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Chapter 860 - The World Was Shocked

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 860 The World Was Shocked

    “Have you heard about the incident in the royal city?”

    “Yeah, but that’s bullsh*t! Someone killed everyone in the Royal Palace, including Sword King, all by himself? It’s like a joke. Who’s capable of doing that? A Nascent Soul Heavenly Lord? Or an elite on the Longevity Roll? Besides, Lord Beihan is still here. Why didn’t he come and stop that man?”

    “I didn’t believe it either, but my elders were there and they saw it with their own eyes. They don’t know why Lord Beihan didn’t show up either. Maybe he’s not in the royal city?”


    Billions of people were astounded.

    The news about the battle in the royal city was spread across all thirty six states. The Top Ten, the eight powerful families and all the large sects knew about it.

    When people heard the news…

    They were overwhelmed with shock.

    The Royal Palace had ruled the Beihan Region for thousands of years. Lord Beihan’s two generations had suppressed the world and Sword King was invincible. How could such powerful forces be defeated by one person, just like that?

    At first, many people didn’t believe it, thinking it was just a joke or a rumor.

    At the government building of the Yan State.

    Xu Hao, the Young Lord of the Yan State, had even asked someone to behead the person who had spread the rumors. “Our Royal Palace is immensely powerful. How would Chen Beixuan be able to kill everyone there? Whoever says something like that will be executed…”

    A flash of firelight came rushing in before he finished.

    Xu Hao opened the contents and his face turned pale.

    The Ancestral Patriarch of the Ding family, a famous family in Red Flame City, asked, “Young Lord, what’s the order?”

    Many of the other Ancestral Patriarchs had also seen the fire. They knew this was the “Miles Fire Talisman” of the Royal Palace, which was used to deliver urgent messages; it was able to fly a hundred thousand miles a day.

    Xu Hao’s hands trembled for a while before he said, “The Royal Palace was destroyed… Sword King died… Chen Beixuan won!”


    All the Ancestral Patriarchs were dumbfounded. They couldn’t believe the news.

    Xu Hao held the fire talisman with hatred in his eyes. He wondered why he didn’t see how powerful the Chinese kid was in the past. After having killed everyone in the Royal Palace, the government of the Yan State was nothing to him.

    He became immediately anxious the moment he thought of the Chinese in the Yan State.

    In the Tianmang Grotto-heaven.

    Many elders in the Tianmang Hall received the news and snickered, but the entire Tianmang Grotto-heaven was pressured when they confirmed the facts.

    Manggu got out and saw the pale faces of the elders.

    “What’s wrong?”

    Manggu frowned.

    He was more confident in forming a fifth-grade Golden Core after cultivating this time. Then, he had to collect stones and save power to enter the Golden Core Level.


    The Grand Elder smiled wryly.

    “Grand Elder, I’ve become much more powerful and my Tianmang Body is also complete. I know I can defeat Lin Wuhua and Gu Lingzi. Once I go through the Thunder Tribulation and form the Golden Core, not even Perfected Cultivator Chen would be a match for me,” Manggu said with confidence.

    The Grand Elder frowned. “I’m afraid you won’t be able to surpass him. Perfected Cultivator Chen is Chen Beixuan!”

    “That’s wonderful. By then, I’ll settle all the scores, old or new.” Manggu’s eyes twinkled and his Tianmang Body got stronger.


    All the elders smiled wryly. That was someone who had suppressed the entire region and killed a sixth-grade Golden Core Cultivator, all by himself. Would he care about a cultivator who hadn’t even become a real fifth-grade Golden Core Cultivator yet?

    Other than the Grotto-heavens, many families and races also suffered from a great loss.

    The Violent Apes.

    As one of the Top Ten powers, the Violent Apes were extremely domineering. They had conquered the entire Mountain State and their settlements were spread over thousands of mountains. But that day, all the Violent Apes remained silent.

    When the news about the death of their leader arrived, many Overlords said they wanted to go to the royal city and exterminate the Chinese. And yet, when more messages arrived, almost none of them dared to say anything.

    The Heavenly Wolves, the Six-armed Snakes, the Silver Spirits, the Chu family… Many families were gloomy and anxious as they had chosen the wrong side, causing their leaders to be killed.

    Chen Fan had slayed the Zhao family, so he might also go after them.

    “We have to think of a solution.”

    All the families had clever people and they suddenly thought about the Chinese. People might not have the courage to ask Chen Fan for mercy, but they could seek the Chinese.

    So, there were a lot of envoys outside Old China Town, covering the entire sky. Looking from above, countless groups were going towards Old China Town from all directions, like swarms of ants.

