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Chapter 368 - What is Done Cannot Be Undone!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 368: What is Done Cannot Be Undone!

    At Qi Medicine Hall in Beijing, Ye Chen saw Huang Pei cleaning Zhang Daniu’s wounds.

    Zhang Daniu sat obediently, allowing Huang Pei to serve him. His lips were swollen and the blood had dried. He wanted to stand up when he saw Ye Chen. “Brother Chen.”

    “I’m cleaning your wounds. Why are you moving? Sit still!” Huang Pei glared at him and scolded angrily. Meanwhile, she ignored Ye Chen directly.

    Ye Chen could sense her intense resentment from far away. Nevertheless, he was not mad. He walked over while smiling. “Let me do it.”

    “Can you heal someone?” Huang Pei said angrily. Clearly, she bore resentment. After all, whatever the three of them had gone through was Ye Chen’s fault.

    “Trust me!” Ye Chen smiled and handed a Body-strengthening Pill to Zhang Daniu. “Here, Daniu. Eat this. You’ll be healed after consuming this.”

    “Brother Daniu, don’t eat it…” Huang Pei warned by instinct.

    She never expected Zhang Daniu to swallow it right after accepting it. He smirked and said in a naive manner, “I trust Brother Chen.”

    However, his smirking tore his wound, and he inhaled sharply from the pain. His wound that had dried up was bleeding again.

    In the next second, a red gleam shone on him, and the bruises and wounds on his lips healed entirely. Huang Pei and Zhang Daniu were dumbstruck by the phenomenon.

    “Brother Daniu, y-you’re healed?” Huang Pei was stammering in awe. Wasn’t that magical?

    “Hehe, I’m feeling much better. Thank you, Brother Chen.” Zhang Daniu scratched his head and giggled. He had admiration in his eyes when he looked at Ye Chen. “Brother Chen, did you just give me an immortal pill?”

    “I guess!” Ye Chen nodded.

    “Oh, no. My life isn’t worth it! I’ve wasted your immortal pill, Brother Chen!” Zhang Daniu stretched his fingers into his mouth, in the attempt to gauge the pill out.

    Ye Chen was in between tears and laughter, but he was secretly touched. “Don’t worry about it. I have many. You didn’t waste it.”

    ‘What a child at heart!’

    Although Zhang Daniu looked foolish and his name was old-fashioned, he was truly a child at heart. It was rare for such a person to exist in this materialistic world.

    At that moment, Huang Fugui walked in with a bag. He was stunned at first when he saw Ye Chen, then he said immediately, “Boss, you’re back?”

    “Old Huang, are you guys leaving?” Ye Chen asked.

    Guilt flashed across Huang Fugui’s face. He said after letting a soft sigh out, “I’ve thought it through. I’ll bring Peipei back to our hometown. Beijing isn’t the place for us.”

    He was really scared after what happened. He also realized that it would be better for people like him, who were incapable and came from a low background, to live an ordinary life.

    “Sure, I respect your decision!” Ye Chen was rather disappointed though. He was planning to give Qi Medicine Hall to Huang Fugui before this. He never expected him to leave instead.

    However, he could only respect his decision. After thinking about it, Ye Chen took out a bank card and handed it to Huang Fugui. “There’s 10 million yuan inside. The password is the card’s last six digits. This will be considered my apology.”

    “No, I can’t take it!” Never had he thought Huang Fugui would shake his head as if he was bobbing in the sea. “I admit that I love money, but you’ve treated my daughter and me so well here. Moreover, we might’ve been dead if you didn’t save us earlier. How can I accept your money now?”

    “Dad, are we going home? How about Brother Daniu?” Huang Pei was unwilling to leave. Furthermore, Huang Fugui had never told her about this decision.

    Huang Fugui said angrily, “Daniu is a grown man. He’ll decide what he wants to do.”

    “B-but I promised that I’ll spend the rest of my life with Brother Daniu…” Huang Pei’s cheeks blushed and she buried her head while her voice was as soft as a mosquito.

    Huang Fugui was stunned. “What did you say? D-did you fall in love with this foolish boy?”

    Huang Pei nodded feeling shy whereas Zhang Daniu’s cheeks were so red like they were a monkey’s butt.

    “Daniu, didn’t you say that your mother introduced you to a lady back home?” Ye Chen smiled in surprise. He never imagined that Huang Pei would be with Zhang Daniu.

    Zhang Daniu stammered as he spoke, “Cui Hua r-ran away with a contractor in town. She took the 30,000 yuan betrothal gift that my family gave…”

    Ye Chen was speechless.

    “I disagree with this!” Huang Fugui suddenly yelled. He said with his cheeks flushing and panting, “It’s a solid no from me!”

    Although he thought Zhang Daniu was pretty great, he was not his ideal son-in-law. He was foolish, uneducated, and poor. So what if he was great? It was an issue for him to even survive.

    Zhang Daniu’s spirits dimmed when he heard that and he said after some hesitation, “F-father-in-law, don’t worry. I’ll give my best to Peipei.”

    “Don’t worry, my a*s!” Huang Fugui said angrily.

    ‘You’re taking my daughter that I’ve been raising for 20 years away just like that. How can I not worry?’ he thought to himself.

    Huang Pei seemed to know that he would disagree with that, so she said regardless of the consequences, “It’s useless even if you disagree with us being together. What’s done cannot be undone between Brother Daniu and me!”

    “W-What do you mean?” Huang Fugui thought he heard it wrong.

    “I’m saying that I’ve done whatever I should do and whatever that I shouldn’t do with Brother Daniu,” Huang Pei retorted stubbornly.

    On a rainy night with lightning striking, Zhang Daniu and Huang Pei had a little too much to drink at a barbecue stall after watching a movie. In their inebriation, they had sex that night.

    Huang Fugui had been out to pick up medicine at Jinbei City, so he had no idea about that.

    “Daniu, tell me. Is what Peipei said the truth?” Huang Fugui was panting while he stared at Zhang Daniu with bloodshot eyes.

    Zhang Daniu scratched his head and admitted to the deed with a nod.

    In the next second, Huang Fugui rushed into the house and soon came out with a boning knife in his hand. His face had turned red. “You’ve crossed the line, Zhang Daniu. You thought you’re an honest man. Well, well, well. I guess I’ll have to kill you now!”

    Zhang Daniu and Huang Pei were shocked.

    Ye Chen suddenly grabbed the knife from behind when it was about to slash at Zhang Daniu. He said while looking at Huang Fugui, “Old Huang, since they like each other and they’ve done what they shouldn’t do, just let them be.”

    He paused as he spoke to this point. “Of course, if it’s a problem for you that Daniu and his family are poor, treat the 10 million yuan in the card as his betrothal gift!”

    Huang Fugui fell onto the chair and said with a complicated expression on his face, “Boss, I disagree with them being together because this foolish Daniu has no skills at all. Peipei will definitely suffer with him. Your 10 million yuan is just a pity donation. Daniu can’t prove his value with this at all, and I’ll look down on him even more!”

    Zhang Daniu also shook his head, insisting that he did not want the money.

    “Well, there’s an easy solution!” Ye Chen chuckled softly and said calmly while looking at Zhang Daniu, “Daniu, are you willing to be my disciple? Do you want to learn medicinal skills? Do you want to be a miracle doctor that everyone admires?”