    “I want to see Old Chen.”

    Half an hour later, Ye Chen arrived at the military camp entrance in Beijing. Two guards, who were on shift, stopped him. One of them said expressionlessly, “Old Chen won’t be seeing anyone. Please leave.”

    “Really?” Ye Chen smiled calmly. He sensed that Old Chen was currently looking out from where he was in the house by scanning the area with his Divine Consciousness.

    Was he not meeting anyone today or did he not want to see him?

    Ye Chen wanted an explanation today! People from Shang Santian wanted to hurt his family openly, but what did the country do about it? Although he had solved that, he was still upset.

    “What if I insist?” Ye Chen remained smiling, but his eyes were rather cold.

    “Then, don’t blame us for hurting you!”

    The both of them took a step forward at the same time.

    “Let him in!” At that moment, an old voice came from the four-courtyard house, making both of them retreat aside.

    Ye Chen lifted his feet and walked in. Old Chen was writing the word ‘country’ with his calligraphy pen. However, his stroke was no longer as powerful as before. There was even a sense of loneliness in it.

    He had aged! It had not been too long since they parted, but Ye Chen realized that he had aged so much! An aging hero!

    Qin Xiaotian stood next to him like a tower.

    Old Chen said without turning his head, “Spill. Tell me why you’re here.”

    “Old Chen, don’t you guys owe me an explanation?” Ye Chen said in a straightforward manner.

    Old Chen turned his head to look at him. “What explanation do you want? Are you blaming us for not helping you? Blaming us for watching your family falling into danger?”

    Ye Chen agreed to him in silence.

    Old Chen said in his deep voice, “Then, tell me. The Xues are citizens of China too. Even if there are some bad apples in the family, there are a portion of them who are innocent. Should we have stopped you when you were killing them?”

    Ye Chen was silent.

    “Mad Southern Ye, if I were to count, within half a year, you’ve killed at least 800 people, if not a thousand!” Old Chen’s eyes were fierce. “You hate people from Shang Santian because they’re a threat to you, but in the eyes of the people you’ve killed, what difference do you make compared to them? Tell me!”

    “So, you’d like to fight me too?” Ye Chen said.

    From the side, Qin Xiaotian looked at Ye Chen with his guard up hearing that.

    “No!” Old Chen shook his head lightly while his expression was rather complicated. “I’ve been thinking a lot these days. “‘The intellectuals will break the law with knowledge while the heroes will break the law with their strength.’ This is something between you cultivators, so cultivators will have to solve it. For us, as the military, all we have to do is to carry out our responsibility.”

    Qin Xiaotian could not help but explain, “Old Chen wanted to help your family, but the boss prohibited that…”

    “Shut your mouth!” Old Chen scolded.

    Qin Xiaotian hesitated to speak any further.

    Ye Chen came to a realization, so he said with a smile, “I get it now. Don’t worry. No matter what happens, from now on, I, Ye Chen, have nothing to do with the military.” He placed his ID as the chief of the Firearms Division on the table after saying that and left.

    “You’ve offended the Heavenly Palace. I’m advising you not to be in a conflict with them, or the consequences will be devastating,” Old Chen hesitated before reminding the leaving figure.

    Ye Chen stopped moving and said without even turning his head, “I won’t hold back if the Heavenly Palace dares to fight me again!”