    At the Ancestral Temple.

    Many Chinese elders were still in shock.

    “Qin Luo, slash me and see if I’m still dreaming,” Elder Mufeng said.

    Qin Luo glared at him and didn’t really try to slash him. Not only Elder Mufeng, all the other elders were unable to believe it. They were still in fear and worrying not long before.

    Chen Fan had killed the Commanders of three troops and Chi Fenkong, the Lord of the Yan State. That was a serious crime. After calming down, the Chinese ended up drenched in cold sweat.

    The Royal Palace might let Chen Fan go if the matter was only about Zhao Qingchen, but killing three Commanders and seven Lords would definitely stir the entire Beihan Region. Not even Sword King would stay idle and watch everything happen.

    While everyone was feeling scared—

    News came from the royal city.

    The Grand Elder and the others thought that slaying Sword King, the Prince and the royal family was like a myth at first.

    Many guests who had paid a visit to attend the ceremony, including Chu Tianyu and Gu Lingzi, were sneering at the news.

    “It’s just a rumor. How would Chen Beixuan be powerful enough to defeat Sword King? I guess he’s already escaped, letting the Chinese take the blame. Just wait for the Royal Palace to kill you all.”

    A lot of elders turned pale with horror.

    Mu Hongti and Yun Yier were also sweating.

    “Sister Mu, would Senior Chen really run away?” Yun Yier asked anxiously.

    Mu Hongti forced a smile and replied, “No, Perfected Cultivator Chen is a hero. Not even Zhu Jiushan is a match for him. How would he just run away like that? Chu Tianyu must have made that up.”

    Lin Wuhua shook her head and sighed.

    Those two girls didn’t know how terrifying the Royal Palace was. Among the thirty six Lords, seventeen Generals, nine Commanders, the elders and all the servants, there were around a hundred Golden Core Cultivators, let alone the invincible Sword King and the mysterious Lord Beihan.

    How could Chen Fan level the entire royal city?

    “Only if he truly were a Nascent Soul old man!” Lin Wuhua thought.

    But when Xu Hao rushed into Old China Town, he immediately knelt before even entering the Ancestral Temple and said he didn’t know anything the Royal Palace and Chi Fenkong did in the past. He had only been forced by Chi Fenkong.

    The entire Old China Town was astonished.

    “Young Lord, what are you doing? Get up.”

    Xie Changying quickly went up and helped Xu Hao up.

    Xu Hao was the Young Lord of the Yan State, who had command over thousands of people. Every senior official of the Chinese knew this.

    In the past, the elders of the Chinese had to bow to Xu Hao. Even though they were all Connate Cultivators, the elders of a small race would not compare to an authority who ruled a state.

    “Please don’t help me, Grand Elder. Everyone knows that Perfected Cultivator Chen is superior now. From now on, the Chinese will be the top group of the Yan State… No, the entire Beihan Region. You’re so superior… How can I receive your kindness? I can only kneel.”

    Xu Hao shook his head in fear.

    Xie Changying’s hands froze in the air and his eyes were glittering.

    “Young Lord, you mean… all those rumors are true?”

    “They’re true. I’ve already received the Miles Fire Talisman from the Royal Palace. I think those large families will also come here soon,” Xu Hao said respectfully.

    Everyone looked at Xu Hao and finally believed it.


    The Arctic Sect, the Barbaric Dragons, the Blood Beasts… Races that had offended the Chinese in the past came one after another.

    When the elders of the Top Ten and the eight powerful families arrived, the entire Old China Town was mesmerized.

    The streets in Old China Town were flooded with people and countless Chinese looked over.

    They saw many Chinese elders sitting in the hall of the Ancestral Temple.

    And the leaders of the families were all respectful. Those from some small families didn’t even enter the hall. They only knelt outside the door.

    All the guests were startled; nobody dared to say a word.Chu Tianyu and Gu Lingzi even looked devastated after seeing the elders of the Chu family and the Silver Spirits.

    “Grand Elder, the Chinese have an incredible cultivator. From now on, the entire Beihan Region will have to rely on the Chinese and Perfected Cultivator Chen,” Perfected Cultivator Heiming said.

    As a Perfected Cultivator, he treated Xie Changying as if they were on equal footing. Lin Wuhua and Mu Hongti followed behind them, still surprised by the news.

    Xie Changying laughed. He had never felt so happy before and he suddenly started crying.

    “The Chinese… are finally back on the top of the Beihan Region!”

    Countless Chinese people cried tears of joy.

    All the others had pale faces.